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Full Metal AKS-74U / AK-74 Airsoft AEG Rifle with Real Wood Furniture by CYMA - (Package: Gun Only)

63 Customer Reviews

by Doug C. on 05/02/2010
"Bought this gun about 9 months ago and have put about 6000 rounds through it. It's a very nice gun for the price. Mine chrono'd at 370 fps consistently with .20g BBs. The G&P mags sold in this site will work just fine for it with a little filing down of the back tab. Stock locks forward very sturdily, and when extended has only a small amount of wobble (but so does the real steel version of this gun).

Battery space is INCREDIBLE. I could easily fit a 10.8 stick in there and have room to spare. The space goes all the way to the front sight.

I put a JBU 440mm tightbore in there along with a JBU 8.25 inch mock suppressor. They fit together perfectly. The gun is accurate out to about 120 feet. Spits out about 8 bps, but I haven't measured it. Overall a great gun for the price and a solid performer. Just be warned - if you use a 2-point sling with this gun, the back sling mount will eventually bend and fall off. This has happened to me twice, and while it's an easy fix, you do need to be careful about it.
by Michael B. on 03/04/2010
"I bought this gun about a year ago and let me just say it is one of the best guns that i own. This gun can pack a ouch, i shot my friend from far away and he had a big welt he waws almost bleeding. This gun is made at a top grade quality the metal is so sturdy i fell as if i could just throw it at a tree, pick and go on with my business. A 9.6 battery would work great for this gun but if you dont have the money dont worry its a great gun without it.Over all this gun gets a 100/5 its amaaaaazing!!!!!!1!
by Sean M. on 01/21/2010
"This gun is great. The first thing I noticed was that it is completely metal except for the real wood grip. And when I shoot the gun the sound it makes is clear and distinct, and it even creates an echo when its shooting. The gun doesn't make any noise when i shake and feels solid. I also really like the way battery compartment opens easily and doesn't detach from the gun when i put the battery which comes really handy when you have to switch out the battery. The only flaw in the gun was that the rear sling mount makes a clanking sound when it hits the stock. But other than that the gun is a beast and could compete and probably out perform guns that are twice the price of this gun and plus this gun is cheap compared to other guns. And I was wandering what a good sling would be to get for this gun?
by Lawrence M. on 05/03/2009
"wow. this gun is so frikin awesome! i got this a week ago and it is great! I love it! The only flaw is that it is very heavy. cool gun though. my friend got an m14 for 140.00 and it is not even full metal. ha ha.
by George M. on 04/29/2009
"Very amazing gun. well worth every penny, shoots and hits hard.
I would recommend for CQB and mid sized skirmishes only.
depends on your style of combat really. It suits me cause i
stay on the front line. But all in all, great exterior, great ROF
(but for alittle more kick upgrade to a 9.6 battery), great everything.
by Alex Z. on 04/08/2009
"This is a fantastic gun for the price. The gun itself is very heavy but that is a good thing. When I got the gun I was a little frustrated because I could not put the magazine in. But eventually I got the hang of it and it is not hard anymore. This gun is also great because it is full metal and that is probably why it is heavy. The gun did not come with an instruction manual but there are instructions on the side of the box. The gun is very powerful and it has a high fps. I shot it in my backyard and sometimes I could not even see the BBs being shot. The only bad thing about the gun is that it is a little small for an assault rifle. I compared it to my friends M4 airsoft and it was not as long. But all its other great qualities cancel the bad one out. Other than that it is a great gun at a great price that I would definitely recommend buying.
by Sean S. on 01/27/2009
"This is a very nice gun. The external build is excellent! I was very suprized at the feel of this gun given the price. There is no creek, jingle, or warp when you shake it, all you can hear is the rear sling mount (which is like tieing cans to a stray dog if you dont tie it down). This gun is a lot heavier than it looks, I'd venture to say that is heavier than my ICS M4. When Im using this gun I feel like I can throw it at a tree then pick it up and keep shooting. It takes a stick type battery in the top of the gun. Considering this gun is 19" long with the stock folded, I was very happy to know that its has 12" of battery space! The stock ROF with an 8.4v is decent, but I'd recommend a 9.6v. This gun shoots hard! I lent it out to an opponent for a game, and I could hear the .20 bbs wistle by when they came close, very good intimidation factor. One thing to consider about this gun is that there is no windage adjustment on the sites. Mine shoots to the left, but I don't mind, as this gun was intended as an on field backup for my DMR. Also, unless you really need to, dont take the lower hand guard off, the lever is very stiff, and mine snapped (leaving me a fun night with pliers and a little metal nub that I couldnt get a grip on...). That was completely my fault btw. Overall, this gun is a bargain at that price! If you're considering an AK74u, go for this one!
by bryan b. on 12/15/2008
"This gun is fantastic. Fun to shoot, very realistic, and feels like it will last for a long time. Very heavy, though. The weight is realistic, but if you are ok running around with it, it's great. Buy it.
by bryan b. on 12/13/2008
"This gun is simply amazing. It is so realistic, I think the muzzle brake is from a real Krinkov. Great gun.
by Ben and Blake C. on 03/28/2016
VERY solid construction
range is spot on
rate of fire is very nice with a 9.6v battery
folding stock
back sling mount makes that nice "metal hitting metal" sound. (can be a con for a few people)
hop up is easy to use

When i received the gun, it wasn't in very good packaging.
The magazine that came with the gun is very wobbly. (it gets extremely annoying!)

