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by Evan S. on 2014-10-11 08:36:30
"Good Bolt Action for the price, definitely get the bipod with it. Upgrading the internals will definitely help it, as I was able to get it to shoot in about a 4 inch group at 65 feet (using .20s) So you could still easily hit a human sized target from 100-150 feet.

The odd thing is this is a different version that previous ones I have seen. Here are a few differences I noticed:

The outer barrel is not a screw in type, it locks in from the mag release.
The inner barrel is not tight inside of it, its held in place by the bolt assembly.
The spare mags I bought DO NOT FIT. I'll exchange or return them as I noticed they are too big to fit, and they are metal so they can't be shaven down without it look like poop.

Mine came with the hopup maxed so I had to fix it, it took me a while but this is what you have to do:

Separate the frame and barrel of the gun by the 2 screws by the trigger guard and further up the gun. Unscrew the two screws holding the barrel locked with the bolt assembly. Unscrew the mag catch / release. Remove the inner barrel from the outer barrel. To adjust the hopup, slide the hopup away from the outer end of the barrel to lower the hopup, for further towards it to raise it.

I couldn't find any instructions or guides on this and just lucked out by experimenting with it.

Good Shooting
Great Price
Good Scope and great bipod that you can get
I would upgrade the internals to increase accuracy and power (I plan to)
I got a slightly wider group that I wanted, but I'm using lighter BBs (.20) so I would atleast get .25 or .28
Spare mags I got did not fit

Would easily recommend this gun If the spare mags would fit.
by William M. on 2014-05-27 21:47:33
"The DE M57 is a decent rifle in stock form, but be warned it is not 100% compatible with Well MB01/UTG Type 96 internal upgrades as advertised. Although very similar on initial glance, DE M57 uses some proprietary internals.

1. My DE M57 uses 45 degree sear vs 90 sear. Meaning if you upgrade piston/spring, you'll need to replace trigger box with 90 degree sear. Good idea to replace plastic trigger box with metal box and 90 degree sear anyway.

2. Hop up chamber and inner barrel are slightly different design. The inner barrel has bucking groove on bottom vs on top. Meaning DE M57 bucking is proprietary and different from stock Well/UTG bucking. Although hop up chamber looks very similar, but it is larger outside diameter. The hop up lever is also pinned in a different location. Aftermarket metal lever arm does not fit without drilling a new hole. Cylinder nozzle is larger diameter. If you plan to upgrade to Angel Custom or PDI chamber, you'll need to make modifications to fit. Good news is you can install a tightbore barrel designed for Well/UTG into the stock DE M57 chamber, but you have to use the stock UTG bucking.

3. Outer barrel is different design. Does not thread into receiver. It is clamped into place. The inside diameter is also larger, coinciding with larger diameter hop up chamber. Orange tip is pinned into place vs threaded.

4. My cocking indicator actually works correctly out of the box, unlike Well/UTG. Last round indicator needed modification to function properly, as does the Well/UTG.

I'm not saying the DE M57 is inferior to the Well/UTG in stock form, but internals are slightly different. Not sure why DE decided to change the Maruzen industry standard. If you plan to upgrade, I suggest sticking with tried and true Well MB01 or UTG Type 96 clones. You'll save some headaches when upgrading. I know from experience.
by Mars F. on 2014-04-30 21:27:52
"I got this rifle a few weeks back, and it operated fine. Its fabulously powerful, and amazingly accurate. I can pop cans with this from all the way across my property. (Which isn't very big, but its still surprising.) The gun comes packaged in two parts, which I like, and is also the reason I didn't give this thing a lower score. My gripes begin with the body of the gun, which is one of the two packaged parts. The internal workings, (trigger system, barrel, and hop-up.) all work fine. But the outer body of the gun is made of cheap plastic, which is probably how they got such nice internals into it for so cheap. The problem with this is that now, just four or so weeks after purchase, I've already had to ducktape the shell together to make sure the internals don't fall out, or get jammed in awkward positions. I'm understand and even disregard the fragility of the outer shell, were you able to buy replacements, but after looking it up on evike, there are none to be found. Now to go check other sites.

Powerful, good (but not great) quality internals
Great accuracy
Surprisingly powerful

Fragile, seemingly irreplaceable outer shell
No built in sights (All I want are pistol style sights, I mean c'mon. That's not that hard.)

This gun is great for target play and backyard fun, and would make a great gun for someone just getting into airsoft. I wouldn't recommend it for actual games though. Also, only buy if your okay with your gun being covered in ducktape. Basically, you get what you're paying for. No more, maybe a tiny bit less.
by Samuel O. on 2014-01-18 09:12:17
"Great, solid sniper rifle!

