Reviews: Pre-Order ETA 07/31/2015 KWA NS2 M93R 3-Round Burst PTP Airsoft Gas Blowback (New Metal Slide & Frame Version)


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Model: GP-KWA-NS2-M93R
Location: U13-032

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by larry s. on 2009-09-18 14:55:56
"Amazing gas blow-back pistol. This gun is probably the best KWA gun you can get. The gun itself is extremely loud when fired (if you watched videos of this gun shoot it might now seem loud, but it is). It has the very nice metal slide and other nice metal parts, but I was kind of annoyed by some of the metal parts, like to fore-grip, that really liked to attract fingerprints. Nothing big, just annoying.

Metal slide and magazine, among other things
Crisp, loud, and realistic blow-back mechanism
A nice 35 round magazine
A realistic heavy weight to the gun
Has a nice easy hop-up unit
Comfortable fore-grip

Some metal parts attract fingerprints very easily
A small annoyance to put back together after field stripping it
Plastic outer barrel and bottom frame
Extra magazines cost $40 (expensive, but worth it)
Loose safety mechanism, but nothing big

This gun is going to be used in all of my battles and is the best pistol for any player. If you're looking for a nice gas blow-back pistol and have the money for it, purchase the pistol. You will not regret it.
by christian t. on 2009-04-18 23:15:54
"Semi works very well. Pull the trigger and it fires; as fast as you go, it goes.

Burst works very well. After the first shot is fired, the 2nd and 3rd waver off a bit. The hopup seems to work more on the burst than on semi. Meaning they fly upward more on burst, than on semi.

Auto is very cool. On a 68*C day, I can unleash about half the magazine before propane starts pouring out.

When the slide moves back and forth, it's very crisp and clean. Loading the first shot has a very satisfying sound.

Overall, a very good and well built gun.
by Connor H. on 2009-03-07 20:36:59
"5*/5* I've had this gun for a week and its the best one ive owned so far. It shoots hard,straight and its easy to maintain. Also cleaning th gun is a breeze and adjusting the hop-up couldnt be easier. If you are on the fence about getting this gun I would recodmend this to anyone .


- clip rounds
-Isn't a gas guzzler
-Semi,Full and three round burst


-Nothing Just buy the gun !
by nathan k. on 2009-02-05 15:04:40
"This thing is probably the coolest gbb pistol I've ever shot. The recoil is very crisp and hard. The gun breaks field strips just like the M92. 5/5 if your looking for a semi-burst-full auto gbb pistol this is it
by Cindy F. on 2009-01-19 16:17:03
"This is an amazing gun well worth the money!
Some facts to think about...
1. the internet LIES!!! this thing has full auto! at least mine does that I just received! and yes I got the ns2 version.
2 very nice heavy feel to it but not two heavy
3 intended for right hand users (sorry lefties!) tho im sure its possible to use left handed just a little awkward
4 the safety is easy to hit on/off on accident (who cares about safety anyways ;))
5 WORTH THE MONEY BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by chris t. on 2008-12-30 14:20:48
"i kno some1 that has this gun and its really fun to use and its a good gun. i would be able 2 stay in a 2 vs. 8 round if the other person had something like an echo 1 scar(check it out its an amazing gun

Displaying 25 to 30 (of 30 reviews)

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