Reviews: A&K M4 GR-300 Carbine NS15 Full Metal Airsoft AEG - Long

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Model: AEG-AK-G300-L

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by Mark H. on 2010-01-27 18:06:30
"I've had this gun for about 2 months now, and so far, it's been great!! I bought it from a local store, but I love it so much I had to put a review on Evike! This is by far the best AEG I've owned! The package is great! Mine came with a 9.6v 1200mah battery, a replacement metal phantom flash hider (was black!!!! :D) some tools and some BB's I trashed. Its full metal which is a HUGE plus, and I love love love the motor! Right now I'm using a M130 spring in it with high torque gears and it runs seamlessly! The only two thing's I didn't like were the inner barrel length and the friggin battery compartment!! The inner barrel only stretches to about 3/4 of the outer barrel. I ordered a 6.03 tightbore barrel that was 407mm in length and I'm getting a LOT better accuracy! The battery thing is just annoying but definitely nothing that would keep me from recommending it to anybody! I love this gun, and I'm planning on keeping it for quite some time!! BUY THIS GUN!!!!!!
by jacob s. on 2010-01-06 14:37:10
"this is a great gun for the price. it is all metal except for the forgrip and the stock flashhider and the grip.
price $180
very reliable
shoots around 420 with .2's
very solid construction
really good rate of fire for stock AEG
good battery 8.4v 1200mah
very good internals
the only problem i had with this gun was the clip that came with it. it doesnt feed right.
also the forgrip where the battery goes is kinda flimsy, but you can fix it by screwing the sling mount on the side

all in all this is a great buy for the price
by clay s. on 2009-09-03 07:00:55
"ive had this gun all summer and used it in about 9 wars and its awesome i put in a tb barrel and bottom rail and grip rof about 15 or 16 rounds per second but i would suggest getting a spare clip (or 2):


full metal exept the hand grip and front grip
430 ish with .2 bbs
awesome gun for the price


getting the front grip off and on for the battery is a pain
by Wesley W. on 2009-03-15 19:07:54
"I just got this gun, and was wondering what external upgrades i could get for it/mount on it? Please Reply soon, i want to know what would be good for this gun.
by Jeremy M. on 2009-03-12 18:01:02
"JG HIGHCAP 300 round clips work flawless in both the A&K lr300 short and long. Me and my brother bought them. They both shoot 400+, great ROF pretty sturdy gun only 3 plastic parts on the whole gun, handle, butt stock on the fold up stock. and the last piece is where the battery goes, but that probably has to be so the battery can be put in it.
by William H. on 2009-02-03 04:32:08
"Excellent quality gun, shot 450 fps when I first used it, after 3k rounds it fired about 415. The body is alright, the black paint comes off easily (expect it to get scratched), and I had no trouble smashing chunks out of it with a screwdriver and a hammer (was fitting a pro-win box in it). I don't believe the body will break in regular play. The stock got a bit loose but was fine after I tightened the screw.

You should be aware the inner barrel is shorter than the outer barrel, and though I didn't try it, I believe it will lead to poor accuracy (it looks pretty shitty). The barrel length is 420mm and you should replace the barrel as you buy the gun. The hop-up unit is fine.

Inside the gearbox there was perfect seal. The bushings were rather loose in the shell and the gears mostly unshimmed, but it is unlikely to cause any problems, it sounds smooth as well.

ROF with the included 9.6v 1100 NiMH is lower than, say, a stock TM but about what you'd expect for over 400 fps.

The gun comes with an AR stock-tube retention ring tightening tool, useful item for a lot of guns - not sure what to use it for here, given the LR300 stock is attached entirely by a screw :p

The included magazine is fine and feeds well.

I ran the stock gearbox for 3000 rounds on lipo with a systema magnum, and did not notice any damage when I inspected it afterwards.

The gun is also really light, which is for me a bonus, but some airsofters like to punish themselves ;)
by Chase E. on 2009-02-01 19:47:38
"i shot this gun at evike store and it was amazing i bought it


light metal

folding stock

400+ fps


you cant fold the stock with a box mag

it's hard to fold the stock
by David N. on 2008-12-09 14:12:37
"This gun has the lightest metal receiver amount the China made metal receiver(compare to metal receiver made by D Boys or AGM).The whole gun minus the magazine is only about 5 lbs which will not slow you down in long outdoor games.Good base gun for upgrade because of its 420mm inner barrel potential.Very solid and no wobble.High 400+ FPS ;High rate of fire with upgraded battery.
by Patrick a. on 2008-12-02 13:00:17
"Another thing I ask is can you put a box mag on this?
by Grant G. on 2008-12-01 21:28:15
"i didn't buy this from evike i got it shipped from china about a month ago. its a very nicely made gun. although the first thing i did was re-shim it (because the gears where wobbling) and lower the spring to a guarder sp100. The barrel it comes with is a standard length m4 barrel (357 mm) and its doesn't go to the tip of the barrel. what you should do is buy a 420mm barrel to cover the length difference. 420 is the correct length. The barrel also is very hard to get in and out. you have to undo the whole front end of the gun. it comes with metal bushing and a metal spring guide with a bearing (shoddy bearing). also don't get an aftermarket air nozzle alone. it wont fit due to the

WARNING it DID NOT work with mag midcaps!!

good price if you looking for externals only (i was)
Good Externals
Overall good internals
Shoots hot 400+fps

No trades
sounds loud
terrible shimming
Bad cylinder compression
weak feeling tappet plate
shoddy spring guide
Short barrel
didn't work with some magazine brands
Shoots hot 400+ fps
by Patrick a. on 2008-11-30 15:42:14
"This gun looks pretty awesome. I'm either getting this, or the JG Sig Sauer 552 Commando. If anyone knows about both of the guns really well, can they tell me which would be better? Thanks!
by William H. on 2008-11-28 16:34:45
"Mine chronoed 400 w/ .25s, around 440 w/.2s. Battery is not sufficient for a good rate of fire, but will fit any mini battery or nun-chuck, I am running it with an 11.1v 1100 mah lipo, which fits fine.

The inner barrel is much shorter than the outer barrel, there is at least 10cm of extra room to extend it. The cylinder is a full cylinder, so you won't have to worry about air volume issues. The longest barrel that will fit in the body is 420mm.

The handguard will wobble very slightly unless you screw one of the provided sling mount attatch points into it, which must be unscrewed every time you change the battery. Aside from this changing the battery is v. v. easy, much easier than a standard m4a1 - the foregrip slides forward, put batt in place, slide it back down. Looks small on the website, but there is tons of space inside.

Body feels fine, gun is fairly light which is a plus. The finish on the body looks good, but feels slightly more dry and less smooth than on some other metal bodies, for example G&P. The paint on it scratches easily.

The handgrip feels good.

The iron-sight being placed forward makes it a lot faster to use, I might actually use it on this gun, rather than replacing it. Sights don't wobble, etc.

Stock does not wobble at all, locks in place well and feels v. sturdy.

The included flashhider is pretty sexy.

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 24 reviews)

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