Reviews: Magpul PTS 75rd Mid-Cap PMAG for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG - Black (Box Set of 5)


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Model: PTS-M4-75-BKx5

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by Jordan K. on 2012-11-22 11:10:38
"I just got these in the mail a few days ago and already had the privilege of using them in a large team skirmish. First off, let me say that my primary assault weapon is a G&G FN2000, so I was scared ordering these because the FN2000 is so picky on magazines. It takes some work but once the mag is in, there is no wobble what-so-ever, which is perfect for me because I lead the flanking/stealth operations on my team. Anyways, to the pros and cons.

- Durable and solid (dropped on concrete, rocks and metal and no damage.)
- No wobble on my gun
- Authentic look and feel
- Able to attach ranger plates
- Magpul (enough said.)
- Easy to grip, won't slip out of your hand or mag pouches
- Feed flawlessly

- It was tough for me to put in my magwell at first, but only for the first time inserting them.
- tough to fit in mag pouches and hard to take out (can be a pro because there is no room for wobble)
-Last 6 don't feed into the gun
That's it! Great mags, feed flawlessly, beautifully made, cheap and just downright awesome! Buy these, you won't be disappointed.
by Tyler S. on 2012-11-02 17:15:31
"OMG But these mags! Also, sorry but, the reason they are out of stock is because of me :)

No rattle/noise
Feed beautifully in any gun
fit snug but when you press the magazine release it actually ejects right out
looks sexy
waffle grip is amazing
fake bullets for added realism and awesomeness
they are MAGPUL

How on earth could you find a con for these mags?
by Will A. on 2012-10-14 13:53:01
"Ok i just got these mags to put in my SCAR L and the look and feel amazing!

Tight Fit; not going to fall out
Sexy look
Fed Great

It might just be my luck but on mag was defective but i fixed it
Have to move it around in the Magwell to get it to lock

Thats it!
by Brandon S. on 2012-06-24 12:02:54
"Buy. These. Mags.

Lemme start with the cons:
-Not free
-Doesn't make me sandwiches
-Out of stock alot (BECAUSE THEY'RE AWESOME)

-They work, flawlessly
-They fit, perfectly
-They look great

What more do you need to know?
I am using these in a moderatly modified m4, its using a m120 gearbox, lipo, and a turbo motor so it shoots a laser of death, and these mags keep up no problem. I bought the Magpul ranger plates for them and it makes it a whole lot easier to pull out of my chest rig. OH! I typically get about 80 rounds into them, DONT FORCE IT IN THERE!!! (thats what she said, lol) or it will jam. keeping it 75-80 works good.
by Eric L. on 2012-05-01 20:53:22
"awesome mags.
feed very well
holds 75ish rounds (pretty close to 75 as apposed to the ones that say 190rds and hold 100rds.)
tight fit (could be con i guess)
fake bullets visible through clear part (nice realism)

plastic (good quality tho)
tight fit
by TJ B. on 2012-04-18 16:56:13
"These mags are great and allow a 30 Round load to meet Mil-Sim specs. They don't jam and they feed to the last bb, that is amazing! These feel so good, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BUYING THESE MAGS!
by Kathleen R. on 2012-04-08 13:01:01
"I love these mags. They are light weight and very good. Perfect feeding with out the use of silicone oil.The only problem was I recived one broken when it shipped and one of the springs broke in the other. Overall great product I recomend to any one haveing trouble finding good mid caps.
by Derryl D. on 2012-02-05 11:28:53
"These mags are amazing! They look great, feel great, and most importantly perform great. Once durring a game I dropped one in a river, I picked it back up and put it in my gun and worked like it always has. The only problem I've ever encountered with these mags are that if you over load them, you'll have to fix the spring. That's an easy fix if you just use a long, skinny, rod to spring it back up.

BUY THESE MAGS!!!!!!!!!!
by Samuel W. on 2011-12-24 19:40:29
"Ordered these 3 days ago and they just got in today. They didn't actually fit in my AGM 416, but after sanding down the lip side that faces away from the shooter (which was surprisingly easy to do), they fit perfectly with literally no wobble. They're lightweight, feel good in your hands, the dummy rounds look sweet, and you can't go wrong with midcaps. Excellent magazines.
by Brendan E. on 2011-11-22 16:18:46
"the mags are great. they hold 89 rounds i counted. but never put more than 75 because they can break. the are made of an ABS plastic. the dummy rounds look very convincing. make sure you break them in before using them in a game.
by Justin K. on 2011-10-28 15:23:51
"These mags work great right out the box. I've heard they fit in a lot of guns and can work with guns with really high RPS. The only thing I don't like about these mags is that if you overfill them, the follower will be stuck and your mag will break. Be very careful on how many bbs you pump into the mags. Take off about 10 bbs from the capacity just to be safe.
by Justin K. on 2011-08-11 19:40:04
"I would like to start by saying these mags are great. Once they are oiled they work great. They keep up to a gr15 with systema gearbox on lipo shooting 31 rounds a second and are SUPER durable. If you are on the fence about these mags get them and some oil and get on the field

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