Reviews: KJW Full Metal Custom 1911 Tactical HI-CAPA Gas / CO2 Blowback (O.D. Green)


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Model: GP-KJW-614-G
Location: U13-077 WSO7-L09

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by Sean S. on 2010-04-14 15:41:23
"I have had this gun for about 6 months now. it is powerful, looks good, and can take propane which is very inexpensive. the downsides to this gun are: You NEED another mag. dont make the same mistake as me. There is a holiday special going on now to buy a Extended (51 round) Magazine for only $30. the same price as a 30 round mag. also you cannot use any gas guns in the winter (well at least in NY) the mag freezes up and discharges all the gas. This gun is reliable if you have an extra mag or two
by Elizabeth K. on 2009-09-11 20:56:03
"I got this gun on i tuesday. This is my first airsoft gas blowback gun. I plan to get a gas blowback scar in the future. But anyways i just got to say this gun is aroun 370 fps, and it is AWSOME ! ! ! ! When I first opened up m,y package, i saw all the manuals, but I knew how to use the gun, so i didn't read them. Then after the manuals came the 3 cans of green gas that I ordered. Then came the gun and another spare magazine. I thought that both magazines take green gas, but it seems that THE 10$ SPARE MAGAZINE AS AN ADD ON (woops i had caps on the whole time,) takes only a 12 gram co2 cartridge. But hey thats still good, because it cost 10$ and normally it costs 35$ so you get an awsome deal right there. Anyways the blowback feeling on this gun and any other gun is so sweet!!! But if you put to much gas in the mag. then the gun will discharge a hard blow, like once I put in 6 sec. of gas and the thinmg almost out of my hand. So overall this gun is really awsome, extremely durable, worth the price, good a secondary weapon, or for CQB, and i recommend this gun to anyone out there who loves airsoft, and is extremely ressponcible with this kind of guns. SAo thankyou evike, and you guys are as always the best of the best when it comes to airsoft and real military surplus. THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!
by Cheng C. on 2009-04-18 11:32:31
"It's a great gun, heavy and realistic. But there are some problems:
1. Both the one I tested at the Evike store and my own shoot high
2. The safety is extremely stiff at times
3. mine came with a broken right safety (it hangs loosely and wont engage).
4. No de-cocking. Not even by easing the hammer forward (that leads to half cock). the only way to de-cock is blank fire the gun, which I don't like to do
by Matt S. on 2009-01-22 17:19:02
"This gun is the same gun as the other KJW M1911 with the green grips. The only difference is this one has a black outer barrel and trigger while the other one has silver ones and this one has a red air nozzel ans the other one has a blue one. The gun is great, good range and power, and awesome weight. I compared it to a real M1911 and its mostly the same, this one is a little bigger and more modern looking.

Overall great gun, if you want a reliable side-arm then this is a great choice. If you want more info then let me know, I'd be happy to elaborate.

Displaying 13 to 16 (of 16 reviews)

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