Reviews: Guarder Limited Edition Metal Slide & Frame for Marui Desert Eagle Series. (Black)


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Model: Kit-GE-DE50-05BK

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by Justin V. on 2016-05-12 18:55:51
"Welp i know this one is a little late.

had the kits on my wish list forever. Last Fall one popped december. Totally bought it.

Agian the Install was pretty easy. Since the second kit i've done for myself (done 3 for other airsofters). I love it.

the kit adds about a pound and a half of weight. and out here in Wisconsin. Handles Propane great (needless to say, installed Full guarder internals, Spring set, slide stop, Mag catch, Nozzle, and a Creation piston head/Safety housing.)

Just need to invest in mags, and pick up some fiber optic or Trinum sights.

Wish i could find a Chrome kit. But thats a pipedream.
by Justin V. on 2014-01-15 12:53:42
"for all TM owners wanting more strength to run there Desert Eagles on Greengas. this is the BEST price for the Kit in the US. Also coupons do work with it.

It installed Easy enough, but Required Some Sanding on the Slide/Barrel assemblies (like needed .25-.5mm of material removed on the front of the slide, where the Faux gas bolt screw is held). and on the Barrel. under the screw hole. the TM Metal assembly, also needed to be Filed down a bit (.5mm) to fit.

Used the Matrix 150% Recoil/Hammer springs. They are WAAAY to beefy. Cut them both down. still cycles briskly, and has a Lot of power behind the kick. and the Report... wow.. the only thing louder then this GBB is going to be a KWA KMP9. barring that it still has a unique Crack to it.

Full Trades. and assembly time is 2-3 hours, due to fine fitment.

Turns the already 3 pound TM to a 4 pound monster. Much more comfortable then a 7.0 Hi-cappa, and this thing is scary accurate for a GBB pistol.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)