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WE-Tech High Power Elite M9 PTP Airsoft GBB Pistol - Two-Tone

12 Customer Reviews

by Christos G. on 07/21/2016
"Great gun, shoots nice and fast right out of the box.
by Eric A. on 08/19/2015
"Love this Gun, Have had no problems what's so ever. I also like the two tone Color Scheme

Good Weight
Blow Back is incredible (To me at least)
Price is good for a decent Pistol
by Alex L. on 03/29/2012
"I started looking for a 1911 and i looked at one i really like ( also WE ) but then i look to my right and i see the case of M9's and i see this thing calling out to me. I ask the man ( really nice employees ) if i can see the gun, i look at it, feel the weight and the grip. IT IS A VERY NICE GUN in my opinion. my budget is like 120 130 so this thing is starting to look real nice. I later bought the gun and took it home the first shot i knew i would love the gun, and im picky with my guns.

realistic weight
shoots hard and fast
good price
nice feeling grip
smells like piss and sulfur
didnt buy it sooner
by Brian B. on 09/07/2010
"This was the first gbb that I have ever owned. I was very impressed with this gun, it is full fetal, very powerful, very accurate, and looks very cool. I did some custom painting on the grips and it looks amazing, I also got a 50 round extended magazine. I have no regrets on getting this gun and would do it again in a second. I give it a 5/5 for these reasons:
very powerful (up to 400fps w/ .25g)!
very accurate (I can hit a soda can dead on from 150ft)
looks awesome
fell metal and very solid
my magazine that came with it broke after about 2 weeks, but I think it might have been my fault...
almost everyshot breaks skin (but I kind of like that)

by Brian B. on 05/01/2010
"Amazing gun, really accurate(best with .23g), high fps (380+ w/.2g), worth the money! BUY IT!
by Brian B. on 04/25/2010
"High fps(380+ w/.2g), very accurate, full metal, defidently worth the money
by Brendan A. on 10/02/2009
"This pistol is amazing,it is light and extremely durable with its metal body.Even though it says the FPS is 350-400,I actually had this chronoed and the result was 425 right out of the box!!I recommend this to anyone looking for a accurate and powerful pistol.
by Wallace W. on 11/20/2008
"This pistol is impressive! Got it at evike walk in store last month. (got the standard version)

It is much heavier than a HFC M9 and shoots harder. It feels like the KWA M9 PTP. (Being very sturdy and heavy)

The reason I bought it over the KWA PTP is because this gun have way more options when it comes to magazines and upgrade parts (Being Marui Compatible)

It is also cheaper than the KWA M9 PTP and in my opinion after test firing, it is better.

The stainless chrome two tone slide is very nice.
by Thomas K. on 10/29/2008
"Yes, since the gun is compatible with HFC and KJW, there is a Co2 Magazine that you can get for the gun evike actually sells them.
by Estevan D. on 05/13/2012
"this gun is fantastic,

very sexy gun
full metal
works great with propane
sometimes it comes with a upgraded barrel,but most os the time they dont.

380 fps max
some times it will go automatic out of no were
only a few upgrades
by Jared P. on 10/29/2008
"ok i know i shouldnt be asking a question here, but alas i am.
does anyone know if there would be CO2 mags that could go in this gun, because i prefer co2 over green gas. thanks.
by Eric M. on 12/07/2011
"WE Full Metal M9 PTP High Power Bad Boy Custom Elite Heavy Weight Airsoft Gas Blowback $115.00:

I was pretty excited to receive my order after all the reading I've done on this gun.
I've been into air-soft since around 1998. I have no problems dissembling, maintaining, modifying, upgrading, whatever my items. Others come to me to fix their stuff & generally pay me in... beverages.

Whenever I get anything new I break it down, check it for broken/missing pieces, clean it, lube it, reassemble, charge, load & ready! I did this & everything looked fine. This item was covered with a light grease from the factory internally, and what I re-lubed it with (light silicone grease).

Claims of Very High FPS, Very Good Accuracy, accurate weight (compared to real), functions like real-steel, ability to handle propane charge, etc. are what made me buy this.

I'm in the military & my crew normally uses the "KWA Full Metal M9 PTP - Professional Training Airsoft Pistol's - $150.00" (and KWA's KM4A1's - which are amazing with a 11.1v lipo!) for training, as they actually function like a real M9.

I figured Id be different, and get this. Maybe leave some nicer welts ;) And save money by using propane (with all the cutbacks majority of training $ is out of pocket nowadays ;/ ).

The Good - It does take cheap propane well.
-It does shoot hard, just ask the guys! Heh.
-It is as accurate as you'd ever need a pistol to be.
-Some like it's looks...

The Bad - It double feeds (meaning you do NOT shoot). I'll just average it to about ever 15 BB's, not
cool at all!
-The safety/de-cocking lever - does not. The KWA's we use do! Actually the safety doesn't even stop
the trigger from being pulled (it doesn't fire if safety is on so that good) just not realistic! OH, and it
takes a LARGE amount of force to even MOVE it from Safe/Fire - and yes I did adjust grub screw.
-The Slide release just flops around on the gun, there is a LOT of play in it! Not good.
-The finish is crap. Ive had mine for about 3 days now and the paint, because I cant even really call it a "finish", is coming off the rails, "safety", and other parts of the gun. Just as if i did not prep the surface & blasted it with spray paint. It just comes off. Crap.

Bottom line, the price I paid for this, I expected much more... Disappointed.

I'm going back to my "KWA M9 PTP".