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by alex g. on 2016-06-12 18:29:57
"Just get the gun its a monster,
I get about 40 kills running alone with this gun on the field in a given day,
No cons about this gun so many pros i cant even start.
by Nelson W. on 2016-05-18 18:24:57
"This is the best airsoft gun I had ever used, it has burst, full auto, and semi.
by Gavin B. on 2016-02-25 21:39:38
"As others have been doing, and after having a good amount of experience with this gun, I am giving an updated review. first let's go over the CONS of the long term:

1. As others have said, the gun is HEAVY, over a kilogram in fact. This means that almost all holsters placed on the belt will definitely cause sag on the pants. I use two vertical MOLLE holsters attached to my vest to prevent this.

2. Default O-rings do NOT last long, change them ASAP.

3. Extended magazines tended to drop out for no reason, don't know why.

4. Extremely inefficient gas system, as in the ratio of charging time to firing is almost pathetic and very rarely can I empty an entire mag before the gas runs out.

5. After awhile the slide gets sticky, at least with mine, even with frequent lubrication.

Now again, as a whole, the gun is not bad, it provides a lot of power in a tiny package. HOWEVER, the main benefit that it advertises, which is rapid fire in a small package, is kind of moot considering the ATP auto, ALSO by KWA, does FULL auto, not 3 round burst, in a pistol way more compact and light. As a secondary, get this if you wish, it's not the worst option, but there are better options for cheaper. AS a primary SMG? Get something else. Nonetheless, the kick is strong, and the gun still holds up well.
by Tatsuro K. on 2015-12-28 12:33:30
"This is an updated review to my old one which you can get to by scrolling down a bit more.

First off, I ended up selling this gun for a couple of reasons. If you are planning to use this as a secondary, I'd say you read this first. If you plan on using it as a primary type SMG weapon, still read this.

This gun has many pros, but there are some very powerful cons that definitely would make you put this gun away. First off, its extremely rear-heavy. Having a light-weight slide and a heavy metal mag makes this gun very odd. The rear-heavy ness makes you feel odd when shooting it (At least imo) and makes it harder to take quick shots because it sways a lot.

The gun feels weak to shoot. I tech 1911s and everyone knows that plastic slides don't kick as hard as metal ones, but the KWA slide is of some aluminum and makes it durable but also very light weight. As mentioned before, the odd weight to the gun also makes shooting it feel sluggish as the slide gives little to no kick.

One of the biggest problems I had with this gun was the odd weight. I had purchased a kydex holster and kept it on my left hip. Because this gun was heavy, it would tilt my whole belt to the left and would usually sometimes sag my pants towards the left. Because of the odd weight, I usually found myself trying to fix my gun before being able to crouch or sit because the gun would also move down backwards.

Also heres another thing, if you like the full-auto feature of this gun, think it over as it isn't the most practical feature. Gas runs out quick, its extremely inaccurate, and it doesn't give much kick.

If you plan on using this gun as a secondary, I personally wouldn't recommend it as it wont help as a backup and quick reactions will be thought twice.

If its as a SMG, plan on buying other things as using it standalone wont give you the best performance. Possibly a stock to reduce muzzle sway and extra mags and O-rings.

I still gave this gun a 4-star review because the internals are great quality, its durable, and the accuracy is on-point if you really concentrate and keep the gun stable.

Don't use it for speedsoft.

If you came here for the Pros and Cons to summarize, here you go.

Good Stock internals
Air-Seal on point :D
Full-Auto capabilities (More Options)

Stock-Oring is very unstable
Little to no kick
Long-Trigger Pull (Not even double action!)

If you read till here, give yourself a tap on the back. Thanks for reading mates.

