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KJW Full Metal 1911 Tactical HI-CAPA Gas / CO2 Blowback (Package: OD Green / Pistol)

38 Customer Reviews

by Jonathan N. on 11/11/2011
"i love this pistol. headshots from 50ft easy. I run with green gas and propane but with it's solid construction i'm sure it could easily handle co2

-sturdy construction, has withstood being dropped on concrete numerous times
-very accurate
-grip feels natural
-30 round clip
-nice rail at the bottom for some extra goodies
-looks awesome


Buy it! worth every penny.
by Jonathan N. on 09/14/2011
"Just got this with the 20% Labor Day Coupon along with the Holy Cow $3 Mag special. AMAZING! _The gun fits perfectly in my hand
_The Grip is very comfortable to the bare hand
_The shooter sights make it extremely easy to aim
_The magazine capacity is more than enough (30+1)
_The FPS is CQB ready (about 300 fps with .25s and Propane)
_The recoil is similar to most other blowbacks
_The accuracy is really good out of the box.
_Trigger pull is very smooth
_Built in rail
_Beautiful gun, puts my KJW m9 to shame

_Idknow how to remove the barrel (cause I'm a noob =P)

That's about it, overall a 9.5/10. Definitely worth trying out.
by matt n. on 06/24/2011
"This is my first, and only GBB. I absolutely love it. It's loud, it kicks harder than other gbb's I've shot, and it looks MEAN. I just put the matrix armed forces tactical laser on it and it looks even meaner. It shoots well and at decent range. I've actually gotten a long distance kill (75-90 feet) with it. By then the bb was dropping in its flight path but still moving straight. Overall, it's a great gun. If you're into tactical 1911's, pick this one up.
by Joseph R. on 03/12/2010
"just got this gun the other day and let me tell you WOW.. when first opened it was like a little kid getting a gift he always wanted except this little kid is 22 years old.

I suggest getting the ten dollar upgrade (of course right?) the co2 kicks a whole lot harder then the gas. BUT i nodiced when i was shooting with the co2 the gun every once and a while would get stuck cocked back.. but not a big deal.

This gun really does kick like a .22 with co2. The gas isnt to bad but its still amazing..

the weight of the gun is realistic
accuracy is perfecto
got shot with it already and..... ouch.
Kick back ruuuullleeesss

Cant say much but you will need to lube it well as the chamber is already showing wear after 80 rounds.
ITS a little wiggly not very tight feeling.

Overall this gun is so tight.
cant wait to use it in a cqb and set the m4 aside for the day.

thanks evike.
by mike m. on 10/11/2009
"i got this gun about 4 weeks ago and all i have to say is this gun is amazing the range is great hits 100 feet out with 25g bbs not only that shoots 372 out the box fantastic gun i highly say you get it...
by Elizabeth K. on 09/11/2009
"I got this gun on i tuesday. This is my first airsoft gas blowback gun. I plan to get a gas blowback scar in the future. But anyways i just got to say this gun is aroun 370 fps, and it is AWSOME ! ! ! ! When I first opened up m,y package, i saw all the manuals, but I knew how to use the gun, so i didn't read them. Then after the manuals came the 3 cans of green gas that I ordered. Then came the gun and another spare magazine. I thought that both magazines take green gas, but it seems that THE 10$ SPARE MAGAZINE AS AN ADD ON (woops i had caps on the whole time,) takes only a 12 gram co2 cartridge. But hey thats still good, because it cost 10$ and normally it costs 35$ so you get an awsome deal right there. Anyways the blowback feeling on this gun and any other gun is so sweet!!! But if you put to much gas in the mag. then the gun will discharge a hard blow, like once I put in 6 sec. of gas and the thinmg almost out of my hand. So overall this gun is really awsome, extremely durable, worth the price, good a secondary weapon, or for CQB, and i recommend this gun to anyone out there who loves airsoft, and is extremely ressponcible with this kind of guns. SAo thankyou evike, and you guys are as always the best of the best when it comes to airsoft and real military surplus. THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!
by Matt M. on 09/09/2009
"This gun is great, its full metal and has reinforced internals, its a Taiwan brand so you know its good its co2 and green gas ready, can also take propane, propane is recommended if you dont want to pay a lot for green gas, make sure to put airsoft silicone lube in the nozzle every few fill ups. One downside to propane is the smell, ive pissed off my sibling for shooting this in the house do to the smell of propane, all in all its a 5 star gun, keep it lubed
by Daniel P. on 04/11/2009
"This gun is great. It has nice kickback decent fps and great accuracy. Only one minor flaw and that is that the co2 mag sometimes leaks. Overall its a great gun to have.
by Brant G. on 04/08/2009
"Great gun def worth the money. shoots great looks great and for a great price.
by JULIO O. on 01/26/2009
"This is a very good gun i recomand this gun as your second gun and it kicks back very good just like a real one.......
by Matt S. on 01/22/2009
"This gun is the same gun as the other KJW M1911 with the green grips. The only difference is this one has a black outer barrel and trigger while the other one has silver ones and this one has a red air nozzel ans the other one has a blue one. The gun is great, good range and power, and awesome weight. I compared it to a real M1911 and its mostly the same, this one is a little bigger and more modern looking.

