Reviews: JG Full Metal AK Hybrid Custom Airsoft AEG Rifle

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Model: AEG-JG-0516T
Location: A5-068 V3-M10

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by Peter M. on 2008-12-08 13:34:21
"i don't have this gun but my friend does and it is the most sturdiest gun i have ever held. (airsoft of course) is is made out of a solid piece of metal and the FPS is fantastic. it is more of a sniper rifle because the RPM is about 800 to about 850 but i personally wouldn't get the gun because i like guns that r replicas. other than that the gun is kick ass. GET IT
by Cayman P. on 2008-12-04 16:19:36
"sometimes flash hiders have little screws in them that you must remove with a tiny allen wrench to take the hider off. and also, jg is infamous for gluing their flash hiders on so you must either use some warm water to try and get the glue off or try to find a silencer that will fit over the flash hider. a madbull halo might, i'm not sure.
by jake f. on 2008-12-04 12:57:46
"ok i see the flash hider and i tryed unscrewung it but...notrhing...just the whole barrel twists
....i really want my silencer on this
by Anthony M. on 2008-12-03 17:11:00
"You have to unscrew the flash hider to install the silencer, not the barrel...
by jake f. on 2008-12-02 19:30:30
"ok i need help....i got his gun is amazing...accurate...hard hitting....i have an acog and i bought a silencer for it a 14mm anti clockwise thread.....where is it....i can find where to unscrew the extended barrel to assemble the mock!!!!!
by jake f. on 2008-11-26 15:35:03
"love it..........................................................-
by jake f. on 2008-11-23 15:05:12
"srry guys...i ment the jg 1000rd hi caps...............
by jake f. on 2008-11-23 15:04:35
"just bought this gun with 2 jg hi cap 100 rd mags and 3 echo 1 ak47 100rd mags.......whould be sweet
by Andy H. on 2008-11-19 21:12:59
"I got to play with one of these and its very impressive.

JG obviously is bringing the competition to a next level with full metal AK and CNC rail systems. The gearbox is very nicely built that is reliable even at high fps.

The reviews before with "Maybe this gun wobbles" or "maybe this gun shoots 200 fps" deserves to be deleted. Reviews should be done by reviewers that has / seen one of these. Mine is solid as heck and it shoots 390~435 fps with 0.20g and 0.23g bb.
by Nathan C. on 2008-11-19 17:28:29
"WOW. I just got this gun today. I was alittle skeptical because some other reviews had been deleted, but I have to admit that this thing is AWSOME!

Definetly 420-430. The battery it comes with ain't half bad. I upgraded though to a 9.6. The finish and construction is very solid. No wobble indeed. This is my first auto, and I'm very pleased for it to be this one.

A little heavy, but I figure I'll get used to it.

by jake f. on 2008-11-18 09:10:37
"this take a 9.6v numchuck or just a straight battery
by Johnson L. on 2008-11-14 19:49:40
"The battery that come with the gun will give it low rate of fire.
The gun shoots 430~436 fps on mine.

A 9.6V or a 8.4V with high amp will give it a good rate of fire. (Like all 400+ fps guns)

This gun is solid, I got it because has a unique / different look

Performance / accuracy is just like the Echo1 Contractor AK (I have that too), so for those that wants to see more review on the performance you can refer to that.

I collect a lot of AK, this is the first JG Ak I bought because it is the first full metal one, otherwise, I own just about all the metal AK models, different brands.

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 28 reviews)

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