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JG AK RIS Full Metal Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle

27 Customer Reviews

by Austin M. on 02/12/2009
"omg this gun BEASTS i hav had it for months shoots perfectly!!!! very accurate with .25 bbs

i reccomend thiz gun a lot!! its about 3 pounds a good weight!!
i llove this gun it looks sweet and shoots around 420 fps.
by ZACK B. on 12/08/2008
"Yea the gun is great,you just need to just the hop up a little bit i highly recormend this gun
by johnny a. on 12/02/2008
"Hey im gunna get dis gun does anyone know how heavy and long it is?
by Kolton S. on 11/13/2008
"To Stanton, this gun has counterclockwise threads and yes you can put a silencer on it, I put a longer inner barrel and threw a silencer on there. I have this gun its amazing it has great fps the description doesnt lie. Mine used to have good accuracy until i cleaned it I play at least every other week and it gets the job done. I played a manhunt, me against like 7 people and I won. I also made a friend bleed from about 35 ft away. So if u like to own and you like AK-47s get this gun you won't regret it.
by Wallace W. on 11/10/2008
"I have this gun and its a very solid gun. metal body, no wobbling. everything is very solid and what you'll expect in an AK. Performance and reliability is nice. I opened up the gearbox once and everything is so nice I didn't see any need to buy reinforcement parts.
by stanton m. on 11/07/2008
"what type on threads is on this guns??

and can u put a silencer on the gun??
by Michael C. on 11/02/2008
"This is by far the best gun in existence.

I've had many, many guns. All of them are nice, high quality guns. Countless Marui, KWA, VFC, IFC, G&G, Classic Army, and even a Systema MP5.

But I am not joking to you. This gun is by far the greatest gun I have EVER owned, seen, felt, used, tasted, heard, you name it. It's the best gun, ever.

It comes with a bottom, top, and side rails, and a foldable hand grip to boot. The barrel assembly is metal, as well as the trigger assembly and sling mounts. The rest is ABS plastic, as well as an adjustable hop-up. Like you'll need it.

The magazine is a 600-round high-cap wind-up magazine. Also ABS plastic.

Nice rate of fire, at 1,000. And a fairly hard hitting 380 FPS.

You may think it's an average gun. But, no, it's not. Why? Well...

1. I bought it RETAIL for $65.00. From the counter. The store. STORE!

2. It is THE most rugged AEG I have EVER seen. By FAR. For example...

- I can do push-ups on it.
- I can throw it across the room with the trigger taped down and the battery hanging out. And it will still work.
- I can use it in any condition. Rain, wind, show, mud, trees, dirt.
- You can abuse it to the point where everything on the gun is broken, and whoever did that, probably had some injuries from the car crash, too, and it will still work.

But what really told me that this gun was godly was when me and three of my friends were walking down a small river bank to surprise the other team from the right side. So, we settled on grassy slope that was overlooking the playing field. Me, being stupid as I am, dropped my gun. I saw it roll into the water, and a bunch of crabs disbursed as they saw this giant black thing coming towards them. No BS, I picked it up and it acted like nothing happened to it.

This is such a good gun... no matter who you are, beginner or professional, young or old, this is a gun that can't be beaten. I'm serious.

(takes a large type 8.4v battery)
by Tyler K. on 10/31/2008
"this gun is really good...for beginners and even higher lvl on a squad in Nebraska...we play every weekend...its very reliable...and i take out many players with this gun with its long distance shooting...ive had it for about 3 months...use weekly and it has never given me any problems...i suggest if u want ur moneys worth on a weapon..this is a very good choice to put it toward...
by Janice A. on 10/28/2008
"Initial Look & Feel: This gun is nice! It is pretty heavy, feels like a real AK! You'll be amazed if you hold it.

Performance: It is accurate, powerful and the range is amazing! I was hitting targets 70 feet away consistently.

Over-all. Great price. Was looking at the $50 cheaper version JG AK with a lot of great reviews. Then I see this one. The metal body cost more than the price difference so if having a metal body is a must for you, get this AK! Or you can always buy a metal body later and install it.
by Adam K. on 10/28/2008
"this gun looks sickkkkkk
im getting it
can someone who has this gun tell me about it?
by Nick H. on 12/03/2008
"Is the body on this metal? and should I get this or the package deal for 190
by kevin p. on 11/06/2008
"hey can anyone tell me if the stock on this gun is reliable???
kuz i think im gunna get this gun......