Reviews: G&P 130RD metal mid-cap no winding magazine for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG (Sand)

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Model: MAG-GP094Sx1

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by Chase O. on 2016-03-24 00:18:42
"These work great in my VFC MK18 MOD 1. They take some time to break in since they already come fitting tight as can be. No problems so far after months of owning them.
by Jake K. on 2013-05-06 18:46:55
"These are solid mags, and work wekk with any gun. For those wondering about compatibility, I tested them on the following weapons:

G&P M4: Obviously fit with no wobble, as they have the same manufacturer.
G&G Combat Machines: Feed well, but have some wobble, but less than the standard included G&G highcap.
JG M733 Commando: Fit well, with wobble somewhere between the G&G and G&P.
Echo1 MTC1: Works well with conversion magwell, with wobble similar to the JG. I dont have an actual Echo1 M4 to test it with, but it should be similar.
by Jake K. on 2013-05-06 18:37:00
"Great mags, with excellent materials as expected from G&P. After breaking these in, (they needed more silicone and rounds put through than normal) they worked great, with the only feeding problems arising in the last 10 or so rounds. Each magazine holds closer to 100 rounds, struggling to hold more than that.

Color: The color is still tan, but tends to look like a shade of OD green in certain lighting. The baseplate and top plastic are tan as well, unlike some mags, such as G&G, where they are black. The color is slightly darker that G&G tan polymer (Combat Machine, to be exact), but barely noticable.

Build quality: Fantastic. These shipped in standard clamshell type packaging like most magazines. Engraved/stamped trademarks on the bottom are very nice and simple, reading: G&P 5.95mm
If you look at any other magazine, you can see that the metal alloy shell is made of two sheets of stamped metal, welded together on the front and back sides of the magazine. If you're a stickler for looks, you may have noticed. These G&P magazines are crafted of 1 piece of metal, shaped and welded only on the back for a really nice smooth appearance.

Overall fantastic mags, especially those looking for tan magazines not commonly available anywhere else.
by Scott S. on 2011-03-06 21:13:11
"These mags are great! I highly recommend buying 2 of them!!! the only thing that i would recommend doing is to lube the mag before using it so tht way it doesnt get jammed. The first time i used i got through about 10rnds then it jammed. so i took some silicone and it hasnt happnd again since! :D 4.5/5 cuz nothings perfect.

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)