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0.40g "Sniper MAX Grade" 6mm Airsoft BB by Matrix - 2,000 RDS

17 Customer Reviews

by Daniel H. on 11/14/2013
"These bbs have now changed from the tan/orange to the grey ones, which is not for the better. The tan/orange color ones were the perfect bbs, they were slick and smooth, accurate, easy to see in flight (important for snipers!), and did not cause heavy fouling of the barrel because they were a harder plastic compound. These new grey ones have a waxy, chalky feel, and are very soft, the material will rub off in the barrel and quickly foul it up, diminishing accuracy and requiring frequent cleaning. This is no good, and very disappointing. It seems all .4g bbs are now going to be these soft dark colored ones, instead of the perfect orange ones. I am sad, it is already difficult to find the orange ones still in stock, the WE ones I ordered from Evike are now discontinued and I got a backordered notification, I hope Evike manages to get me them still. These would still be ok for a support gun, but not good for snipers/DMs anymore.
by Matthew H. on 02/17/2016
"I am a sniper for my team so i cant afford to miss those 1 shots that could save a team mate. I bought these for my UTG Shadow ops L96. They did not feed well, the broke in half when leaving the barrel, just poorly made overall. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THESE BBS IN ANY GUN.