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Matrix Lipoly Ready 8mm Complete Gearebox Set for M4 / M16 series Airsoft AEG (Tornado Speed) - Wiring to the Back

10 Customer Reviews

by kyle r. on 03/19/2014
"amazing, took it out of the box and i could tell it was very well built (that and i took it the part the second i got it)

The best internals i've used on an airsoft gun and can easily tell that my gun works 10 times better
Good FPS (for me cause i play a lot of CQB)
Heavy (the front of my gun is so heavy from accessories that it balanced it out)
All metal internals
High RPS

Needs more wire (easily fixed with 16 gauge wire)
Heavy (could be a con)
Barely fits in my G&G Diablo, just barely
by alex j j. on 04/04/2012
"Lets start with the cons
1 you have to shim the gearbox for max performance
2 check the wires/gearbox for any thing that can damage the wires
3 dosen't come with the whole wirering harnessso you have to buy 16guage stranded wire
(i use my local auto parts store for the wire and get some heat srink n afew other things and made me a new harness or u can buy the replacement aim top wire here on evick and combine the two of them.)
very good quality matirale and build a m100 spring is perfect for anything
combined with the m120 down aimtop high speed motor and a 9.6 4200 maH nh mh my chronoed rof was 27.3sec/1640min with a fresh charge on the batterys yes i got more then one :)
fps with a mad bul vr2 6.03 barrel na m100 like i saed chronos between 365-400 with .2(s) matter on your hopup and quality of bbs
by Ann M. on 01/16/2012
"Awesome gearbox! Works Great with a matrix high torque motor. Had to re-wire the back, but you should'nt be messing with your gearbox if you dont know how to wire anyways.

Great ROF (23 BPS) with matrix high torque motor and a 11.1 lipo.
Great air-seal. (no pressure lost)

Needed to extend the wires.
by Steven J. on 11/27/2009
"I just got this for a projet gun a while ago. One word amazing. Just from taking it out of the box you can just see the quality right there in your hands.

1. Super High Rof
2. High Quality.
3. 8mm bearings
4. Preshimmed


none so far
by Steven J. on 10/30/2009
"Simply amazing Gearbox. It has every reinforced part inside of it. Im using a old 9.6 with it and it has a very good fire rate. 8mm bearings are flawless. The fps output seems to be in the upper 300's maybe 360-370 due to the full sealed cylinder. But dont let the 110 price tag worry you. I have just made one of my best purchases with this. With my freinds 9.6 3600mah battery i think i was in the upper 20 rps with my matrix magnum motor.
by Dillon S. on 01/03/2009
"Please Evike get these bake in stock!
This is a great gearbox for the money and is worth every penny. This is because everything in this gearbox is what is needed for a high speed gear set, but it is almost on sale because to by every piece stand alone would cost tons more.
by Riley N. on 09/12/2017
"good gearbox but it can't fit in my g&g.
wire short also
by Robert H. on 10/06/2011
"Impressed in some respects...Underwhelmed in others.

Built tough and gets good FPS (380-400 w/.25 BBs)
Fits in my AGM 416
Looks like a solid performer so far.

I expected a higher ROF compared to the stock gearbox.Original was 12/sec., Matrix was 17/sec.tops.Both with fresh battery.
Wires could be a few inches longer.

Overall I think I made a good choice :)
by Dusty T. on 05/24/2010
"Pros: - Gear box was very pretty and smelled like new sneakers =)
- Operated perfectly after some modding to get all wires in place and where they needed to

Cons: - I had to extend the red wire to reach motor contact in my Echo1 m16. Both wires are the
same size coming out of the handgrip mount.
- Had to make a fuse line/extension for battery contact in stock because connection for
gearbox comes out the back about 1 inch.
- FINAL MOST PRESSING CON - Make sure the connector on gearbox is in the right polarity.
I made my fuse line/extesion for battery connection in the same polarity as the battery
wires/connectors (which i think would be standard wiring for these) thinking the gearbox
wiring would be in the same consistancy. Plugged in my battery and the motor was trying
to go in reverse. Thankfully the parts in this gearbox are pretty strong as the anti reversal
latch prevented the gearbox from getting damaged due to the gearboxes wiring. I pushed
the pins out of the connector on the gearbox and reinserted them in correct polarities. All is

Final Notes: Make sure you know what your doing before buying this gearbox. Check polarities, you may need to extend out some connections to make it work but all in all i think this gearbox is sweet, but maybe a little expensive considering all the issues I ran into to make it work in my echo1 m16 that they state you should be able to drop in and start using right away.

on another note: before i found out the gearbox wires were reversed...went to the manufacturer of the gearbox, who was stamped on the box i recieved and they have an interesting note about some of their product being made by another company without their consent. you may want to look at prior to buying. Manufactured by AIMTOP
by Aaron S. on 02/15/2015
"Not really that happy with this gearbox... The internals were all trash.

Ended up replacing:

Gears - included gears grinded on each other, wouldnt spin freely, locked up
Piston - Engagement teeth shattered
Trigger - Very uncomfortable
Grease - Hardly greased
Spring - Off brand? Shorter than normal
Wires - These wires are basically speaker wires.... Worst wires one could use in a gearbox

Came with the saftey not working too.

Only ended up keeping the bushings, the spring guide, and the piston enclosure.

Besides the massive list of parts i had to replace... The bushings and the spring guide are solid. the shell is solid, and the selector plate seems solid now.

All in all, 2/10. Wouldn't suggest buying.