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Model: AEG-CM035A

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by Chris F. on 2014-07-23 12:15:19
"Let me just say for $99.99 BUY THIS GUN! Even if you don't like AK's or AKS's BUY THIS GUN! Let me repeat that... BUY THIS GUN! It's such a good deal especially for the price! I was skeptical because of the softair brand and it only being $99, but this gun is a steal! It fires around 400 FPS and has a good RPS. The accuracy and range are pretty good for a "CQB' weapon. It fires pretty smoothly and internals seem pretty good as far as my small knowledge goes. The matrix AKS RIS system WILL fit this gun for those of you like me that need to attach grips, lasers, lights, etc... It's got good weight to it but not super heavy for being full metal. The real wood is a nice touch, might stain it a darker color just for some uniqueness. The mags feed really well! Hardly had to wind to empty them. The battery is just a basic stick battery. I put an 11.1 lipo stick and it give it a little higher RPS.

400 FPS fires perfect for field games but small like a cqb gun
Good RPS
Very Accurate and has good range
Built very well. Full metal and real wood
Has a good weight to it but not tiresome for long games
Perfect for an infidel pmc look
Mags feed extremely well
No wobble with mags
Handguard wobbles just a bit , same as stock
Battery is a basic but it works well enough

Folding stock isnt long enough for me and folded in is uncomfortable. 'm hoping to be able to change to a fixed stock or just take it off.
The sling mount is only on the right side when stock is out and it's metal and loud
No rails but can be added so no biggie

5/5 This is a MUST BUY! Seriously, buy it just to have it because of how great a deal it is! Don't hesitate because of the price, this thing is by far at least a $200 gun.
by Darren C. on 2014-07-23 12:14:51
"Summary: I picked this gun up when it was running $99, which is an absolute STEAL for a full metal - real wood ak. This gun seems to be a CYMA CM035, which is the TM variant of the AKS74u, which means that without the trades (which honestly aren't particularly realistic) this gun would normally run about $150. This package also comes with an extra high-cap, making it an even better deal.

I'm currently running an 11.1v lipo through it in order to break it down faster. This body is actually pretty decent if you're planning to use this gun as an upgrade platform. I've fired about 6k rounds through it so far and nothing has broke. (I did bypass the fuse though)

Externals: 7/10
Full Metal - Primarily brittle Zinc Pot Metal
Real Wood - Not bad, but clearly isn't the best work
Paintjob - Flat matte black paintjob scratches really easily, which after a hours of gaming gave it a pretty cool "worn" OPFOR look.
Selector Switch - Got loose after 2 games, tightened it up and hasn't gotten loose since.
Handguard - A little loose fitting
Rear Sling Swivel - super noisy, metal to metal contact. Be sure to tape it up to silence it

Internals: 7/10
Basic CYMA CM035A Internals, not as good as the 45A series
Has survived over 6k shots of 11.1v after I removed fused.
Included Battery honestly isn't really sufficient
FPS: 370
Effective Range: 150 feet flat trajectory w. 25g, which is pretty decent.

Overall: 7/10
by Morton N. on 2014-07-23 12:14:12
"This will be a short but quick review:

HEAVY WEIGHT, it feels realistic and feels just like the real thing.
Battery space is good, unlike my Lancer Tactical, which has very tight battery space
Full metal is always a pro.
Real wood is somewhat of a pro.
Flash hider is not too large and doesn't have a lot of orange on it
Comes with a battery and charger, but buy a smart charger, and the battery isn't too bad either.
It is quite loud, if you shoot inside you might want to consider some ear plugs, as it is quite loud inside, outside your neighbors could definitely hear it (mine sure did).

Not a super con, but the metal on the gun scratches really easily.
The wood is some chinese wood.
Shots go a little bit to the right, and i did not get a front sight adjustment tool.

Overall I would recommend this gun to anyone, pro or noob as it is a good gun for the price.
by Ben m. on 2014-07-23 11:58:13
"So I got the gun 8 days after I ordered it and I wasn't to happy about that but the gun came with 2 mags and a "high quality" battery (8.4)
It's rof is good and you have plenty of room for a 12 volt stick.
The hand gaurd will NOT take a ak handgaurd or motor grip.
It's really heavy and the sling nih ton the back is a little noisy.
I have a 800 rd mag ad it fits with a little push.

