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Magazine for WE Marui M9 Series Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistols by WE (Color: Black)

30 Customer Reviews

by John H. on 06/04/2013
"These mags are great! they perform perfectly in my m190. I even dropped then straight out of the gun in the heat of battle and still work and look fine. Very sturdy; great buy!
by Christiana O. on 03/10/2012
"Great weight, and size. Perfect second mag, for my WE M9.

Awesome quality
Good size

by peter y. on 03/08/2011
"nice mag. fits and works like it should. (KWJ M9). the finish is a matte/flat black. NOT gloss black. this is a WE mag though. just like the the picture it has a big WE logo on the bottom.

- fits and works like it should.
- matte/flat black finish.
- WE logo on bottom.
*we'll see how to seal hold up to propane over time...
by Stone F. on 02/23/2011
Simply take the 2 pins out of the bottom and then take the bottom out. There is a barrel type thing in it, hammer it back into the base and it's good as new. Also I the top broke then buy a new feeder lip. Take the pin out at the top for that.
by Eric C. on 10/01/2010
"Works as expected.

I have a full metal WE M9 and a HFC M9. This magazine works like a charm on both gun.

Can finish all the rounds in the mag under regular firing rate.
Holds 26 rounds.
Fits guns perfectly
Works good.
Not deep charging valve like some of the 1911 models.

Don't work very good when temperature is under 50 degrees....but then this applies to all gas gun mags.
by Andy P. on 10/01/2010
"Overall, this is an excellent gas gun magazine. I've had a few leak problems with other magazines I've owned, but not this one. HFC seemed to do a good job with this one. The magazine is full metal and holds about 25 rounds. There is an opening that allows you to load it with a speedloader, but I personally prefer loading individually. In the past year I have had no magazine leaks in spite of numerous cases where I accidentally dropped it. Overall, the magazine feeds well and can easily take HFC134, green gas, propane, or whatever else you want to try in it. The only downside I have had with this magazine is the paint scrapes relatively easily. All in all, a great magazine
by James L. on 10/01/2010

Mine all hold 22 rounds of .23 grams, though people say they get 25 in them. I have never had a problem with gas leaking, and the mags are full weight like an actual beretta mag (nice touch).

A bit expensive, but worth it.
by John H. on 10/01/2010
"These mags are great! they perform perfectly in my m190. I even dropped then straight out of the gun in the heat of battle and still work and look fine. Very sturdy; great buy!
by Matthew K. on 08/03/2017
"So far 3/4 magazines I've bought have run flawlessly. Other than one leaking out through the release valve, great price and durable construction.
by Sean K. on 07/31/2017
"Great Pistol Mag for M9's and do work well until they start to leak their is a way to save it though just look up how to fix them when your in a pinch. Sometimes it can be the O-rings that fail inside the mag if their not taken care you have to lube them in order to keep them from leaking.
by Ryan J. on 05/09/2016
"Ordered two with my new WE m9. 2 out of the 3 (1 is included wih pistol) worked fine. One magazine leaks gas constantly (to the point where it's unusable) I'm going to see if I can fix it with some oil/orings but it isn't looking good. A shame a 20$ thing doesn't work as it should at all. That being said 2 of them work fine and feed flawlessly/ keep their gas for 2.5 magazines worth of BBs. 8/10
by Lucidious W. on 07/28/2015
"This mag is perfect in all ways except one, it leaks. Bad.

leaked after the 5th use
by Nate O. on 02/18/2013
"These mags are the only mags I buy for my M9 anymore, but they still could use a little work. The fill valves, unfortunately, do not last all that long, though I'm not sure why. I find myself having to drop the valves (oring and all) into silicone oil after every game I run them.
Good mags, never had feed issues
firing valve is second to none (in my opinion)
Tight, sturdy fit, no wobble

Fill valves lack longevity
cheap andonized finish wear off easily
no lock for BB filling (easily dealt with, but still something to be mentioned)
by Arthur P. on 03/18/2017
"These magazines work for a while, then start leaking. I've had them fixed but they keep leaking so I buy more and more. I'm gonna buy more due to the fact this is the only one I know of that's compatible.
by Jordan F. on 10/07/2016
"Pathetic replacement for stock Tokyo Marui m92f mags. I have two of the tokyo marui m92f gbb mags and I bought two of these. These WE mags clocked in a good 100fps weaker and held barely enough green gas to finish a clip. Maybe there is some secret to getting a good fill on these mags I don't know ( I tried to ask evike about that but no response) but I have no issues filling my TM mags.