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KWA NS2 M93R 3-Round Burst PTP Airsoft Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

44 Customer Reviews

by Joshua K. on 05/22/2013
"The KWA 93r is a beast straight from the box it is dressed to impress. The gun is exactly what you imagined and more from the item description. Just as many have already reviewed this pistol is built to last, and outperform many other sidearms. Great addition for any airsoft enthusiast.
Crisp Recoil Action
Semi, 3 Burst, full auto Firing Modes have advantages
weight is on the heavy side (adds to realism)
More mags is almost a must
Mags are costly
Taking the gun apart can be a challenge(once you get it down its cake)
keep in mind finding a specific holster to fit the gun in
by matt k. on 12/05/2012
"This gun is amazing! its a load out in a pistol. With the semi, 3 round burst, and full auto it makes this gun a great primary and an outstanding secondary. i would recommend if you don't already have a primary weapon get the stock and some high capacity mags for an awesome gun.
by Garrett G. on 07/18/2012
"Excellent secondary, makes a decent primary if you buy the stock and the extended mag for it.
by Matt L. on 06/25/2012
"Amazing gun with great recoil. Awesome relese from KWA.


1.Full auto, semi, and 3 round burst firing modes

2. Its lightweight easy to carry all day at a game

3.Its basically a submachine gun in a pistol package

4. Its kwa quality


1. You need to use .25 grams

2. Extra mags are expensive

What i recommend is that you get a folding stock and a few extra hicap mags for this and you will be setup for a CQB or lightweight outdoor game.

overall this gun is awesome and you should really buy it!!!!!!
by Jack H. on 06/20/2012
"I have owned several GBB pistols, and used countless, and this is by far my favorite. It has good accuracy, and a high cycling rate, excluding the burst and full auto, which I rarely use to preserve the guns internals. I have three mags, the one it comes with and two extended, and I have never had any sort of problem with any of them. They hold a large amount of gas, and can fire of at least two BB's full on semi, and at least a full mag on burst. I have also used a stock in it, and it feels fairly comfortable. Just make sure you get one that allows for a mag to be inserted while folded, encase you want to switch mid battle.

good mags
never jams
easy strip

price I guess, although I got the gun and one normal mag and two extended for 100 bucks. Although i would gladly pay full price for this gun.
by Colton S. on 07/08/2011
"Great gun, much more effective in combat than my origanal sidearm, a .357 Magnum! This gun can deliver three round burst fire, semi automatic, and even fully auto! The pistol bucks about as much as a real .22 pistol, so the pivoting grip in the front helps steady the gun alot! The blowback is loud and crisp, and the sight s work well day or night. I have yet to find a single flaw with my new, aewsome, sexy sidearm that is sure to strike fear in to my opponents hearts!
Hard kick for an airsoft gun!
Loud Crisp blowback
Functions flawlessly
Metal parts are great, plastic parts are solid
Sights work great
Astounding range for a GBB
Accurate on semi and three round burst
Very cool looking
Grip helps loads on full auto and three round burst
Magazine's gas does not leak AT ALL
by Leif E. on 06/28/2011
"I have to say, this GBB Pistol is amazing.

Shoots hard... around 375fps. Has a great range of about 120'.

The 3-round burst and Full-Auto modes are not only extremely effective, but intimidating as well.

My only gripe with this gun is that the hop-up is awkward to adjust.

This is absolutely the best GBB Pistol you can buy.
by William C. on 04/19/2011
"This gun is amazing its one of the best airsoft pistols i have owned!

3 round burst
Great cycling
metal/ polymer which balances the gun out
40 round mag
Just pure awsomness!

My silicon oil spilled before i took it out
Not great bbs included ( what do u expect?)
A little hard to take apart and put together due to the large spring

Overall this gun is amazing and i recemend that people get this gun before it's too late!

Thank you Evike and KWA
William Christy
by clint g. on 12/23/2010
by Nolan N. on 09/09/2010
"This gun is gorgeous, i love the look of the m9 so a modified 3 burst and full auto version was love at first site. The gun is exactly like it is in the picture and description, yes only the slide and mags and foregrip are metal but everything else is very good plastic and very easy to mistake as metal when comparing the slide to the lower receiver. The new trademarks are sweet too. But this is my first GBB so i kinda went all out, but it was totally worth it. I made a couple first timer mistakes but after going back and reading the manual i got it all down. 3 burst and full auto are literally spray and pray settings but semi is pretty accurate once you get the hop up right. Insane rate of fire to top it off.

Great looking
3 burst
not a gas guzzler
rate of fire

Sprays in burst and full auto
rate of fire, i have the big extended mag for it and even with that full auto drains it in a few seconds

I recommend
Sorry if it wasnt a good review, im not much of a writer, but the guns great if u ask me
by brad g. on 03/24/2010
"great gun! probably the best blow back pistol on the airsoft market. it is mostly metal, including the slide, magazine, and foregrip. it has 3 firing functions. semi, full, and 3 round burst. its got good fps and rof. if you get it be sure to get more mags it goes through ammo REALLY quick. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!! the slide is painted black and its very thin. i sanded it off and polished it and now the slide is silver. this makes the gun look 1000000000% better. i can see myself in it when its polished. the gun looks really sexy now. you can also do it to the mag to make it silver.

3 firing functions
a lot of metal
good plastic
nice weight
high fps and rof
i like the foregrip

sprays gas out the barrel (not that big a deal)
thats it!

this gun is great. get it!!!!
by larry s. on 09/18/2009
"Amazing gas blow-back pistol. This gun is probably the best KWA gun you can get. The gun itself is extremely loud when fired (if you watched videos of this gun shoot it might now seem loud, but it is). It has the very nice metal slide and other nice metal parts, but I was kind of annoyed by some of the metal parts, like to fore-grip, that really liked to attract fingerprints. Nothing big, just annoying.

Metal slide and magazine, among other things
Crisp, loud, and realistic blow-back mechanism
A nice 35 round magazine
A realistic heavy weight to the gun
Has a nice easy hop-up unit
Comfortable fore-grip

Some metal parts attract fingerprints very easily
A small annoyance to put back together after field stripping it
Plastic outer barrel and bottom frame
Extra magazines cost $40 (expensive, but worth it)
Loose safety mechanism, but nothing big

This gun is going to be used in all of my battles and is the best pistol for any player. If you're looking for a nice gas blow-back pistol and have the money for it, purchase the pistol. You will not regret it.
by christian t. on 04/18/2009
"Semi works very well. Pull the trigger and it fires; as fast as you go, it goes.

Burst works very well. After the first shot is fired, the 2nd and 3rd waver off a bit. The hopup seems to work more on the burst than on semi. Meaning they fly upward more on burst, than on semi.

Auto is very cool. On a 68*C day, I can unleash about half the magazine before propane starts pouring out.

When the slide moves back and forth, it's very crisp and clean. Loading the first shot has a very satisfying sound.

Overall, a very good and well built gun.
by Connor H. on 03/07/2009
"5*/5* I've had this gun for a week and its the best one ive owned so far. It shoots hard,straight and its easy to maintain. Also cleaning th gun is a breeze and adjusting the hop-up couldnt be easier. If you are on the fence about getting this gun I would recodmend this to anyone .


- clip rounds
-Isn't a gas guzzler
-Semi,Full and three round burst


-Nothing Just buy the gun !
by nathan k. on 02/05/2009
"This thing is probably the coolest gbb pistol I've ever shot. The recoil is very crisp and hard. The gun breaks field strips just like the M92. 5/5 if your looking for a semi-burst-full auto gbb pistol this is it