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Sigarms Sig Sauer Licensed GSR Co2 Powered Airsoft Gas Gun by KWC

5 Customer Reviews

by Connor H. on 10/29/2010
"This gun is full metal exept for the trigger and hand guard. it cronographed at 365-395 constantly (with full cartridge) the grips are really uncomfortable but, they serve the purpose of keeping your hand on the gun. it has a very satisfying sound and all my buddies are impressed. i would definitly recomend this gun to anybody looking for a non-blowback c02 pistol!

full metal
realistic weight
astheticaly pleasing
Bottom rail for accessories
C02 powered

grips are uncomfortable
magazines are EXPENSIVE
plastic trigger
by Alec L. on 06/04/2010
"Freaking awesome!!! This gun is so sweet. At my field, we play medic type games where there is one medic and he has only a pistol. When my team was asked, "Who is going to be your medic?" My hand shot up and I was the medic for the game and I didn't get a kill, but I felt extremely confident. The next round, I ran out of ammo and scored a couple kills with this gun. Get it. Well worth the money. Very sturdy, FULL METAL, and very, very cool looking. I recommend getting a MagGuard, as the clip falls out pretty easily.

Cool looking
Accurate- starts to lose accuracy at about 40 feet.
Heavy (Personal Prefrence)

Kindof hard to re-load
Mag comes out easily (Get a MagGuard)
Nothing else
by Mark G. on 03/15/2009
"This gun is pretty amazing, everything is metal and it is worth every penny in my opinion. Extremely durable and has great power and accuracy. (as long as .20 grams or higher are used) The .12 gram bbs work well but they don't shoot as far obviously. The only problem with it is its small ammo capacity and its a bit hard to load due to a chamber in the clip.
by Alex C. on 03/11/2009
"My friend just recieved this gun, so I went to check it out. Figured I'd leave a review of my own from a non-owners perspective. A beautiful gun. Seems very powerful and accurate. Good long range and accuracy, matches a stock JG AEG at least. Grip is very easy to handle, maybe a little rough for some. Only noticable plastic is the trigger and hammer. Fairly quiet, and 5-6 mags on a single cartridge. I was super impressed with this gun. The only real problems seem to be with the magazine. It is metal, but only holds 15 rounds and you need an allen wrench to insert/remove the CO2. Also, the dang things cost $30, but that's common for gas gun mags. All in all, definately reccomend. If I had a little more spare change, I'd pick up one of my own. Also, if you get the light featured at the bottom, it is super bright and looks beastly.
by Jane L. on 12/11/2011
"I Bought this gun about 8 months ago. Over all, it's a decent side arm. When I got the gun, the slide did tend to wobble a little bit (didn't really bother me, but thought you should know if your buying this gun). However, after a few battles, two plastic pieces in the rear of the gun broke off, and the slide became very wobbly. This was easily solved by super gluing the slide in place.


Good fps
Non-blowback(allows for a lot more rounds to be fired without reloading)


Some stress points are made out of plastic

Now this is a good side arm, you just have to be a little careful with it (unlike I was). If you treat it with care, you shouldn't have any problems.

P.S.- When I first got the gun, I did have to return mine to Evike via RMA due to a problem with slide: it would slide back about an inch. It was most likely just a factory defect (meaning that not all of these guns will experience the same problem). Still, you should be aware of this.