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Pro-Goggle Airsoft Full Face Mask w/ Integrated Fan - Black

8 Customer Reviews

by kevin l. on 06/02/2012
"This mask is amazing, and i HIGHLY recommend it. As every airsofter knows, aiming down sights with a paintball mask is nearly impossible without risers. Save Phace, while a step forward from paintball masks, are still rather difficult to aim down sights with. These masks provides unrestricted view of sights. The soft, flexible plastic/rubber (i really don't know) provides a VERY comfortable surface to put your cheek on, unlike the plastic save phace. However, it does leave your ears exposed, so you need something to cover them

I don't recommend using the fan. While it does do its job by keeping fog out, the constant air flow does irritate the eyes. However, if you don't mind that, than by all means use it. The electronics that operate the fan is very fragile, which is a con. mine broke already, but i don't mind since i use revision anti fog anyways.

Aim down sights is extremely easy
VERY comfortable to use
Comes with a fan

fragile electronics
ear is not protected

I would still give it a 5/5, simply because i bought this mask for its ADS abilities. For 30 dollars, it is an amazing mask, and i fully recommend it.
by Moises B. on 02/12/2011
"This is a great clone mask for the price. The mask itself is not right up on your cheeks but is extremely flexible and when it comes down to aiming down sights or optics, the flexible plastic molds to your cheek and the stock of the weapon, furthermore making aiming down sights as easy as if you had no mask on. If you are a sniper or like your optics or sights don't bother buying those hard plastic paintball masks. This is affordable, versatile, offers ventilation (big plus), and is only 30 bucks! Get this mask and you will not be dissapointed. Note: if you're not very careful with the mask and step on it or over-bend it, the mask can break but otherwise can withstand 400-500 fps bbs.

GREAT for aiming down sights (feels as if you had no mask on!)
offers defogging ventilation system
comfortable (has buckle)

can break easier than other hard plastic masks
by jason n. on 04/18/2009
"best mask everrrrrr!!!!!!!! never fogs even if you are in the hot sun or in a humid place. fits any type of glasses big or small and will not bend the frame at all. perfect for people who sweat a lot. also the most comfortable mask ever, very easy to use. lower part of the face mask has medium flexibility so a fracture is not possible. looks super cool. very rare in all other stores and websites only con is that all the instructions are in Japanese but the good out weighs the bad by far. evike trumps every body else when is comes to airsoft gear. A MUST HAVE MASK for the serious airsofter. you get what you pay for by far worth every cent GET THIS MASK!!!!!!!!!!
by kevin m. on 07/16/2012
"this mask is perfect for defogging

one problem is that the piece that cover the battery can come off
by Samuel Z. on 10/16/2011
"I got this mask like a month ago and I'd have to say it pretty good for the buck. The mask is light flexible, and comes with a fan--basically what everyone else said. The only problem is that is only covers the face, not the forehead or neck. Somewhat disappointed because I had to get a balaclava for some protection, but overall it was pretty swell.

Way better than the rental masks for aiming

Doesn't cover top of head or neck
by Anthony A. on 10/09/2011
"Great mask! I got this because I wanted to be able to see clearly in low light conditions and I also have glasses. My issue was that my GLASSES fogged up when i wore my other mask with the metal *mesh* over the eyes. I used these and my glasses never fogged up and it fit comfortably. Didn't even have to use the fan to do it.

The fan is a little loud, even on low. But it is right up against your face, so not sure how loud it was to others. I played with it off but turned it on as soon as I was dead during a Combat Medic game, and turned it off again when I was revived. You could feel the cooler air when it was on and i just used it to cool off while I waited.

The cover and battery compartment for the mask is pretty low quality. It is clearly "made in China". I had trouble putting one of the batteries in because the contacts were clearly too close together for the battery, but they held. The covers for the compartment have a tendancy to pop open slightly so you have to keep checking it and re-closing it. Nothing a little imagination can't fix but i haven't done it yet. But during the 3hr block of CQB, it worked fine, just had to manage the covers.

Overall, I would recommend this mask, especially if you wear glasses. For the price, its not to shabby.
by Alex H. on 09/22/2010
"This is a decent facemask, but the add is misleading. The fan is nowhere near silent and the strap tends to slip. But the Mask is very flexible and comfortable. Good for the price.

Full face protection

Strap slips
Fan is very loud
by Brennan M. on 03/27/2013
"Little big, I'm 13 so... if yr head is braud this is perfect not exactly a comfy as my JT cheap $20 mask but it doesn't have a fan also this mask is really good for aiming
large gogle lense
Close to mouth mask bottem
Fragment electronics
over all, buy a fifteenth mask!!!, spend the money! Trust me it would be better!!!