OVERALL: 8/10. for $138, you are getting an extremely well made gun for the budget-minded consumer. it really doesn't get any better than this in terms of price to performance; i'd definitely recommend this gun.
by Will G. on 01/05/2016
"I got this gun today and its very nice. It has a nice full metal body an ok wood grip that camre dented. The hicap mag that comes with it fits snug but does missfeed occasanially and isnt the best plastic. Ive only put in an 8.4 volt into this (the one that came with it) and ut shoots pretty good with the hop up turned all the way up. So overall this is a pretty good gun for beginners or experienced. The only reason i bought this is because it was on sale for 100 it was definately worth it. This is definately one of the higher quality aks on the market
by will g. on 07/23/2014
"I got this gun today and its very nice. It has a nice full metal body an ok wood grip that camre dented. The hicap mag that comes with it fits snug but does missfeed occasanially and isnt the best plastic. Ive only put in an 8.4 volt into this (the one that came with it) and ut shoots pretty good with the hop up turned all the way up. So overall this is a pretty good gun for beginners or experienced. The only reason i bought this is because it was on sale for 100 it was definately worth it. This is definately one of the higher quality aks on the market
by Zach C. on 02/11/2012
"Ok, so, I got this AEG for Christmas, and let me tell you, waking up one morning after Christmas and finding it the UPS box was pretty nice, but anyways, mine didnt come with a sling, the orange plastic covering the flash hider was cracked, and the magazine that it came with was in rough condition, and, ive watched reviews of this very gun, and they said that you can remove the flash hider very easily for mock suppresor instalation, I can not for the life of me get it off, i also ordered a Matrix brand high-cap with it, i have to hold my AK upside down for that mag to feed.

Real wood
hard hitting
good ROF

cant get the flash hider off (thats just me apparently)
spare mag sucks
feed skips on Full Auto
didnt come with a sling
by Keith L. on 11/16/2011
"This is the latest Dboys/Kalash AKS-74UN model by another name, solidly constructed and hard hitting, comes with a convincing correct style khaki sling and decent stick battery. A pretty good copy of the much more expensive VFC that started it all for the AKS-74U family. Get a new charger though.
The cone of the flashhider is bright orange plastic, the rest of the gun (minus the pistol grip) is either pressed mild steel or cast light metal with a nasty matt black phosphate finish that cleans up pretty well with some scotchbrite and elbow grease (rough up the high spots). Wood is decent quality and finish, good for the money. Accuracy isn't bad. Good replica, especially for the price.
by shawn s. on 03/10/2011
"I ordered this gun and chose it over my main aegs. Let me do a quick and non biased review.

First impression is that this is solid. Heavy for its size but its not heavy compared to other full metal aegs Its about 8 pounds, I can hold it out with 1 hand and fire (fully loaded mag and battery. The guns metal is not the highest quality Its some sort of alloy and is not smooth. The hand guards are nice looking and look and feel like wood but its not wood. The stock is solid or was solid. My nephew kept opening it and closing it for 10 MINUETS STRAIGHT. It has a slight, slight very slight wiggle, nothing very noticeable and major. The sights are are great. The mag is unique and cool looking imo but does have some miss feeds. The sling and battery are very nice. The sling is an olive green and thick and seems durable. The battery pushes this guns RPM to about 800? And this gun is loud and sounds intimidating from a distance because its loud and fast and sounds a little real. The gun is accurate to about 150 feet and hits a pizza box 5/10 shots from that distance. I like how it sprays at distances and I mean that in a good way, cause its useful to be able to suppress 3 people with 1 gun. It becomes real small when the stock is folded in and that is useful for being in tight spots and even when its not folded out its smaller than an ak. I ordered this and got the holycow deal and it gave me ak47 mags not ak74 mags so hopefully they will exchange them. I love this gun so much and am very happy I have it. Its reliable and awesome and lets face it, everyone has an m4 and ak but no one has the ak74 so its nice to stand out with a kick butt gun lol. Be very careful opening the battery compartment, a spring likes to fly out, open it slowly and the top hand guard has a slight wiggle.

nice rof with a 8.4v
accurate at close-mid range
can spray bbs
light (heavy for its size)
good sling it came with
rugged looking
loud and sweet sounding
Has a side claw so you can put a scope mount on
lots and lots of other things

mag is not the best
battery compartment's button spring likes to spring out sometims
metal is wierd
top hand guard is wiggles

conclusion, this guns pros out weigh the cons and I would advise this to anyone who wants a gun to showoff and for anyone who can talk the talk and walk the walk. Best gun under $180