- Nice, strong ABS Stock
- Range (Good at 100-150 Feet)
- Accuracy (.28 @ 65 Foot Target; 10/10)
- Spring is actually strong for a stock gun
- Hop-Up is easily adjustable and reachable with allen key
- Metal mag is spring loaded and feeds flawlessly
- SO easy to assemble/disassemble

- Hop-Up nub is a tad off centered, so some BB's will go left or right just a hair
- Plastic trigger box; if you plan on upgrading, buy the $30 Metal Trigger Box at least

Some things to know for the new people to airsoft and the confused!
- This is a SPRING rifle, no gas or batteries!
- Plastic trigger box
- ABS piston and spring guide
- If you spend the $60 on the UTG Full Metal tune-up kit and metal trigger box, this thing rocks!!!
- Works best with .25, .28, or .30 gram BB's. Any heavier and they'll fall to the ground too fast. The tune-up kit that I suggested allowed me to use .43 gram BB's with awesome range and accuracy! Highly recommended!

That is all! Happy Airsofting!

by wesly r. on 2013-02-11 14:21:24
"i received this gun about four months ago ,first i just have to say that this gun is extremely accurate to begin with.the hop up is very strong and easily reachable with an allen wrench that is given with the sniper,the hop up can send .43 bb in the air and also because the high fps 420-450 fps.the bi-pod that is given with the gun is alright for being full metal,its really easy to take of and but it already comes with an full meta trigger box so getting the UTG upgrade kit would be perfect for the next step in upgrading.overall this gun is well worth the money and without any upgrades you can hit targets up to 250ft accurately which i did have done with my gun.

pro:high quiality body and internals
high fps
extremely accurate
heavy (not to heavy but good for realism)
easy to pull the bolt back
comes with full meta gear box

cons:havent found any yet
by Thomas G. on 2012-07-13 14:39:23
"This is a great gun, I would not change anything, it's great. A couple of days ago I was going to play airsoft, and I felt the barrel was loose, it was an easy fix, what happened there was a screw loose on the bottom of the gun. It's still a great gun

Medal mag
Medal barrel & bolt
Easy to pull the bolt back

Plastic outer (that doesn't effect anything)
by Sean K. on 2012-05-28 14:29:47
"overall a very good sniper for someone who knows how to be paitent and take their time on a target.
-nice full metal mag

-hard to pull the bolt at first
-very difficult to zero in your scope unless you are experienced
-bbs that it comes with arent good
-bipod is not very good
by Josh T. on 2012-04-01 15:12:02
"I bought this gun a few weeks ago, and I've put about 1,000 rounds through it. I really, really like it. It shoots hard, fast, and accurately. I made the mistake of not getting the bipod, and when I got it I quickly realized how useful it would've been. The plastic stock is very strong and sturdy, you won't have to worry about it breaking unless you're bashing it against something on purpose. The piece behind the bolt on mine got a small piece of metal stuck between it and the rest of the bolt, but that was easily fixed. My recommendation is that if you're going to buy this gun (Worth more than what you pay for it, trust me), Make sure to get the bipod and a good scope.
by Corey F. on 2010-09-20 03:24:12
"my friend bought this gun and we tried it out at an airsoft match and this one guy who only wore eye protection started rushing out and well i shot him but im guessin the air caught the pellet and moved cuz i was aiming for his torso and well it hit him in the mouth and chipped a tooth. that is pretty powerful, a bit too powerful...that is the only reason why i gave it a 4/5. it is still a great gun :D
by alex t. on 2010-01-22 14:49:33
"I ordered this rifle a while ago off of evike, and i love it. Great fps and power, i'd recommend some serious bbs with it however as even with hop up all the way down the .25s still curve up. Easy to operate, but as others have said this is not a run-and-gun sniper, this is a sit-in-a-tower-and-pick-off-the-slow-ones sniper. The bolt mechanism is so smooth, even my 9 year old little sister can do it with ease. Overall a great weapon for the money.

My only caveat is this: this is not the same as an aps2, not all the aps2 parts will fit on it (like the sillencer adaptor)
by Patrick K. on 2009-10-11 18:38:55
"Great gun. Shoots very hard watch how close you shoot someone with this will make them bleed. Does anyone know the inner barell length for it though?
by Laurence S. on 2009-09-14 14:36:58
"This gun is amazing, That is all you need to know.

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