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A&K M4 GR-300 Carbine NS15 Full Metal Airsoft AEG - Long

25 Customer Reviews

by Patrick a. on 12/02/2008
"Another thing I ask is can you put a box mag on this?
by Patrick a. on 11/30/2008
"This gun looks pretty awesome. I'm either getting this, or the JG Sig Sauer 552 Commando. If anyone knows about both of the guns really well, can they tell me which would be better? Thanks!
by Andrew S. on 04/01/2016
"Only giving it 4/5 for now until it's field tested tomorrow on G&G day at Ballahack. First thinks fist, the inner barrel is not 400mm, it is more like 330mm inner barrel stock. Mine came with a 9.6v small brick type battery, and I purchased an Intellect 9.6v nunchuck style battery, both of which fit very well, however the nunchuck style fits better due to the fact it is more flexible. Another thing to point out, as I plugged both batteries into my smart charger, said both had a full charge but t they barely cycle the motor. At first I thought I got a bad gun, but just to check I homed up one of my AK (known good) batteries, and Pew-pew she went. Anyways plugged both new batts into a wall charger for a couple hrs each and both work well. So I did a couple mods to this guy out the box: a 407mm TB barrel, a Modify hop-up unit; H-hop bucking nub, and a Madbull 60 degree red bucking. Pro needs the break-in a bit, but it has pretty decent range and laser like accuracy with my lancer Tac red dot out to 60ft. G&P high RPD mags feed flawlessly until you get to the last 3-4 bb's (wish I could buy the G&G magfollowers after market). The high cap that comes with it doesn't fit great but it does fit and lock into place. The folding stock is awesome quality, locks solid AF to the rear, however it flops around when folded to the side, no matter as I will still be marking fools with it. The sights are cool,although this could be a bad apple my rear sight is perma-canted.....tried making a spacer but to no avail, she Lea s to the left, but as firemen ruined I have that red dot😉. Oh yeah 407mm barrel fits like a glove, right to the end of the flash hider, and this thing has a metal hop-up unit in it stock, although looking at it the bucking barely gets any adjustment off if whatever is in there. Anyways I'm happy with my purchase, hope this review was helpful to y'all, it as a bday present to my self and picked it up from the epic deals, which was $160 like a minute ago.
by Ernest M. on 09/29/2015
"Just got one of these last weekend and took it out shooting. The weight and balance of the gun are better than you'd expect. While the metal construction of the receivers, stock and barrel are solid stamped metal, they're still lightweight enough to feel comfortable carrying, but solid and well balanced enough to feel easy to handle.

The motor felt a bit sluggish, even with a good and freshly charged 9.6v, but that was remedied when I lubricated the gun, and it got it back to a very respectable rate of fire and reduced trigger lag by a noticeable amount.

The hand-guard is probably the only part of the gun that feels chincy, but that's just how it feels, after using it I realized the flexible polythene was there to make swapping out batteries less of a hassle.

The front sight came off easily when the bottom post is unscrewed, allowing me to put on an optic with great visibility. The only real problem is that some of my MetalTac Hi-Cap magazines weren't as solid in the receiver as they are on my old D-Boys and G&G M4s.

Easy to operate
Good design decisions in terms of usability and ergonomics
Solid performer
Great accuracy out of the box for an M4 variant

A lot of rattle to the build, requires a bit of know-how to remedy
hand guard feels flimsy
Magazines can rattle a little in the lower
by Aidan O. on 09/07/2015
"I've had this particular rifle for a few years now and it still works fine. The only real proplem I have had with it is that I can't find any rails that actually fit it.
by Rick T. on 11/28/2010
"I got this gun about a two weeks ago and it is a fairly good gun, great for starting out. You need to know a lot about your guns and this gun its kinda hard to find info on. It does not come with a manual! The first day I got it I had to adjust the motor and then a week after i had to change the fuse and that was fairly hard to figure out what fuse to get cause I didnt have a manual, but this gun shoots very well. The acuacry was o.k. it does have a bit of a scater on semi, but on auto it shots a straight line of bbs. I would suggest getting a smart charger, extra battery, lots of ammo (has 450 clip but goes by fast), a rail system would be nice for a fore arm grip, nice scope would be good ( iron sights are still nice), and lube (it has somewhat of a sticky barrel). before you buy this gun with accesories call evike and make sure it is compatible or call them to get some spects on this gun.

