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Matrix Airsoft Mock Silencer / Barrel Extension - 30 X 150mm (Style: Special Forces / Black)

76 Customer Reviews

by Brian L. on 09/13/2013
"Fit perfectly. CCW on the adapter and clockwise on the first piece issue mentioned above does happen but a little thread locker and good to go. (Or just use a padded wrench and tighten it down good)

Also.. even without the spacer, this still allows a 407 MM barrel to be fully covered on my KA p90. Sits perfectly flush with the end of the Silencer. With the space ring the barrel is recessed inside the silencer nicely.

Did NOT come with orange tip. Issue for me, Others prefer it. Wife insisted on the bright orange tip. I found some of her florescent orange nail polish. Worked perfectly. Am also guessing I won't hear the same complaint on other accessories.
by adam b. on 07/30/2013
"Disappointed that this didnt come with foam inserts to stablize the inner barrel like some said it did but overall great buy for the price. I figured out that you can drill the center out of a water bottle cap and they fit perfectly inside to act as the foam. Before figuring this out, I couldn't use this as my inner was too wabbley. Afterwards though, It was able to hit quarters 180ft away with my g&g m4 shorty.

Looks great

No stablizing inside(quick fix with water bottle caps though)
by Austin L. on 04/09/2013
"This is a great silencer. The construction is great.

Cheap. Only $25, most silencers are more (or a lot more!)
Aluminum construction. This makes it sturdy, yet very light
It's hollow. You can add foam to make it quieter (that's what I did; foam was $1!)
By taking off one cap of the silencer, it becomes an amplifier
CW and CCW threads. This is great for me, because my M14 and G&P M4 have CW threadings
The etching looks cool
The paint job is pretty good

Isn't free (like most others)
Doesn't come in foliage green (neither does any other silencer)
by grant B. on 04/04/2013
"this product is amazing. i use it to extend my barrel on my g and g combat machine shorty ris and its looks perfect. is lite but it can be a struggle to screw on
by Vincent K. on 10/28/2012
"I bought this for my King Arms full metal M4 GBB and it looks awesome. I wanted a QD type suppressor, but they're all really bulky and look disproportionate to me. This has a slim stealthy look to it - just what I was going for. With the silencer attached, my M4 cozily fits in a 38" rifle bag. The only drawback is that I wish it were a bit heavier. It's full metal, but it's really lightweight, and I'm going for realism. But at $18, there's no reason to complain. It's an excellent buy.
by Forrest D. on 06/29/2012
"Quality mock silencer, mine arrived in the mail yesterday, and I couldn't be happier with it. I put it on my G&G custom M4, sniper rifle. I like this length far more than any of the longer versions, as mine is purely aesthetic. it comes to aprox. 5.9 inches. it is a tight fit (which means it won't wobble) so make sure to remove any excess glue from your threads.
-very light -- it won't interfere with play
-aesthetics -- it looks great on the front of an M4
-14mm threads (both) -- will work with clockwise/counterclockwise 14mm threading
-none so far
by Travis L. on 03/23/2012
"This is a great looking suppressor. This is a MOCK silencer so it has no suppressing capabilities what so ever. I did improve the accuracy of my JG M4 614 but not as much as I hoped it would. Don't get my wrong, this silencer makes an automatic BOSS out of any weapon you decide to put it on.
Looks boss
Great trademarks

It is a little thick so it it prevents my flip up front sight to flip down all the way, but it can still flip down enough to not hinder any optics.
by John G. on 03/17/2012
"Solid, well constructed, looks great, and above all at a great price. Awesome suppressor.
by Caleb A. on 02/29/2012
"I got this so i could put a 509mm TBB in my custom M4. it's the cheapest, yet coolest looking silencer on evike. it's two piece and i believe the second (longer) piece has threads for an m24 (or other similar sniper rifle) but I don't know for sure. anyway, well constructed, looks awesome, cheap, and it adds a new level of customization to your gun.
by Scott L. on 02/18/2012
"I put this on my King Arms M4 and think it looks pretty boss. I actually was expecting worse, but it feels solid, has a foam insert, and overall I really like the look of it.

Also shipping was incredibly fast!
by michael s. on 02/04/2012
"This thing is a beast, i bought it 3 days ago its already here looks amazing. and on top of it all i was worried it wouldnt fit my jg p90 but it does. its beeeaaasssttt!!!!!!!!
by Sam B. on 01/28/2012
"I just got this in the mail today and i must say it far exceeded my expectations! it feels really well constructed and all/mostly metal! the one thing im not thattt excited about was the threading. i have an Echo 1 E90 with CCW threads and it took a while with these to get it lined up right. but once i got it on it looked glorious and it will perfectly cover my inner barrel extension that is on its way! thanks for the great products and service Evike!
by Ryan H. on 12/25/2011
"just got this for my AK and it made my gun look like a beast!!! without an inner barrel you will get like 1 out of 10-15 shots to hit the inside of the silencer and mess up the shot but a longer inner barrel will fix this (which it is meant for)!!!!
by McKane L. on 10/23/2011

-Wonderfully priced
-Fits Nicely (KWA SR5)
-Threads are solid
-Clean finish (matches the rest of AEG)
-Not too LONG not too SHORT


-Bit Heavy
-With threads on both sides of the unit, sorta strange design (Made for all AEG types)


Only being 25$? It is a wonderful addition for any air-soft player. The packaging for this item is solid. I would expect nothing less from Matrix. And Evike shipped it quick and on time. Thanks again!
by John P. on 10/10/2011
"Received this today with my order.

I've owned the 230mm "Zombie Killer" version, and now this one. Both are very good quality.

The laser etching is flawless and looks great.

If you have a KWA KM4 CQB and want a longer barrel but not too long, this extension allows for a 407mm.

I can't believe it only cost $30. I would've paid 60 easy.