Full metal
Normal rof
It doesn't suck

It came 8 days after I ordered it
The sling mout is noisy
The hop up is a little flimsy and hard to move.
by Stephen H. on 2014-07-23 11:57:51
"Ordered it 5/29, got it exactly one week later via ground shipping. Being on the east coast that is not too bad a shipping time at all. Out of the box it is very solid and has some heft to it, which is expected being fully metal and wood. Magnet sticks to everything except the outer barrel receiver, though the reciever does not feel that cheap. The gun will come with a larger plastic tip that can be removed by heating the glue and pulling the two halves of the tip apart. Rail mount can be used, though some modification may be needed to fit some rail mounts on the gun. Folding stock feels sturdy when folded, but mine needed a bit of tape at the hinge to stop some slight wobble. The trigger delay with a 9.6v is short, and the hop up works well. I was able to be very consistent in shot placement with .25g Goldenball brand BB's at 100 feet. Overall a very solid field gun that benefits the user with its short barrel and folding stock.
by will g. on 2014-07-23 11:57:08
"I got this gun today and its very nice. It has a nice full metal body an ok wood grip that camre dented. The hicap mag that comes with it fits snug but does missfeed occasanially and isnt the best plastic. Ive only put in an 8.4 volt into this (the one that came with it) and ut shoots pretty good with the hop up turned all the way up. So overall this is a pretty good gun for beginners or experienced. The only reason i bought this is because it was on sale for 100 it was definately worth it. This is definately one of the higher quality aks on the market
by Lorie F. on 2014-07-23 11:56:22
"This gun works awesome and also looks great! it has really god fps and if you put a 9.6v battery in it the rate of fire really picks up. the only thing I do not like is how big the orange tip is, but that is easily fixed with a re placer. the entire gun is metal and the front hand grip is actual wood. All in all this is a great gun for either indoors or outdoors, and I use it outdoors since I do not live in the city.
by Seth J. on 2014-07-23 11:55:57
"This is probably the most realistic Airsoft gun I've ever had! I just got it today, and put a 9.6 battery in it. Has 420 FPS and is a beast! Everything is metal, so that is a plus! For the price, this is probably one of the best AK's you can get. Ordered some black metal mags for it, and all fit. Very sturdy rifle and would win against my CYMA M-14. If you don't have this, get it before its sold out!
by Victor B. on 2014-07-23 11:55:17
"I've only had this gun for three days now, but I can definitely say that I love it. I played for a few hours with my friends the day I got it, and it outperforms all of their guns in power, range, and even accuracy, and two of them have the Cyma m14's (with the longer barrel). I was extremely impressed with he performance of this gun. I put in a 9.6v battery, and it was unbelievable. My friend was trying to snipe me, and I sprayed on him and it left the biggest bright red welts from like 45ft

-high Fps (around 400 w/ .2's)
-ridiculous rof (can't make out individual bb's when you're listening to them)
-heavy (could be a con)
-folding stock (great for cqb)
-real wood
-decent accuracy
-ALL metal
-real Kalashnikov rail mount
-takes ak47 mags

Mag isn't the best (plastic and wobbly)

So overall, this gun is Outstanding. For this price, it's a steal. I looked all over the web, and evike has the best deal on it. I strongly recommend getting this gun. You will not be disappointed.
by two c. on 2014-07-19 10:57:35
"great inexpensive gun, Feels extremely solid and well put together, good FPS right off the bat, very good stock V shaped bucking. for everyone complaining about the selector switch coming loose this is a common problem in all AK'S I have ever owned. remove the screw add 1 drop of Loctite and tighten firmly. Sling does rattle, but that is a simple fix as well with a hammer and a punch you can just add one divit and you will solve that problem permanently. using two short wood screws I added a rail to the lower handguard 4 flashlight attachment. excellent rate of fire with a 10 .8, which fits easily in the upper receiver. the only con I will give it is the folding stock wobbles when locked in the open position, which is common on my echo 1 Wolverine as well. Compatible with flashmags. orange tip is hard to get off but not impossible as I have done it. Only upgrade I have done to the gun is a 300 mm tight bore. Excellent stock gun with no problems after 30 thousand rounds. after owning at least 2 dozen guns this is definitely 1 that I am happy with right out of the box. easily 6 stars
by Cathy J. on 2014-04-21 19:01:47
"I've had this gun for over a year now and I haven't had any problems no jams and this is stock I haven't done any upgrades to the internal or externals(except for adding a sling). I personally think this gun is a must have.

Already upgraded gearbox
Full metal
Easily compatibility with new mags
For a full metal gun fairly light

None so far

I think this a must buy :)
by Keat F. on 2014-03-26 18:43:54
"I got this gun maybe a month ago and was excited to see it finally came in the mail. First of all the gun looked pretty decent. Had a good feel. But I noticed some portion on the side of the wood had not been sanded down or something cause it was very splintery. The gun came with 2 mags in the box which are both alright, they had a feeding issue and sometimes wouldn't feed into the mag.

So then i charged up the battery and got to trying it out, the gun when it does work, is a good gun and was fairly accurate. But I started to experience some problems, it would jam quite a few times, and I hadn't messed with the gun but the ak's selector switch started to get loose and eventually snapped right off. I lost it in a local field and couldn't find it. The gun was now stuck on semi and was also jammed. I got very frustrated with this so went to someone for help, they told me to just set it to full auto and when they used pliers to switch it to full auto it started to fire again.

This didn't help. 2 shots later it decided to stop firing all together. I repeated the same process of trying to set it back to full auto and semi and only got the same results. The battery was fully charged as well. I tried fiddling around with the gun but still wouldn't work. After 1 use the gun was already falling apart. (The fake bolt thing to chamber a round on the real gun broke off as well). It wasnt even fireable and remains a expensive hunk of junk on my floor. Don't buy this gun get something more reliable.

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