Real History:
The real M93R was made mainly for Counter Terrorists but was then adopted to Law Enforcement for concealed rapid-rife carry.
When it comes to airsoft, its not the most practical firearm.
by Woodrow C. on 2015-11-24 14:59:24
"kWA simply rocks the house with this one! Just got it today and have put about 180 rounds through it so far. Chrono'd at around 340fps out of the box with .25's. Added 3 clicks of hop up and she was dead on at 40 feet. Semi, full and tri-burst all worked great. Getting about 42 rounds per green gas charge, but that has been getting better with each fill. The shoulder stock is an uber-cool must have! It really adds nice support for good, steady shots. It took a little, and I mean a little, work to open up the hole on the frame of the weapon where the large pin of the stock fits. I used a small round rat tail file for this. Go slow. Better to take off too little than too much. Get it to the point where a little tapping with a rubber hammer will take it the rest of the way. Make sure to add a little lube to help it slide on. You still want it to be snug, not sloppy. Took me about 15 minutes to get it to fit right, but I'm a slow and steady kinda guy. Yours may not even need it. Get spare mags!!!!! You will be sorry if you don't!

I hate orange tips and get rid of them as soon as I have ascertained that the weapon will not need to be returned. For this one, I masked-off the unpainted part of the barrel, then sanded the orange part to rough it up. The black paint will not stick to the orange paint if you don't. I used Krylon flat black. It's a pretty close look to the plastic un-painted part of the barrel, and you can't tell it's there from a few feet back. A heck of alot better than stupid orange. All the trouble these manufacturers go to so we can have realistic looking replica weapons with stupid orange tips...... but I digress. It will fit in a Bianchi holster that I have used for my M1911 and P08 Luger, but it is a tight fit. I may try to find something a bit larger.

In summary, this is a great weapon from a stand-up manufacturer that cares about quality. It is quite versatile, as it can be used as both a primary and awesome, kick butt secondary. Get it!!

As always, carry on, and be careful out there.
by Gavin B. on 2015-10-28 07:55:51
"I have two of these things and I love them! That being said, here is a list of the pros and cons of this gun:


-Having 3 round burst in such a small package makes this a very good secondary and, if you get the attachable folding stock, perhaps a good very light primary as well.

-Full metal parts are sturdy and feel strong.

-Action on the gun feels solid with no issues.

-The magazines are a perfect length, more rounds but not ridiculously long.

- Foregrip is actually useful, it's not just a cheap aesthetic detail.


-The gas system, at least for me, is very inefficient and takes some time gassing up the magazines.

-Because the safety is located behind the handgrip and putting the safety in the up position means fire, I often slide the safety up with the inside of my hand when hiking my hand up the grip to readjust without realizing it. This makes me a bit unsure about whether the gun is on safe or not.

-Extended mags tend to fall out on their own. Not the ones the gun comes with, but the really extended mags. They tend to not catch too well and they fall out even if my hand is nowhere near the mag release button.

-While the gun is sturdy, some parts of the gun tend to break or I tend to lose. Above all are the magazine O-rings and the grip screws.

