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Model: SR-DE-M57A

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by spit f. on 2009-03-15 08:33:27
by Andrew F. on 2009-03-15 06:37:10
"This gun is one of the best guns I have ever owned. I recomend getting the scope because it can be hard to aim without sometimes. The sling broke the week after i got it but that is a very minor setback for this gun. Overall this gun is beast!!!
by roy l. on 2009-02-27 22:46:27
"one of the best guns i own great range very high power if your looking for a great bolt action sniper this is the one for you 5 stars
by Murray W. on 2009-02-15 18:22:27

I ordered this gun because I have seen this Gun in action...
This gun, Is AMAZING.

Great Bolt Lock
Great FPS and Range
Great Bipod and Scope matchup
Can take a beating (but do not try to give it one)
The Spring is mostly amazing...

It weighs a bit (but it is very good)

Really the only way to break this gun is if you are not using it right or you
are trying to break it... This gun is very reliable... and it has great FPS.

*On this gun you have to switch the hop-up to low!*
*On high the bullets tend to go up,*
*on low the bullets go straight and go down at the last 4-8 FPS*

I highly recommend it
by Murray W. on 2009-02-14 13:10:21
"This Sniper Is Amazing...
Nothing is Bad about it,
The only thing that I find a little Uncomplationet,
Is that The Hop-Up...
You have to change the Hop-Up to low to make it a
Straight Kill. If you do not have it on Low then the
bullets seem to go Up and when it is on low, the bullets go down. (after awhile)

Overal A great gun (5/5)..
by Andrew J. on 2009-01-18 17:19:03
"dude this gun is AMAZING!!!! if you are thinking about getting a cheap but affective sniper rifle than this is the one for you. its powerful and best of all very accurate at longer distances. this gun will definitely serve you well in the field! i am on a traveling team from VA and the only kind of weather that will affect it just as any gun...the wind. so if you need a great weapon to snipe with this is for you
by WILL K. on 2009-01-06 15:18:54
"My friend got this gun a few months ago at an airsoft and paintball store. The pros would be: accurate to at least 100ft (not sure about 200ft, sry), really cheap, tough and reliable (never seen it jam or loose power like I've seen UTG M24s), a great base to put a scope, bipod, etc. on, cool mags that don't make you loose bbs when you pull them out, and, it's very powerful. It'll make you bleed from 30ft away if aimed at exposed skin. A few cons are: not a quick action (probably due to the powerful spring) so aim well, cause, at closer ranges you may get only one shot before return fire gets you before you can cock it, and it's not an 'on the move sniper rifle', the L96 design is good at steadying the rifle for carefully aimed accurate shots, not for running around and engaging targets willy nilly. Overall I'd give it a 5 out of 5; powerful and not easily broken make this accurate weapon a formidable advisary. Hope this helped.
by Linda L. on 2008-12-29 16:08:31
"what is the best size bb for this gun?
i know above .20g, but what is the best.

Webmaster: For its high power, Matrix 0.25g, 0.28g or 0.30g works best. (Matrix because it is the highest quality bb in the market today and affordable price.)
by Andres I. on 2008-12-23 10:20:34
"yes this gun is great. its only jammed on me once but that was my mistake. very accurate up to at least about 150 feet and it hurts like a son-of-a.... anyway i would recomend this gun if you were to get a sniper. best on the market
by Steve E. on 2008-12-20 22:21:39
"yea dude this sniper rifle is the bomb but u need to order the scope to go with it on eof mu friends bought one of these a little bit ago ive tried it out and it is awesome it is very accurate but u need to adjust the hop up to were u think it is......................this is not a joke this gun is awesome so to everyone whos thinking about buying this weapon but ur not sure read this get it and u will love .................................. P.S. it is also a lot better if you would also get the bipod but that is just my opinion
by Max G. on 2008-12-01 23:16:12
"I have heard that this gun is great but i have also heard that it is bad. people say its accurate and some say it sucks. Im on a team and i am lookin to buy a sniper and my price range is 100 to 200 dollars with scope. i was wonderin if i should buy this gun. i want an accurate and powerful gun that can shoot accuratly 150 to 250 ft (im proably gunna be usin .25s). if u think i could get a better gun please tell me. if u can message my xbox live gamertag (ULZx SN1P3RJOE) but if u cant and u have advice just reply to this comment. Dont tell me that i should get this gun cus it shoots accurately up to 100 ft cus that SUCKS. my M4 shoots farther than that. So please gimme some advice
by Kris O. on 2008-11-10 00:46:05
"This is the same exact gun as the UTG Type96. All the OEM factories (JG, Double Eagle, AGM...) are all going direct to USA now. Thats how you can get same exact guns for cheaper price. Evike still carry the UTG brand if you want to have that color box. The magazines are all compatible, same power, a lot of my friends had the UTG one, this one just got available.

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