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Matrix Nitro Vo. Type Rail Interface System for P90 Series Airsoft AEG

12 Customer Reviews

by Chris S. on 12/31/2015
"great if you want to make your p90 stand out...
once mounted properly stays on solid and gives you option of lasers flashlights and ultimately GRENADE launcher!

good part from laylax but of course very pricey...
and be careful with the rail screws they strip the aluminum body very easy but it can be fixed by getting a small nut from the hardware store.

many hardcore milsim airsofters dont like this rail and think it makes the p90 look like a space gun but thats just oppinion i love this rail and the options it gives me.
by Brandon T. on 12/31/2015
"yes any p90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-
this piecemakes any p90 look awesome
by Jonathon L. on 05/20/2014
"I got this for my Almost Human P90 project and right away, it impressed me. It only took me about fifteen minutes to get this installed. Currently, it holds a green laser, a flashlight and a Magpul AFG, all true to the weapon used in the show by the MX-53s.

Solid construction
Plenty of options to mount stuff
I did not have to modify anything to attach it to my G&P top receiver (the gun itself is a King Arms, but It banged my work table and took of the flash hider AND the threads. so I got a new receiver)

Did not come with instructions Seriously, Matrix, get on that.
by Jason D. on 04/05/2012
"Great if you want to make your p90 stand out and attachment ready / friendly
once mounted properly stays on solid and gives you option of lasers, flashlight, vertical grip and ultimately GRENADE launcher!

many hardcore mil-sim airsofters don't like this rail and think it makes the p90 look like a future gun but that's just opinion i love this rail and the options it gives me.
by jonathan m. on 11/05/2010
"One quick question will this bolt up to a jg p90 version as well? I think the answer is yes but figured I would ask before I purchase. Thanks

Evike Staff: Yup!
(Please note we cannot answer questions here generally, refer to our facebook or forum please.)
by cameron k. on 09/19/2010
"looks great but does it fit on the new version jg p90?
by Curtis H. on 09/15/2010
"Excellent RIS for the price. The piece is full metal and has absolutely no wobble.

Now I just have to put it onto my gun...
by Connor H. on 12/10/2008
"great rail set

its the exact same as the nitro vo laylax one which is like 130 bucks

very sturdy without any woobles and makes your p90 look absolutely sick

gives you many more rail options for the p90 since they have such limited space
by Brandon W. on 12/03/2012
"First off: it is a great system and cosmetic upgrade for most p90's and is recommended...

However, this does not fit on a King arms P90 without well, the KA P90 does not have a little collar to keep the mounting ring in place nor does it allow the ring to sit properly (causing your suppressor to block the barrel due to an odd angle)...

Mine also came with defects, one block was slightly bigger then the other preventing it from fitting properly without dremmeling, as well as the fact that the right and left rails were put on backwards (easy fix)...
still have to dremmel out the ring bracket to make it fit.

other then that, do your research, send emails if you arent sure of compatibility. but I still recommend it!
by Jake D. on 03/11/2010
"Fully metal, which is good. Being weighty, it adds some needed bulk to the front end if you've a box mag.
It also looks absolutely awesome, even without an extended barrel!
And then there are, of course, the rails. They seem like good, standard, rails.

Flaky paint job, which is bad. It came scratched up a bit, and when attaching it to your P90 it will most certainly be scratched some more.
You MUST have two metric hex keys, sized 3mm and 2mm I believe, which are not included, although at this price, you should expect them to be.

It is not specifically designed to fit the Echo1 E90. The blocks, which you can see in the center of the back in the picture, are just a little too large to 'plug in'. However, with the other screws it does not wobble when the P90 is fully assembled, so this is not so much of a problem.

Highly recommended if you don't mind or can patch up the paint easily.
by Jackson F. on 01/29/2009
"this thing is rvally good. nothing wrong with it. but the only con I have is that it comes in A MILLION DIFFeReNT PeICeS AND SCReWS!!!!! but if u don't mind assemblying it and you want more ris on your p90 this product is for you.
by Cameron S. on 06/04/2010
"The product itself is good. One isngle unit of good quality. Paint seems to come off a little easy but thats a easy fix.

The trouble is in its fitting. While it seems to fit fine on a TM P90 receiver it does not on an Echo1. Having just picked up a Echo1 reciever for its trail rail as my TM had a built in red dot of suck, I then attempted to install this. It took me seven hours of filing and dremmeling the attachments down to fit. Even then I had to bend then hammer back into shape the attachment wings of the rail unit itself.

Keep this in mind when buying.