-These things are HEAVY. Not unbearably so, but most cheap airsoft holsters sway a ton with these things in them. If you are getting a holster for these guns, get either a Kydex, waist, or molle holster. Avoid shoulder and drop leg holsters as I have found both to have considerable sway when the guns are placed in either type. I use vertical MOLLE Tornado holsters for these guns which stay put when attached to a vest.
by Nicholas B. on 2015-09-27 07:37:56
"Oh my god when I got this thing in the mail I thought holy crap this is going to be good. I love the full metal slide and the blowback it gives! It has a hard kick and is very solid. The mag is extended holds 31-32 rounds I love it personally. I would recommend these over the hi caps just I use semi. And it's affordable. I mean if you think of it this thing has 3 round burst, semi, and full auto. Also metal and has accuracy of up to 100 feet! I mean I think this pistol would be $200 if you ask me. But it's not. Since I listed mostly pros heres the cons. 1. Build quality hard to take apart. 2. You don't have it!😄😄😄😄&-
by Caleb P. on 2015-09-16 17:45:13
"I have only had this gun for about a week but here are some pros/cons:
-high fps
-30 round mag (give or take a couple)
-optional stock (sold separately)
-easy to disassemble
-heavy (pro or con)
-heavy (pro or con, about 4 lb)
-probably won't fit in most holsters because of it's size/weight
-hard to reassemble (spring doesn't like to stay in place)
that's it. I definitely recommend this gun. 9.5/10
by Dirk W. on 2015-04-17 19:10:52
"10 out of 10 IGN would rate it again. Once you've found this gun stop looking for others. Most people think "Hey this would be a great secondary." No it's not... But it is amazing enough to be a primary and a secondary
by Mark S. on 2015-03-02 17:53:31
"This gun is great right out of the box!
I prefer 1911's over m9's but i must say this is an exception ( i have a kwa mk iv 1911)
range is excellent for its size
VERY loud
mag capacity beats all other pistol mags (all about them hi capacity mags)
using the stock with this is fun as well
kicks like a mule
gas efficiency is great (i always have extra gas after i go through all the rounds in a mag)
it says in the info that it only shoots in semi and three round burst but it actually also shoots in full auto.
your basically a cqb boss

i personally dont like the folding front grip( i took it off)
cleaning and disassembling is a hassle
not accurate up to 150 feet and up ( but still pretty good for a pistol)
they painted the orange tip on the gun -__- screw you kwa ( why cant they just make the barrel threaded?)

Conclusion - this gun is just too good to be true has every quality i like in a pistol. Out of the 4 airsoft sidearms i have this one is my favorite. If you plan on getting this fine piece of machinery i suggest cleaning and maintaining your pistol.
by Tatsuro K. on 2015-01-18 20:49:06
"This was my first ever KWA product and I have to say that I have no regrets what so ever. I had a Elite Force 1911 Tactical before so I had to modify my holster, but it is really made to last. I played a game in Hollywood sport's Combat Center which has a concrete floor and very embarrassing to say, I dropped it from about 5ft high. Because I was also running, it slid across the floor and I was scared to pick it up. I brought it up and it had been scraped but it was still amazing like it was just taken from out of the box. This gun is very fun to fire, it does not have as much kick (In my opinion) because of the slide made of what I think is aluminum. I only used C02 before so the gas system was very new to me. It runs out of gas about every 2 magazines and speed loaders can be used to fill this pistol without the adapter because the magazine is very large. Also, the burst and full auto is awesome. Now lets get to the Pros and Cons.

Very intimidating.
Very large magazine size.
Big (Pro or Con).
Doesn't waste too much gas.
Packaged very nicely.
Pre-Lubed (At least for mine)
Fun to shoot.
Full-Auto and Burst fire.

Big (Pro or Con).
You probably need to get a new holster.
No rail space.

Other than that, its amazing!
by Eric A. on 2015-01-15 23:15:23
"I run this as a primary in CQB and not only does it get alot of looks, it gets alot of kills too, this thing is the grim reaper of handguns. I know Marui has the reputation for the most accurate hand guns, but I've gone up against them and they've lost. My rig is top to bottom M93R, 3 extended mags (and one 32rd the one it came with), kydex holster, and the collapsible stock. Many may say the stock is over kill but it makes for a very stable platform and I never have to second guess my shots cause this thing is dead on every time (use .25 premium bbs or else why did you buy KWA). I will aslo mention that KWA has OUTSTANDING customer service, I live about 40min away so I've always dealt with them in person. The gun did have some issues in the beginning and it was within it's warranty time however I use propane and you can always tell if you've tainted a gun with propane and KWA still took it in and fixed it under warranty got it back in 3 days! Needles to say this thing is the handgun apex predator and it's applications far exceed that of a secondary. Best handgun available. Also, don't complain about expensive mag, what do you expect when you buy KWA, it comes with the territory. If you want cheap mags go with an aeg.

Pros: Everything, love it, couldn't see anything taking it's place in my load out

Cons: You don't have one soooo change that!

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