Reviews: Echo1 Licensed Barrett REC7 Custom Airsoft AEG Rifle

$230.00 $184.00

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Model: AEG-E1-JP40
Location: A3-161

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by Chris S. on 2009-02-01 13:16:40
"saw this gun in person, its nice, has upgraded internals with some aftermarket parts, element orange torque piston, madbull blue bucking, and a nice RIS, Only downsie to this gun is the body is ABS not metal :)
by Chris S. on 2009-01-16 02:56:56
"the body is shiny and the trades and markings arnt very convincing...

however is good price for a good performing aeg with good compression. Jg/echo1 has good internals in the newer aegs, only thing need to change is the bucking to systema and get a nice tightbore barrel and add a good 9.6v high output battery and your scrimmage ready.
by Marco R. on 2008-12-20 23:59:58
"Great gun and its my first aeg

high FPS mined chroned 400
Metal RIS
heavy (can be a con)

Battery space
battery has large cells but a small connector so its a custom battery
heavy (can be a pro)

These are very minor Cons so live with it

Displaying 13 to 15 (of 15 reviews)

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