Reviews: ACM 1200rd Electric Auto Winding Magazine for AK Series Airsoft AEG

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Model: MAG-P5859AK

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by David L. on 2012-01-22 18:24:03
"Dont even listen to this guy.

All you have to do is charge it, then put it in.

When i tryed to put the battery in it took me 3 months to figure it out. You have to put a ton of force on the bullets to pop them out, then put the battery in the place under the bullets.

If you have ANY trouble with finding how to do this add me on skype, DelminL and i will help you considering it was hard for me, i want to help out others


Its amazing worth the buy it winds fast and it feeds extremely well
by JoAnn S. on 2008-11-23 12:44:08
"Hi, this is me again with another review on this item.
I said i was going to ut in 4 AAA batteries, well i found out they don't sell battery holders that will fit in the mag. However, u can buy a 9 volt snap on cap connector. 9 volt batteries are used in drum mags so using this battery will give u flawless feeding.
All you need to do is cut the wires from the bettery holder they give u and leave the adapter connected to it(idk how to takes the wires off the adapter). then you solder the original wires with the 9v snap on wires, wrap it in electrical tape, and your done.
to fit the battery in the mag slide out the fake bullets, and simply use the battery as ur slide and it fits perfectly. connect the battery and slide it in, push the button and u get fast feeding, the thing rewinds in seconds! very good for high-speed guns, it kept up wih my AK47 using a m100 spring, systema turbo speed motor, and 9.6v battery
it holds BBs in the second mag so wen your loading you have to shake the mag so BBs will go in there. As your playng the BBs will gravity feed into the spinning wheel that winds the mag so this thing is perfectly well made.
It's only 65 bucks, so get it and upgrade it, and you'll be getting drum mag quality without the rugged bulkiness drum mag! 5 stars!

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)