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Full Size AK47-S RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Metal Gearbox & Metal Underfold Stock by CYMA - (Package: Gun Only)

34 Customer Reviews

by Alex P. on 04/11/2015
"Once I Got it out of the box, it shot fine. But after the first day of shooting it, it began shooting more than I bb at once. And then it wasn't shooting at all. So I unjammed it. Began shooting again, same thing happend, it began to shoot more than 1 bb at once. So I went out and bought 20g bbs. And the same exact issue occurred. I cant think of anything else bad about this gun besides the fact you can't even shoot it.
by Dakota M. on 03/29/2009
"The orange tip was a bitch to get off the selector switch is loose as well as the stock both folded and unfolded and the front sights are really loose , not saying its a bad gun just needs a tune up
by Jay M. on 10/29/2008
"I purchased this gun at the start of summer as my first AEG, and since then its received a good deal of use. During that time I have also had to make many repairs and adjustments to keep the gun in tip top shape. Internally, this shoots like any other JG and has high metal content externally.

Metal Parts: Orange tip, outer barrel, front sight, gas tube, trigger, trigger guard, battery cover, stock

All this metal makes the gun very heavy and solid in hand. After very little use, screws will start to loosen and its a good idea to carry some tools and thread lock with you in battle. Also, the mock unjamming rod was poorly attached on mine and I lost it in battle, no big deal. This may have just been my model as the other JG AK47s I've handled have securely attached rods.

The big issue with this gun was the reason I bought it: The collapsible stock. When you get this gun, the stock already wobbles slightly when you press it into your shoulder. Over time, the sling mount attached to the stock button will pry it away from the receiver. Before long, the gun self destructs and you are left with a half-attached stock. The only way to properly fix this is to isolate the receiver, which involves removing the front assembly and gearbox to reattach the stock internally - I know this because I've done it.

A good way to avoid this problem would be to remove the rear sling mount immediately, but that is not a logical option for those of us who use slings.

If you are interested in purchasing this gun and are relatively inexperienced, I recommend you check out the full stocked or side folding versions. I have handled both of these and they are significantly more solid and durable than this model, and are more or less the same internally for similar prices.
by Shiquan X. on 10/07/2009
"I got this AK very, very, bad, 2 reasons, first off when not even a week after I bought it it started having shooting proplems you would have to press the trigger 3 to 10 times for it to shoot

and a couple weeks later the inner parts you could see started to fall off by the time I got back to California it fell off completely I promise to Gd this is true

My lesson learned never by Chinese manufactures only by Taiwanese ones such as ICS, G&G, VFC,
KWA, Gaurder, HFC, KJW, KWC, AND Y&P,