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Model: AEG-JG-0516T

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by Nathan C. on 2008-11-19 17:28:29
"WOW. I just got this gun today. I was alittle skeptical because some other reviews had been deleted, but I have to admit that this thing is AWSOME!

Definetly 420-430. The battery it comes with ain't half bad. I upgraded though to a 9.6. The finish and construction is very solid. No wobble indeed. This is my first auto, and I'm very pleased for it to be this one.

A little heavy, but I figure I'll get used to it.

by jake f. on 2008-11-18 09:10:37
"this take a 9.6v numchuck or just a straight battery
by Johnson L. on 2008-11-14 19:49:40
"The battery that come with the gun will give it low rate of fire.
The gun shoots 430~436 fps on mine.

A 9.6V or a 8.4V with high amp will give it a good rate of fire. (Like all 400+ fps guns)

This gun is solid, I got it because has a unique / different look

Performance / accuracy is just like the Echo1 Contractor AK (I have that too), so for those that wants to see more review on the performance you can refer to that.

I collect a lot of AK, this is the first JG Ak I bought because it is the first full metal one, otherwise, I own just about all the metal AK models, different brands.
by Enrique Z. on 2008-11-14 01:10:25
"Alright I'm gonna purchase this thing.. but I swear if the gun doesn't fulfill it's own promise, I'm not gonna buy from JG or the store ever again. It's just that the past JG AKs didn't satisfy me too much.
by Ryan H. on 2008-11-11 00:43:31
"i dont agree on that at all, an 8.4 4200 pulls just fine, and you wont get as much heat from the motor thast way either. (even tho a warm motor feels good in your hand on a cold night.)And the rof will be just as fast as a 9.6, and last just as long.
by Kris O. on 2008-11-10 00:38:17
"I was at Evike's store last weekend and got to test fire this because two other guys were buying it.

I'd have to say it is amazing. Shoots 420~440 fps. The RIS is very solid, the whole front end have zero wobbling and all the rail covers comes with the gun.

I am going to buy one next week. A good upgrade to buy is a 9.6V battery. It has a regular AK size stock (which can't fit a large type 9.6V). But its a easy problem to resolve, just get a tamiya adapter (small battery to large device, its $3 or so here on evike) and get a 9.6V 2300mah.

Some review might say the rate of fire is low, it is because you are trying to run a 400 fps on a free 8.4v battery! (Which shows how smooth / well built the gearbox is, being able to run on the free 8.4v battery, if you upgrade a classic army or Marui to 440 fps and try to power it with a free / cheap battery, it will jam or simply not pull! All the experienced players will know you need to use a 9.6V)
by Silvia Z. on 2008-11-08 09:00:57
"My friend has this gun. I swear it is the most amazing gun on the planet. It does in fact shoot 440 fps. And the barrel is about 6 inches longer than the standard AK-47 barrel. There is absolutely no wobble. The only plastic parts are the stock (which is military grade plastic similar to the REAL G36), the hand grip, and the rail covers. And the ROF is similar to the Echo 1 E90 if not better (around 850-900 RPM).

All in all this gun is amazing, I would buy it for 300 dollars it has the quality of an ICS/G&G/Classic Army/and Tokyo Mauri (except metal).

As far as I know, Evike is the first website to sell it so I would buy it soon before it is out of stock. THIS GUN ROCKS!!

Displaying 25 to 31 (of 31 reviews)

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