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Mock Silencer for Marui / Y&P MK23 Airsoft Gas Pistol

6 Customer Reviews

by Casey C. on 08/29/2014
"This is an awesome attachment!... though it kinda ruined the threading on my MK23. Surprisingly though- it increased my FPS from 360 to 390! Just keep an eye on the threading and make sure the guide spring is strong enough to cycle all the way-- it gets weak with this attachment.
by Larry T. on 03/04/2012
"So i bought this the other day for my KWA USP Tactical. After marveling at it for about 2 days, I took it outside, chucked it on the ground, shattered it to pieces, and scavenged the metal threaded piece at the end. I threw everything away, except for what is now my THREAD PROTECTOR, baby. HK real steel thread protector is expensive! Thanks, Evike! I love you guys!

Anyway, on to the review, as if this product was still a mock suppressor for my KWA USP...

-Metal threads
-Inner barrel "extension"
-Looks awesome

-Cheap plastic (it started to crack around the threading when I was twisting it onto the barrel. The orange paint on the threaded barrel of the gun was very obstructive and added a lot of resistance)
-Inner barrel doesn't line up too well with the inner barrel of my KWA USP (maybe i needed to modify it)
-Orange paint on an accessory?!

On a side note, I wouldn't shoot my gun with this thing on because the GBB causes too much outer barrel movement (during firing) to keep the inner barrels aligned.

In conclusion, this is a kick-ass 10-dollar product. I will buy another because I miss the look of this suppressor on my gun...hehe. Thanks!
by Robin P. on 03/01/2012
"Looks like it does in the picture, with the federal regulation orange tip (unlike the other guys review below). It is made out of plastic, but seems durable. It does have an inner barrel that lines up with the pistol barrel quite well, eliminating BB splitting. I shot 2 mags through it and it worked fine. I also gave mine a new flat black paint job because it comes a bit plastic and glossy looking. Overall, for the price you can't go wrong. Also, seeing that it is about the only 16mm Mk23/USP45 threaded suppressor still on the market, I would recommend you pick one up.
by alex e. on 12/28/2011
"Very amazing silencer for the price. It come with a built in tight bore barrel on it to touche against the pistols inner barrel. It is also painted black, don't let the picture fool you. Overall i am surprised evike di not make this $100, only $10. If you have an mk23 or a Usp,buy this immediately
by David A. on 03/26/2012
"This is a nice copy of a Knight's Armament Company sound suppressor, and although it's constructed mainly with plastic the unit is of fairly solid build quality; let's not forget most mock suppressors do not come with an inner barrel extension whereas this one does. I wouldn't recommend putting this extension on the stock KWA USP Tactical's outer barrel without exercising caution not to strip the outer barrel's plastic threading.

When mine arrived, I immediately sanded its entire surface and sprayed it solid flat black; sanding it first allows the paint to seep into the plastic surface, thereby reducing paint wear over time and creates a "parkerized" appearance.

The inner barrel isn't quite a true tightbore, so its effect on the gun's accuracy is a bit negligible. I have only tried it, however, on my KWA USP Tactical; it could have greater effect on a Y&P Mk23.

The suppressor comes apart into four pieces when it splits open; two halves of the outer shell, the inner barrel, and the buffer spring. Firing the gun with the suppressor in place sometimes causes it to split apart, spewing its guts all over the place; this can be alleviated easily by applying superglue to the outer edge of the "male" half of the two shells before reassembling it.



Completes the look of any compatible Mk23 or USP Tactical with 16mm/CW threads
by ADAM L. on 01/11/2015
"If you want a prop that looks cool but doesn't provide any real functionality, then your expectations are on-target. In fact, adding this mock silencer DEGRADES accuracy to the point that using it in a game is a bad idea.

I have to disagree with the good reviews for this mock silencer & give it 2/5 only because it does look really cool with a matte paint job. I purchased a brand new Y&P MK23 & am totally satisfied with the pistol -- it is already VERY quiet compared to other gas pistols because the Y&P is a plastic NON-blow back.

Adding the silencer does increase the FPS but decreases accuracy & distance by about 50%. When the Y&P MK23 is used without the silencer, the accuracy is great & it shoots .20 bbs out to about 30 yards. When the mock silencer is added, the bbs will unpredictably curve in any random direction after about 15 yards, making the gun practically useless. My mock silencer has never been used on the field & to this day sits in its box in my closet.

If you are making a movie & need a silenced MK23, this item is perfect. If you plan to take this mock silencer onto the field, I suggest wearing the sweaters grandma bought you for Christmas because you're going to get annihilated.