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G&G M4 Carbine Combat Machine Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black (Package: Gun Only)

46 Customer Reviews

by Elliott M. on 08/17/2009
"I bought this gun about a week ago and it is amazing!!!! The rate of fire with a 9.6 v is actually kind of scary and your friends will duck for cover. This G&G is very inexpensive and worth the money.

extendable stock
range is decent
easy clip use
light but still solid
small, compact
good sights

mag wiggles but not enough to worry about it
battery is hard to get in until you are acquainted with it

This is a great gun i recommend it great quality cant go wrong with a G&G.
by Bryan H. on 03/26/2009
"This gun is amazing, just like a G&G should be. This gun is durable, accurate and hits hard.
It accepts .23 and .25 gram bb's.
Even though the body is plastic, the important parts are all metal which i appreciate.
The body is plastic even though it really doesn't bother me.
But i really don't think there is any problem's with this gun.

P.S. use .25 gram bb's because it clock's in at 400 fps with my gun.
BEST AIRSOFT GUN for a person that is just starting.
by Bert D. on 03/23/2009

Great ROF
Decent fps for indoor games
Strong body build..isn't going to break anytime soon
All parts that need to be metal are
Accurate within 80-90 feet


High Cap mag tends to misfeed at times so i suggest a midcap
Barrel isn't tightbore
Non-working charging handle

Overall, this gun is perfect for the price. Like all G&Gs, you have to upgrade the internals for satisfying results. I recommend a tightbore barrel along with a stronger spring and some midcaps to prevent misfeeds.
by Matt M. on 03/15/2009
"This is a great gun for the price. 140$ is a steal! The difference between this and the proline it this has zink insted of aluminum parts. This didn't have a tight bore . And the body is plastic. Pros: great range ,performance,and durribility.
great internals.
Shots a great rof.

Cons: plastic
mine was prob a defect but my frount sight was slanted to the left by about 1/2 inch.

Great gun!!! 4.5/5 stars
by Damian O. on 02/21/2009
"this gun is insane the only problem i have with it is putting the battery back in
by Michael W. on 02/17/2009
"I just got my gun and it is awesome !!!!!!!!! great quality

by Wallace W. on 01/08/2009
"Amazing release by G&G. This might not be up to the par with a regular G&G standard model, but for $140, it is WAY better in finish and performance than the other M4 sports line.

For $140. Take my words, great gun! Worth every penny.
by Victor H. on 12/24/2008
"I am a hardcore G&G fanboy (i admit it)
I've done alot of research because I found a G&G in front of my face for $140

A Couple things i'd like to say

1. + The barrel assembly is ZINC instead of ALUMINUM like on the normal sportline
2. + Stock tube/track is also ZINC not ALUMINUM
3. - Charging handle does nothing just like a CA M-series
4. +/- Yes this has a fiber/nylon body, same thing as a high-end G36
5. + Just like any Pro-line or Chinese alike worth buying, everything that needs to be metal is

but the best part is:

7. + SAME GEARBOX AS G&G PRO-LINE. This means no low budget gears and this has 7mm steel oiless bushings which the sportline does not have.

This have a -14mm thread like the pro-line and sportline

So the main difference is the build materials being superior to the normal sport line. Unfortunately this also has the dreaded plastic body, not ABS though so its "OK". Only downside is the charging handle is useless like CA's handles.

Now the difference between this and the proline is
1. Metal body
2. Working charging handle
3. Tight bore barrel
by Anthony C. on 08/20/2012
"I have owned this gun for about three years now and it is amazing.
I have been in many wars with this gun and while it is considered a "beginners" gun, I have been able to outperform people using $340 rifles, and these are people who i consider to be much better at airsoft then I am.
- Durable: I have had this gun for three years and its held up through many wars in rain, snow and mud.
- Surprisingly good range: I have been able to squeeze an effective range of 150 yds out of this rifle.
- Batteries are stored in the hand guard: This may not seem like much but during winter wars the rifle will loose performance due to the batteries freezing. Putting a hand warmer in the hand guard keeps the batteries warm and the performance up, something you cant do when the batteries are stored in the stock.

- 340 fps: Players can typically see the BBs coming when making long-range shots
- No rails: Can be annoying, but easily fixed by purchasing an extra attachment which costs about $12-15
- Plastic: A majority of the external parts, including the upper and lower receiver, pistol grip, butt stock, and hand guard. I prefer the hand guard and pistol grip to be plastic simply because they don't get as hot either from sitting in the sun or heat from the motor and batteries.

All together this is a great gun that will last a while and serve you well, I would defiantly recommend getting it.

P.S: If you do get this rifle, it is likely that your friend will refer to it as an "M4", but you can impress them by calling it by its proper name: the M16A2 Carbine. Have fun and good luck!
by Donovan F. on 04/08/2010
"I love this gun has an amazing rate of fire, the fps is 350, and is made of very durable plastic but i gave it four stars because it is impossible to put the battery in but besides that its great gun buy it.
by tyler k. on 03/12/2010
"Great gun shoots only around 330fps but rof is high

good gears
good barrel

mag wobbles
bad spring
plastic body
by Thomas G. on 09/12/2009
"I got this yesterday, this is definately nicer then the KWA M4. my only problems are, the front sight post is crooked, the dust cover doesn't open when the charging handle is pulled its being held closed by a spring and mags don't fit tightly in. TM mags fit very well.
by Seth H. on 10/17/2016
"I got this gun almost three years ago and have run into a few problems. First, the mag well is loose and has caused problems when feeding bb's; I usually have to push the mag forward and up for it to shoot. Second, the hand guard can be hard to get on and off at first and my barrel even came out, I had to fix it by tightening some hard-to-reach screws on the barrel. Third, the stock has gotten loose multiples times and it gets annoying. The FPS is also pretty low, especially with an 8.4v battery. Overall, it's not a bad gun, but it is definitely not the best out there.

- Light
- Cheap
- Metal gearbox
- Low FPS
- Had mechanical problems (or at least mine did)
- Almost completely plastic
- Barrel came off and is hard to put back on
by amy B. on 02/11/2012
Great FPS
Great Rate of Fire
Easily Maneuverable

The Stock (Becomes lose after awhile)
The Nut that holds the stock adjuster fell off
Hard to Pull the Hand guard release down

I've had the gun for about a week and I am already encountering problems which is not at all a good sign.
Today the Nut that holds the stock and the stock position adjuster fell of while i was outside shooting at some cans. I have yet to find the ever so small steel nut that is vital to the stock. I have learned that to attach a new stock i must take the entire gun apart. The stock itself has become lose ( the nut that is missing has nothing to do with that). I would recommend this gun for a non-competition Airsoft player.
by bob m. on 01/29/2010
"Not for the pros. Ive been in airsoft for 2 years and when i got this i was extremely dissapointed.
heres the pros and con


-sturdy body not gonna go anywhere
- large magazine
- sights are ok.

- plastic body break easily mine is half cracked
-internals are badly lubed
- piston broke after 500 shot
- wiring is very loose
- stock is wobbly