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by Matt S. on 2015-09-27 13:17:31
"I'm sure its a good gun, just got a lemon...
At first it's near impossible to find a battery to fit inside the hand guard, luckily they include a bat box for this thing. The build quality is extremely nice, the trademarks and use of good materials even on plastic parts really make this gun nice to hold.

Okay, here's what went wrong. after I finally found a small 7.2 volt lithium to fit in the hand guard, I find out the gun's piston is striped... Sucks because my warranty is gone it this point. I sent it in to AirsoftMegastore to be repaired with a compatible piston, along with another AEG I've had for years that still works but decided to get it tightened up. They broke my working AEG's fire selector, and installed the piston in my ICS sig... but I guess they didn't test it? Well I spent 90 dollars for them to screw me, didn't know Evike offered this service at the time or I'd of used them.

This was all years ago I want to say in 2011 when I purchased this gun... It's never worked and still dosen't work to this day
by Lynn P. on 2012-12-27 18:00:00
"I've had this gun for about 6 months and of all of the guns I've come into contact with through dozens of battles and organized games this remains my favorite. The power is fantastic with about 410 FPS on a good day and the rate of fire is ridiculous. I decided to take a risk and use an 11.1v lipo in it and was shocked to get 27 RPS with completely stock everything. even with a 9.6v it was reaching about 20 RPS The piston did crack after about 300 shots but i replaced it with a G&P White piston and it's run beautifully ever since. The externals are beautiful with the full metal receivers and the white etched trademarks. The plastic that's used on this gun is really really durable and feels almost tougher than metal would be.
Overall i love this gun and would buy it again in a heartbeat.
Recommended to anyone
by Kevin T. on 2012-10-01 16:07:37
"This gun is AWSOME! Its a beautiful full metal beast that shoots faster then your victims can run, and with enough power to throw them on the ground. (im not kidding, in a recent game I took one shot and the guy dropped to the ground covering his body, I had hit him with an incredibly accurate neck shot) This gun was my first big purchases, and first real gun in air soft. It was an excellent choice, and with a gun this easy to use, I would recommend it to anyone, besides my friends of course, (dont want any fair competition on the battle field)
1:1 replica with all trademarks and labels
incredible 420+ fps
incredible accuracy
unbelievable speed and rate of fire
compact and sturdy
full metal
mags are perfect and see through, get at least 2

only I can think of is it is sortof hard to put in the battery, but you get used to it, and thats with any gun.

Dont let the price scare you away, this gun is incredible, and will never brake on you.
by Donna L. on 2012-04-16 18:31:47
"Just got the ICS 552 it came with 1 Mag, Peq box, Unjaming Rod, and no b.b.s. I really like this gun but be careful when releasing the charging handle back, catch with your hand before it slams into the metal, then let it go. I haven't shot it yet but will in the Future.

*Metal Body
*Functional Charging Handle
*Clear Mag
*Folding Stock
*Flip up White Dot Sight

*Plastic Flash hider
*The Biggest One, The very small battery space.
by Steven P. on 2012-04-07 12:06:27
"Hi i got this gun about a month ago and this thing is boss. mine didint come with a battery but it was lipoly ready. so i gott a 7.4 lipoly and this thing just recks. This thing shoots at least 400 fps.

good fps
Full Metal
Weighs 6.5 pounds
Folding stock

Too hot fps for indoors
Mine didnt come with rails{Battery pouch}
May be to heavy for some
Mine Came With A Huge Barrel{suppressor was not long enough}
Mine came with three 150 Round High Caps
Cant hold down trigger bbs miss fire

Non other found so far
by Seng Y. on 2011-02-06 22:49:07
"Great Gun. Definitely worth the money. I bought this gun with the cheek rest and the top rail for a red dot scope. Probably the best (in hand) feeling gun i have ever used

I have owned/used the JG, Cybergun, and the G&G Sig 552's and ive gotta say that this one definitely beats the others. Price wise, its more expensive than the Cybergun or JG but you get much more than that. Im not bashing cyber gun and jg's 552. They are both greaat. But for a bit more money you get probably twice the amount of fun in the gun. As for the G&G, Yes i can see how people say its better quality. It doesnt creak as much as the ICS's 552 but it wont creak anyway unless you really force it to. Besides that there really isnt much difference ICS's 552 and G&G's 552 besides G&G's overpriced tag on their Sig 552.. In my opinion, put the money to better use.. buy ICS and get accessories for the gun instead of wasting money for the same gun..

1)Fun gun, definitely meets my needs
2)Great price for the quality
4)Easy to take apart (Thanks to ICS)

1) #1 Definite is the small battery space..
2) Some productions double feed (easy fix)
3) ICS could have done a better job on the bolt catch. It just doesnt feel right (instead it feels springy like)

4) another thing that i considered a con was that my gun wasnt functioning properly out of the box. This is a con for me but maybe others came functional. Anyways, when i received mine, i noticed that the safety does not work at all. Also my Semi-Auto function would only shoot fully automatic and of course, it also shoots fully automatic in safe mode. I was a little disappointed in this because they should have been tested before being sold.

Being handy though, instead of making a fussy phone call and complaining and possibly returning the item and getting a replacement (which takes time and money) i decided to take the gun apart and fix the problem myself. 4 hours later i got myself a fully working gun and a nicely shimmed gearbox.

Overall, despite all the Cons, i still think that this gun is worth the money and i still believe it deserves 4 stars because most of the problems were easy fixes.

So my rating would be 5 Stars after i fixed it

I would recommend it to anyone
by Mark Z. on 2010-10-24 12:42:53
"I own about 48 of these/
They are truly magnificent and perform great in indoors. Very accurate.

-Compact easy to wield.
-Collapsible stock makes the gun even more compact
-Mag being transparent helps a lot.
-Stock does not wobble.
-Trigger guard swings in and out for easy access
-Battery can be picky when putting it in
-Hop up is usually stubborn.

Rear sights aren't too great but generally aren't used.

I recommend this gun for indoor use.
by James M. on 2010-10-06 19:52:33
"i just purchased this gun and it has an amazing moter in it. but i found the battery VERY hard to put in so i purchased a peq2 vertical grip for it which makes it much easier to use other then that is a good quality gun worth getting
by Andrew B. on 2010-04-15 15:21:27
"WOW an amazing gun!!! Gotta say this is one of the most unique but functionable aegs out there! i love mine to death! one thing to look out for though--the stock magazines are horrible. They don't feed well at all. If you get this pick up some of the MAG 100rd mid-caps. You will have to do a 30 second modification to the back of the mag to make it fit, but its well worth it!
by Joshua S. on 2010-01-04 09:36:42
"From range to close quarter, the Sig 552. from AEG. With high fire-rate and accuracy this weapon has good comfort when aiming and non-sticky trigger, AEG did a good job.
by Julian P. on 2009-03-02 15:20:28
"Great look and it feels great. Never shot a gun with such a feel besides the Kings Arms M4. And that's blow back.

ICS Makes great guns and it's great for a Foreign Legion loadout.
by bryan h. on 2009-01-04 06:21:49
"wow, I'm buying this along with the li-poly battery asap. this is awesome =}
evike is the best, nuff said.

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