Reviews: A&K M4 GR-300 Carbine Full Metal Airsoft AEG - Long

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Model: AEG-AK-G300-L

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by Grant B. on 2015-12-24 11:12:47
"This Weapon is amazing! I Just received it yesterday and I was surprised to feel how heavy this gun was.I liked it. The battery fits perfectly in the chamber. It has a little rattle with the magazine, but that's all that's bad about this Weapon. It hurts when you get shot from close range, so you probably may want to get a pistol or lower FPS Weapon. In all this Gun is AMAZING! Great buy for 185.00. Recommended.
by Ernest M. on 2015-09-29 20:17:39
"Just got one of these last weekend and took it out shooting. The weight and balance of the gun are better than you'd expect. While the metal construction of the receivers, stock and barrel are solid stamped metal, they're still lightweight enough to feel comfortable carrying, but solid and well balanced enough to feel easy to handle.

The motor felt a bit sluggish, even with a good and freshly charged 9.6v, but that was remedied when I lubricated the gun, and it got it back to a very respectable rate of fire and reduced trigger lag by a noticeable amount.

The hand-guard is probably the only part of the gun that feels chincy, but that's just how it feels, after using it I realized the flexible polythene was there to make swapping out batteries less of a hassle.

The front sight came off easily when the bottom post is unscrewed, allowing me to put on an optic with great visibility. The only real problem is that some of my MetalTac Hi-Cap magazines weren't as solid in the receiver as they are on my old D-Boys and G&G M4s.

Easy to operate
Good design decisions in terms of usability and ergonomics
Solid performer
Great accuracy out of the box for an M4 variant

A lot of rattle to the build, requires a bit of know-how to remedy
hand guard feels flimsy
Magazines can rattle a little in the lower
by Aidan O. on 2015-09-07 19:48:51
"I've had this particular rifle for a few years now and it still works fine. The only real proplem I have had with it is that I can't find any rails that actually fit it.
by Max S. on 2015-02-20 09:19:45

I bought this gun 2 days ago and it is broken I havent even unloaded a full mag it is just not worth it

The rumors about AK internals are true
by william L t. on 2014-01-21 17:29:20
"i won this gun at the last game i went too and its just great it shoots hard and fast. only used it a few times now but the times i have used it, its been just great the only thing tho is that the clip that came with it is not feeding right and i have to old it in place in order for it to work but i got new clips and fixed it right away
overall its a great gun and right out of the box too:D
by Robert S. on 2013-03-04 14:10:12
"I've had this thing for 2-3 months now as I've been waiting to put out a review on here.
First off. Its A&K. Now, I've heard terrible things about them and people have compared them to Aftermath.. ew. However I think this thing is very high quality. Metal receiver.. practically all metal parts that a real steel would have. I've put roughly eh 15000-20000 rounds through this and have fielded it a couple times as well. I've put a matrix/prommy 6.03 450mm barrel in here and its beautiful. It sticks out not even 60mm of the original outer barrel so I've simply put a stubby on the end. The stock accuracy is nice for a stock, but if you're keeping this long term it should be upgraded.

Full Metal Receiver
Full Metal Outer Barrel
Full Metal Folding Stock (Very little wobble)
Nice Stock Accuracy

Tight Battery Space (Front wired)
Awkward Pistol Grip/Motor Compartment
Lowish ROF
A&K? --Internals so far are fine--

Overall a very good buy for 180 being that its full metal where it counts. 5/5
by Ryan M. on 2011-03-07 19:30:42
"i have had this gun for over a year and still hasnt let me down

full metal
removable front and rear sights
durable stock
easy battery compartment for putting/takeing out battery
screws on bottom of grip to put a rail on(or atleast im testing it for a fore grip)
these are just some pros

stock is wobbly unless u tighten it right

all in all if u want a long lasting mid range gun. This is the gun for u
by Shawn M. on 2010-12-19 17:27:29
"I got this gun a few weeks ago, just in time for a big op. Out of the box it was almost to powerful for the game. Chrono was around 417-425.

About the only problem I had was the gun seems picky on what types of magazines you feed it. If anyone knows the best type to use please let me know.
by Rick T. on 2010-11-28 09:20:03
"I got this gun about a two weeks ago and it is a fairly good gun, great for starting out. You need to know a lot about your guns and this gun its kinda hard to find info on. It does not come with a manual! The first day I got it I had to adjust the motor and then a week after i had to change the fuse and that was fairly hard to figure out what fuse to get cause I didnt have a manual, but this gun shoots very well. The acuacry was o.k. it does have a bit of a scater on semi, but on auto it shots a straight line of bbs. I would suggest getting a smart charger, extra battery, lots of ammo (has 450 clip but goes by fast), a rail system would be nice for a fore arm grip, nice scope would be good ( iron sights are still nice), and lube (it has somewhat of a sticky barrel). before you buy this gun with accesories call evike and make sure it is compatible or call them to get some spects on this gun.

-shoots nice
-is powerful
-full metal
-big clip
-folding stock

-no manual
-accurace kinda bad
-needs quick work on
-full metal (makes hevey)
-weird front grip/battery case
by Christian T. on 2010-09-21 14:33:45
"ok first

i had this gun for a year BEAT the hell out of it put at least 20k rounds through it and it still is performing well. i brought it to air soft games with my friends and owned. i mean this is on of the best full metal guns for the price

by Mark H. on 2010-01-27 18:06:30
"I've had this gun for about 2 months now, and so far, it's been great!! I bought it from a local store, but I love it so much I had to put a review on Evike! This is by far the best AEG I've owned! The package is great! Mine came with a 9.6v 1200mah battery, a replacement metal phantom flash hider (was black!!!! :D) some tools and some BB's I trashed. Its full metal which is a HUGE plus, and I love love love the motor! Right now I'm using a M130 spring in it with high torque gears and it runs seamlessly! The only two thing's I didn't like were the inner barrel length and the friggin battery compartment!! The inner barrel only stretches to about 3/4 of the outer barrel. I ordered a 6.03 tightbore barrel that was 407mm in length and I'm getting a LOT better accuracy! The battery thing is just annoying but definitely nothing that would keep me from recommending it to anybody! I love this gun, and I'm planning on keeping it for quite some time!! BUY THIS GUN!!!!!!
by jacob s. on 2010-01-06 14:37:10
"this is a great gun for the price. it is all metal except for the forgrip and the stock flashhider and the grip.
price $180
very reliable
shoots around 420 with .2's
very solid construction
really good rate of fire for stock AEG
good battery 8.4v 1200mah
very good internals
the only problem i had with this gun was the clip that came with it. it doesnt feed right.
also the forgrip where the battery goes is kinda flimsy, but you can fix it by screwing the sling mount on the side

all in all this is a great buy for the price

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