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Model: Scope-RD400-RG

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by lailae f. on 2011-01-02 15:08:34
"THE RED DOT IS AMAZIN!!! i bought it for my g3 and it works perfectly and looks really nice. The red dot is really clear and visible even with the different reticles. my only complaint is that the green dot is a little blurry and that i didn't get the batteries like it said in the description. Overall this is a great red dot for the price and is a must get scope!
by Joseph M. on 2010-12-27 20:31:05
"To Paul E. (3 Below me) You didn't read the directions sillyhead! It's right where it's supposed to be. The indicator of brightness/off is on the left side of the scope, not the middle (duh!) :)
Anyways, Great Dot scope for $50. For this price you literally can't get any better. It's easily as good as any $120 one, so I'd go ahead and get this one. The adjustment is so precise that when I twist the Hexwrench I didn't even know it was adjusting it!!! It comes packaged VERY cushioned in bubblewrap, and with 2 Hexwrenches and it even has a cover to put over the glass when you aren't using it to keep it from getting scratched!
The performance is great as well, 3 Different brightness settings for RED and GREEN, with 4 Different reticles. In the bright sun the third brightness setting works good (a bit harder to see, but still very visible) and at night, the first brightness setting doesn't blind you at all, and it doesn't give away your position because nobody can see the dot either.
AWESOME SCOPE. If you are thinking about getting a dot scope this is the one to get! :)
by Sam H. on 2010-12-17 08:33:51
"I purchased two of these sights, as they looked to be the best on the market - i was right.

These dot sights are excellent. As mentioned in the description there are three light intensity levels and four different sights to choose from, depending on your preference.

The sight works by projecting the image (e.g. dot) onto a mirror (the screen part you look through) which then reflects back at you. Whilst a lot more lenient then a high powered scope, you do still have to be lined up with the sight to properly look down it.
It also means that the main part of the sight is a mirror, so in high light CQB situations it is even more important to line up the sight properly.

It is worth noting wearing mesh goggles does cause a slight refraction when looking down the sight, but this is very minimal.
Also, as i live in the U.K. i did not get any batteries with mine, and had to buy them at approx 3 each.
Lastly, a screen such as this one (
p;products_id=30845) would be a good investment, just for piece of mind.

I personally have fixed this to my G36C, and had to remove the rear iron sights so i could effectively switch between aiming patterns and for optimum visuals.

Overall, and excellent sight that i would recommend.
by Norma R. on 2010-12-07 16:39:14
"Very good sight i recommend this to everyone. when i got it it i was like "What?!! Its so small!!" but when i turned it on it showed me that even big things can come in small packages.
by syed a. on 2010-12-06 20:29:21
"I highly recommend this red dot sight to anyone looking for a great deal. The price is very good for the quality. Although mine didn't come with a battery, I think it was supposed to, but that is not a big problem.
by Norma R. on 2010-10-01 13:58:42
"If your skeptical about this sight then dont be. this is an awesome sight very good quality works really well in all lighting. But its a little on the small side which isnt a bad thing since it provides a bigger field of view. So if you have the cash then buy this amazing sight!
by Ryan W. on 2010-04-04 20:19:26
"Great scope, only negative is whenever its traveled or moved from place to place the allignment tends to go off course slightly and you have to re-zero it in almost every time you go out on your ops, or shoot around, etc. Other then that excellent scope for an excellent price!
by Eric B. on 2010-04-03 14:01:04
"hey this is like the best "moderate priced" reflex scope that you can get. I got mine for my Dboys Scar and it worked as fine as heaven. no cons. i strongly recommend that if you get a scar, only put on the reflex so it'll look good. Also get the scope protector, or else yours will mine
by isaac h. on 2010-03-24 18:24:43
"very good mayte. at first when i got it it was waay off i dunno why but it was easily adjusted, just turning the side screw clockwise moves the crosshairs to the LEFT or the bb to the right.

mine didnt come with a battery :(

overall its awesome
by dillon g. on 2010-03-14 12:09:39
"This is a excallent reflex sight it has a nice finish and has worked perfectly, better than I thought for $50. The green works great in low light situations it is also very easy to dial it in. I suggest getting the scope protector for it, mine paid for itself the first time I used it.
by Anna-Marie B. on 2010-01-03 17:52:20
"Good sight, but I only gave it a 3 because with this sight, it's a MUST to buy a sight protector! In my second game, it was shot by a .2 g bb at 400 fps and the glass had a really bad crack all across it. He was about 30 yards away. You have to buy the protector, the url is
by Andrew Z. on 2009-11-30 13:27:22
"This sight is flawless. It comes with two batteries (one installed and a spare). Like the description says, it has four reticles and can be set at three levels of intensity for both green and red.

- Comes with everything you need to stick this on a gun and go
- Easy to zero, easy to operate

- It can't make a good sandwich (literally, that's it - there is nothing bad about this scope)

Displaying 25 to 36 (of 40 reviews)

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