-shoots nice
-is powerful
-full metal
-big clip
-folding stock

-no manual
-accurace kinda bad
-needs quick work on
-full metal (makes hevey)
-weird front grip/battery case
by William H. on 02/03/2009
"Excellent quality gun, shot 450 fps when I first used it, after 3k rounds it fired about 415. The body is alright, the black paint comes off easily (expect it to get scratched), and I had no trouble smashing chunks out of it with a screwdriver and a hammer (was fitting a pro-win box in it). I don't believe the body will break in regular play. The stock got a bit loose but was fine after I tightened the screw.

You should be aware the inner barrel is shorter than the outer barrel, and though I didn't try it, I believe it will lead to poor accuracy (it looks pretty shitty). The barrel length is 420mm and you should replace the barrel as you buy the gun. The hop-up unit is fine.

Inside the gearbox there was perfect seal. The bushings were rather loose in the shell and the gears mostly unshimmed, but it is unlikely to cause any problems, it sounds smooth as well.

ROF with the included 9.6v 1100 NiMH is lower than, say, a stock TM but about what you'd expect for over 400 fps.

The gun comes with an AR stock-tube retention ring tightening tool, useful item for a lot of guns - not sure what to use it for here, given the LR300 stock is attached entirely by a screw :p

The included magazine is fine and feeds well.

I ran the stock gearbox for 3000 rounds on lipo with a systema magnum, and did not notice any damage when I inspected it afterwards.

The gun is also really light, which is for me a bonus, but some airsofters like to punish themselves ;)
by Grant G. on 12/01/2008
"i didn't buy this from evike i got it shipped from china about a month ago. its a very nicely made gun. although the first thing i did was re-shim it (because the gears where wobbling) and lower the spring to a guarder sp100. The barrel it comes with is a standard length m4 barrel (357 mm) and its doesn't go to the tip of the barrel. what you should do is buy a 420mm barrel to cover the length difference. 420 is the correct length. The barrel also is very hard to get in and out. you have to undo the whole front end of the gun. it comes with metal bushing and a metal spring guide with a bearing (shoddy bearing). also don't get an aftermarket air nozzle alone. it wont fit due to the

WARNING it DID NOT work with mag midcaps!!

good price if you looking for externals only (i was)
Good Externals
Overall good internals
Shoots hot 400+fps

No trades
sounds loud
terrible shimming
Bad cylinder compression
weak feeling tappet plate
shoddy spring guide
Short barrel
didn't work with some magazine brands
Shoots hot 400+ fps
by William H. on 11/28/2008
"Mine chronoed 400 w/ .25s, around 440 w/.2s. Battery is not sufficient for a good rate of fire, but will fit any mini battery or nun-chuck, I am running it with an 11.1v 1100 mah lipo, which fits fine.

The inner barrel is much shorter than the outer barrel, there is at least 10cm of extra room to extend it. The cylinder is a full cylinder, so you won't have to worry about air volume issues. The longest barrel that will fit in the body is 420mm.

The handguard will wobble very slightly unless you screw one of the provided sling mount attatch points into it, which must be unscrewed every time you change the battery. Aside from this changing the battery is v. v. easy, much easier than a standard m4a1 - the foregrip slides forward, put batt in place, slide it back down. Looks small on the website, but there is tons of space inside.

Body feels fine, gun is fairly light which is a plus. The finish on the body looks good, but feels slightly more dry and less smooth than on some other metal bodies, for example G&P. The paint on it scratches easily.

The handgrip feels good.

The iron-sight being placed forward makes it a lot faster to use, I might actually use it on this gun, rather than replacing it. Sights don't wobble, etc.

Stock does not wobble at all, locks in place well and feels v. sturdy.

The included flashhider is pretty sexy.
by Max S. on 02/20/2015

I bought this gun 2 days ago and it is broken I havent even unloaded a full mag it is just not worth it

The rumors about AK internals are true