Reviews: Enhanced Lipo ready 8mm Gearbox for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifle by JG CYMA Echo1 - Rear Wired

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Model: GB-8mm-M4-B
Location: U11-108

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by ethan w. on 2012-04-06 09:42:22
"i just fit this v2 with a new matrix metal body and its very snug. cant wait to start breaking it in on the field
by fernando g. on 2010-12-16 09:35:35
"Im using it with my JG HK614, m150 spring, and it still shooting like brand new... 9.6v bat give me a nice ROF, anda a 609mm EdGI 6.01 inner barrel, pretty good gearbox.
by Daniel O. on 2010-03-31 14:39:55
"great gearbox, loseley shimmed (not sure if this is a problem becuase it shoots fine), installed a non ported cylinder for use with a 509mm barrel, so far so good.
by Willi R. on 2009-09-18 19:31:15
"Very nice gearbox, come with everything you need other than the motor. Shimming is very nice. I put this box into my gen2 SRC m4 with no trouble what so ever. I hope they will make a verion3 gearbox like this for my other 2 AEG's
by De Niro E. on 2009-03-25 21:49:08
"I have this gearbox and love it! I put an ELEMENT M175 ($12) spring in it and i am the hardest hitting M16 sniper rifle on the team. I chrono from 590- 620fps .2 gram BBs no lie. the gears have been handling it well. I opened the gear box after 1month of play and everything in the gearbox looks like its brand new. Really high quality gears and parts a real reinforced shell you will have for ever, too good for the money. Buy it upgrade it! You will love it!
by Josh F. on 2009-02-16 13:42:58
"Excelent box. Does not come with motor so ull need an extra one. It pulls an m130 so fps is high. I recomend a .30 bb because .28 were still being thrown all over the place. it fits nicely but the rear body pin has trouble fitting in. Excellent overall with few problems
by armando s. on 2009-02-12 09:21:44
"This is a good gear box, I used it on an m4 with madbull tightbore and I got about 450fps now I am ussing it on my MP5 with a 120 spring and madbull tightbore and I get around 380 to 390 fps. I did have to change out slecetor plate, air nozle and the triger to get it to work on my MP5.
by Beth S. on 2009-02-07 02:19:53
"If you plan on putting this or any other M4/M16 GB into a SCAR you have to swap the air nozzle and the selector plate. tried to swap this gearbox out of my friends s-system into my echo1 scar and i had to open them up to do it. great gearbox for the price.
by Amro S. on 2008-12-11 20:25:38
"I am going to buy another one of thiese boxes.. But with a G&P Hopup Unit and a Madbull Tightbore Barrel it was 420FPS! with a Stock Barrel it was olny 390FPS. This is a Good Stong Gearbox Lots of parts are Strong and with a M130 You will have a high FPS and a Good RPM.. It should fit in a Classic Army Body Just fine..
by Kupono B. on 2008-12-06 21:25:43
"Question: would this fit on a Dboy M4?

Webmaster: It will fit "ALL" M4 series. Some modification might be required for certain brands. But generally, all M4 / M16 AEG Evike carries are Marui compatible. Thus, Yes, it will fit all DBOY M4 series AEG.
by Antonin D. on 2008-12-02 21:47:02
"Question: should i be able to put this in my Classic Army m15a4 tactical carbine without any problem?
by Daniel R. on 2008-12-01 15:16:41
"has anyone sent this through the chrono? thinkin about droppin this into a SCAR!

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