Overall great gun, if you want a reliable side-arm then this is a great choice. If you want more info then let me know, I'd be happy to elaborate.
by Rob K. on 04/20/2016
"Pros: full metal
Awesome recoil
great slide
Great feel and weight
gas mags work great
cons: mag ejection button is easy to use and cant keep a mag in the gun when its in a softshell holster and co2 mags are just garbage

Overall great gun solid 4.5/5
by Rob K. on 04/20/2016
"I bought this gun about 2 months ago and its an awesome pistol its smooth, feels good, has an awesome kick, really accurate, full metal and I've just had a blast using it. I've had tons of kills with it and it has yet to let me down. It even dropped out of my leg holster one game and had my friend toss it to me cocked it back and fired away.

by Andrew R. on 09/27/2015
"Overall the KJW 1911 is solid. The gun has a great build and a nice weight; I've yet to find a part that isn't full metal. The blowback on this gun is ridiculous (a good ridiculous mind you) and the intimidation factor is huge. I've been complimented many times on its weight, kick, and sound.

-Full metal
-Heavy (pro for me though it might not be for others, especially kids)
-Very accurate for the amount of kick it has
-Good fps, I haven't chrono'd but it shoots hard and far with .25's
-Nice gas efficiency. I can usually squeeze two and a half mags out of a co2 cartridge. I haven't had experience with the gas mags yet.
-Rail space, always a plus
-Comfortable grip
-Functioning grip safety. If the safety is held, the gun has a hair trigger. If it isn't, you need to squeeze hard on the trigger.
-Good trigger response

-Magazines fall out in soft shell holsters. I have to keep magazines unloaded or else they'll fall out. The magazine release is on the same level as the highest part of the grip. Even a slight bit of force causes the magazine to release. This is probably the gun's biggest flaw. I'd highly recommend using a form-fitting hard shell holster to avoid accidental magazine release.
-Front sight falls off easily. When I got this gun my friend had already lost the front iron sight. Apparently this is a common problem so I would recommend gluing it down.
-Trigger safety extends a bit far back. You can't smoothly cock the hammer without moving your hands around. This doesn't affect the gun's performance as the hammer will cycle automatically, however, it slightly decreases the realism. On a side note, remember to pull back the slide before firing to chamber a round. The amount of time's I've been "killed" because of my negligence is to great to count :P
-Slide cocking is a bit awkward without bb's in a mag. I've had the slide get stuck halfway back when trying to cock an empty magazine. No big deal though.
-Slightly finicky safety. Although it's ambidextrous, it seems that only the left side is compliant. The right side appears to be broken or at the very least loose. This is most likely not a defect found in all guns, it's likely that the previous owner was responsible for mine.
-Co2 magazines are terrible. The valve breaks after a short period of time and the co2 all shoots out the top. I'd stick with the gas magazines.

-Noise factor. This is not your ideal stealth pistol. It's loud and intimidating and probably wouldn't be the best sidearm of a sniper. If you're going to go full Rambo, this is a great choice!

Overall this gun is a good sidearm for the average assault loadout. The pros outweigh the cons (although not by as much as I'd wish). At the price of $120 I simply can't recommend this gun over many other more "wallet friendly" guns. There's a lot of pistols that are just as good and at least $40 cheaper. Don't get me wrong, this gun is a beast and I've thoroughly enjoyed using it, but it seems a tad bit overpriced at $120. However if you get the chance to pick this gun up for a cheaper price by all means go for it! You won't regret it!
by Brendan C. on 01/05/2015
"Just an all around amazing gun, I have had this for about 2 months now and still works great

Magazine capacity is great (for a standard one)
Blowback has a nice kick
Great range like incredible

that's about it

Magazine can slip out if not holstered right
gas can leak due to very simple issues but easy fix
can be a pain to reload especially on the field trying to use a speed loader

other then that I really do recommend this gun