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Matrix / AMP Panorama 4 Reticles Electro Green / Red Dot Sight Scope

40 Customer Reviews

by nick c. on 08/07/2014
"i just got this and i love it. it looks so good on on my m4a1.thanks evike!
by Patrick A. on 08/07/2014
"Great red dot sight. very easy to adjust with multiple reticles for operators preference. i used this at a CQB course i had attended attached to a tm mp7. Did excellent on an obstacle 'S' course. Super easy target acquisition. Friends gun went down so he borrowed mine and was able to complete the course successfully even tho he never used this gun or sight before.

-well made
-easy zeroing in
-super easy to adapt to even on unfamiliar equipment
-wide field of view to maintain full periferal vision

only cons are price (always is) and even on lowest setting its still too bright for super low light situations
by Thomas U. on 08/07/2014
"very good product. very sturdy on build quality and comes with a lens cover.

easy to install
full metal
nice and compact
perfect for CQB
very crisp retical

Cons: None
by Michael B. on 08/07/2014
"Excellent reflex sight! All metal construction goodieness. But one thing that bothers me is that because of my bad eyesight, the reticules are very blurry! People with bad eyesight must wear glasses!!!!! Overall, its a really good product!

Webmaster: Yes, we recommend people with bad eye sights to wear eye glasses for EVERYTHING. = )
by Eli S. on 08/07/2014
"iv had eotech replicas and aimpoint replicas so far this is my favorite red dot.... with the 4 different rectles and 7 dim settings this is very convenient for every players liking.... it will mount on any standard rail and is very compact making it ideal on a mp5, mp7 or p90.... it looks great on my ca m4... iv also had it on my utg shot gun (modded top rail) and the diffrent rectle settings are a big help with the 3 round spread. i definitly recommend this sight to any body with a aeg....
by Andy D. on 08/07/2014
"My friend has this scope all I can say is WOW.... the reticles are very clear and once adjusted u can hit almost anything, just point and shoot. Once thing my friend and I are wondering is will it crack or shatter if shot from approx 40 feet with a good gun with like 350 fps. We would try but dont want to risk it.
by Jeff N. on 08/07/2014
"its a great low profile scope.
it does have r/g switch (its even mentioned in the descrip. nub)
and its for a standard 20 mm picatinny rail so basically itll work for lots
it doesnt really need raising, cuz the base is pretty high, but thats on a small gun like my TM mp7. the m4s front sights definitely get in the way.

a great small scope for a great small gun.
by Michael H. on 08/07/2014
"I love this red dot sight, i got this for my AK-47 and it is dead acurite once u get it zeroed in, it's great for day/night games. it looks great best of all it's definetly worth the money. i highly recommend this red dot.
by Connor W. on 08/06/2014
"deffinately worth the money if you have it.

I have it on my Tokyo Marui P90 TR.

Great adjustability, and different reticles because not everyone likes the same sight.

Having this instead of using iron sights keeps your periferal vision at max, and you have a much wider range of vision that you normally would.

by Parker B. on 08/06/2014
"Great buy, very durable and reliable. Gives nice eye relief because you no longer have to stare at an iron sight, and because there is no need to keep your chin on the gun. (In other words, for those of you with full face masks, this is what you are looking for.) Battery lasts a long time even if you forget to turn it off for extended periods of time. Brightness and rectile choices are very nice, allowing a degree of customization. Only con: Although it looks REALLY cool, the red/blue/yellow whatever shininess that reflects off of it can give you away if the sun is on it. I don't recommend for a sniper, but definitely great performance at ALL ranges.
by Dakota P. on 01/18/2014
"All I have to say is wow. This is an amazing product. I recently purchased a new gun and it didn't come with sights. So I picked this up and I am completely impressed. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade from iron sights.
by Tevon T. on 06/02/2013
"This sight is probably the best one that i've ever owned. Very cool red and green. And the choice of reticle is even more cool. I strongly recommend this sight.


Reticle choice
Red and Green
Very sturdy

by Lampson N. on 04/08/2013
"Good scope. As the description described, this scope offers four different aim styles: circle, dot, crosshair, and crosshair with dot. You can change the aim point with tue switch on the bottom. Green dot and red dot is also available on the switch on the top.great for cqb and even field play. Recommend for pistol. Lens protector should be purchase to maintain the scope safe. After all, the money is worth
by Vincent L. on 03/24/2012
"I LOVE this scope.

Strong built
Offers plenty of visibility with its three brightness settings
The four different reticles offer a variety of ways to aim (circle/shotgun, cross hairs/pistol, dot/long range)

The only problem I have noticed was that the screen is a little crooked when you adjust the windage and elevation a certain amount. It isn't anything to worry about when your being shot at though.

Oh and BY THE WAY. I didn't notice until about a week of using this red dot, but this is the same style red dot they use in Modern Warfare 3. It's a little lower profile in the game, but if u look closely, it IS the same sight.
by mike s. on 02/20/2012
"Pretty narley scope! Very well made, it fit like a charm on my APS M4 raptor cqb gun, I like all the settings too. For the price you cant beat it, the brightness settings work well in dark enviroments, but id recommend a scope protector, a high speed bb could shatter that delicate lens in no time! If you like a large viewing area type scope and need to sight your target quick, then this is the scope for you!