Reviews: ICS L85A2 British Military Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle


15 Customer Reviews
Model: AEG-ICS-85
Location: L2-027
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by Michael M. on 2014-07-29 10:23:19
"This has been my favorite gun to use for several reasons. First it is a head turner at the feild. people love seeing bullpup designs and always show an interest. Second is its a well built gun. It's sturdy, ergonomic and dependable. Plenty of upgrades available to put into it. make it an even more effective tool on the feild. Third is it's simple. Two pins and the body comes apart to give you access to most every thing you need. The gear box has a quick pull pin to adjust fps by increments of roughly 25fps or to swap out springs all together. last is its a big performing gun in a small package. The rof, fps and accuracy is tip top after tuning the gun to what I desired. An 11.1v lipo got me to about 20rps stock spring keeps the fps with .25g bbs at 365-370. A massive 650mm 6.02 barrel gives me inedible accuracy at range. This whole gun is no longer than a m16 but has the performance of a serious lmg. An absolute must have!
by jacob w. on 2014-05-03 23:15:58
"This is an excellent gun. This was my first airsoft gun, and it is still my favorite (my other is a KWA G36C). I have added the Daniel Defense RIS system. Internally, this gun is amazing. I usually use .25s and a 9.6, and the range is amazing. This gun is very durable. The paint does get scratched somewhat easily though (this may be something to consider, if these things are important to you).
by Jonathan R. on 2013-08-15 19:31:22
"Love this gun. Its great had it for a few months and its been killer. With the bullpup style barrel it is super accurate. Great out of the box works great good fps and range.
by Mark K. on 2013-08-12 12:54:20
"I've had this thing for about a year and a half now and I gotta say even stock this thing is a cut above the rest. Solid internals and fairly good compression, the only bad thing is the air nozzle which kind of ruins the compression but if you put an o-ring in it you're good to go, stock hop is decent but I prefer the r-hop (for obvious reasons) What's really great about it is you really only need to spend 50-75 dollars to get this gun shooting like a laser.
by Mario C. on 2013-06-04 01:18:12
"This gun is fantastic! Just tested it yesterday in a game and it was perfect! It is a very solid gun, pretty close to the real thing! I just loved it! The only cons are that there are no rails, and aftermarket rails for this gun are very expensive (but maybe it is possible to drill some rails in the hand guard, since it has a VERY strong material) but that's all!
by Taylor C. on 2012-11-10 10:01:37
"Ok, I got this gun yesterday and I fired one mag through it do far. And I must say holy crap this thing is amazing. The range and accuracy are impeccable. I have to say out of the maybe 20 guns I've owned this is the best feeling and shooting gun I've ever shot!
by mckee c. on 2012-05-24 10:21:50
"This is a great gun, don't get me wrong when I say that. Just because I gave it 4/5 stars is because I'm the type of player who loves to upgrade his AEG's. Now this gun is extremely easy and familiar to upgrade gearbox wise because it is a version two essentially. I went for a high ROF setup on it and I reached around 33 RPS but the only problem I experienced was with the trigger assembly. If you don't exert some serious force when putting together the two receivers, don't expect your gun to fire for long if at all. (I sold this gun a few months ago)
Great shimming
Can be upgraded
Very unique looking, lots of compliments
Bulpup design allows me to go around tight corners with ease
Awesome battery space
Nice hopup with good range and accuracy
Very easy to disassemble due to quick change spring
Full metal

Green hand guard...all my gear is tan
Sling mount will wobble some after a while
Slight wobble in grip
No rails!
Trigger assembly
No enough screws to tighten up gun
Top rail can only mount a $100 scope
Non-removable flash hider
Weak motor connctors
Slow ROF out of the box, trust me, 15 RPS will not do
Really awkward magazine release
Have to look for m4 mags that work with the l85
by Riley H. on 2012-03-25 12:41:09
"I got this gun for my birthday from my girl friend on a Thursday, went to a game the next day didn't fix the hop up, just pulled right out of the box and it did great. Everybody there wanted to hold and feel the weight of the gun it is heavier but not that bad anybody can use it. I didn't have a battery i had to use a friends battery it was a 8.4v and was struggling but once i got a larger battery later on game day the gun was amazing took down five people in a game.

by Mauritz F. on 2011-08-17 00:39:55
"I got this beast and the only thing i can say is WOW!!


Bullpupp design
the realistic looks of it!!

the only thing con is that my mag i got with this gun did not work :(

I give this gun a 5/5
by Sonya P. on 2011-06-14 23:44:22
"Awesome gun! My favorite gun that i have. If you have the money you should definitely get it.

full metal
nylon fiber handguard (way better than abs plastic)
good roof
for not having a tightbore its very accurate
bolt catch
easily change fps
metal flashider
big battery space with large connector
heavy (11 lbs!!!)

pretty expensive
not a lefty gun (only righties can easeily change the mag)
heavy (11 lbs!!!)
by Hoyt N. on 2010-05-13 00:02:24
"The only thing disappointing with this gun is that the orange flash hider that comes with the gun does not look like anything in the pictures. I was expecting the gun to have the standard L85A2 NATO flash hider in metal with the orange painted on the tip, but instead it was a plastic AR15 type, that looks odd on the gun. (in addition its shorter than the NATO flash hider so that adds to the odd appearance)

It definitely ruins the "authenticity" of the gun. I know ICS sells the correct flash hider separately but I can't find it anywhere. I guess it was to much to think they would include it in the box.

Otherwise a really solid and weighty gun. The included hi-cap mags fit snuggly in the magwell, for little to no wobble, however the mags won't drop on their own.
by Brandon S. on 2010-03-13 11:55:44
"Really good gun. If you are an L85 fan, this is the gun you should look at buying. I play for the CAA, so we get into some pretty serious events, I take this gun to every event if not as my primary as my backup just in case I have a weapon malfunction with my Combat Machine M4. Great rate of fire, the hop up is fantastic (clicks into place, also the dust cover locks into place by pulling it fully back and pushing the green switch near it up), FPS does chrono in at the upper 300's, and with time you wont worry about breaking 400 if you play with an organization that restricts you as a rifleman. With modifications you can go over 400 if you want the gun to have DMR status. Its a bit heavier than some guns (my father said it even feels heavier than the M16 he used at basic during Vietnam), so get a good 2pt sling with it. Be careful when buying midcaps, I havent found a fully compatible set yet and I dump my last 3 bbs. Not a big deal, so overall, great gun.

- Very sturdy, feels solid.
- 350-400 FPS, perfect for CAA
- Rate of fire delivers.
- Easy to access and fine-tune hop-up.
- Break down is easy, cleaning it is a breeze.

- Could be a bit heavy for people who aren't used to it. Maybe 9-10 lbs
- Good, compatible mags are hard to find (for me at least, lol) But it will work with any kind of mag, just dumps the last 3 or 4 bbs.

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 15 reviews)

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