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Echo1 Licensed Barrett REC7 Custom Airsoft AEG Rifle

17 Customer Reviews

by evan b. on 03/04/2011
"I have had this gun for about a year now and have had no problems with it! The first thing I did to this gun was upgrade to a large type battery. When I did this the battery wouldnt fit in the stock so I drilled a hole in the side of the stock and fed the plug through it. After that I put a madbull battery pouch on the side and thats where my battery chills now. This gave my gun a nice ROF. The first time I chronographed it shot 420-425 FPS. Now that its broken in it shoots 410-415 FPS.

Good ROF
Good FPS
Nice Sights (Flip Up)
Fully Upgradebly
Rails Everywhere!

Rails Are Sharp!
The front sight does not line up with the rear, this makes it less acurate. (the whole rail system does not line up either which means that if you put a fore grip in the bottom its a lttle side ways)
For the price i thought it should have had a little more metal on the gun.
The stock is a little wobbly
The orange tip is a pian to take off.

Overall its a good gun and i would give it a 4 out of 5.
by Kathleen M. on 12/04/2015
"Honestly, the Echo1 Barrett REC7 is not a good gun. The externals are pretty good, however the internals are very bad. I did not keep this gun stock for very long. I would say this rifle is pretty much on par or worse than a JG brand rifle.

Externals: The externals on this gun are decent, with the polymer receiver (they look alright, but feel a bit cheap), and the really nice aluminum RIS. The stock looks like it would hold a large battery, but it doesn't. It barely fits a 9.6 large type.

Internals: The internals of this gun are straight out bad for the price. First of all, the gearbox didn't even come shimmed. No wonder why it sounds loud and terrible when being fired. The cylinder head, piston head, and nozzle aren't good at all (not a good air seal at all, and made of cheap yellowish plastic). The gears are pretty good; on par with XYT/JG. The rest of the components are about the same quality as any other Chinese clone. The motor is decent, (has some good torque) but fairly screechy at the same time. The hop up is ok, but is a 2 piece so you won't be able to upgrade that without modifications.

Overall, your money is better spent elsewhere, especially for $230. That $230 will be missed.