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JG AK RIS Full Metal Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle

27 Customer Reviews

by Mark K. on 03/15/2018
"Pretty awesome gun, just came in today and so far looks really solid, only cons are that the rail and the mag are plastic, but otherwise a great gun.
by Marvin d. on 09/27/2017
"Just got it yesterday and first feel of the gun was solid. Just tested it today with a 9.6v 1100 mah battery and man did it perform well. However the locking pin for the flash hider got stuck and won't come back out(no biggy)doesn't affect the gun performance. Great rate of fire and grouping. Dead on the target sights. Other than not liking the butt stock its a great gun to have in your arsenal. Can't beat it for the price. Highly recommend this bad boy.
by Miguel T. on 04/08/2013
"This AK is amazing, it's done it's job for my first gun. Right out of the box it chronoed at 390~
I've up graded this gun barley with a new inner barrel, motor , wiring and spring guide it's chronoing at ~460!
.25 are exstreamly recommended, and a 9.6 large type or extra speed and power
Pros and cons if the gun
Exstreamly accurate out of the box
Powerful out of the box
90% of it is metal
Easy and cheap upgrades
Looks really really tactical and cool

Rails plastic
Hand guard plastic
That all I can find

by Lampson N. on 12/05/2012
"I bought this gun not long ago during November, 2012, and I actually like it.
Up until now, the gun works great. This is my refection about pro and con of this gun

The gun is very accurate: depend on how you aim, the aiming system which is different for the AK series than the M4 series. The aiming system looks like the rail, which you can adjust up and down to aim far and close. Depend on how you aim, but if you adjust at the right level, I find myself hit the target perfectly.
Good FPS: the power is good. If you use a good battery, be careful because by then, the power may cause injuries.
Weight: very decent weight. Around 7~8 lbs. This gives you a feeling of holding a real gun.
Metal inner parts
there are two places to locate your battery: in the stock or behind the upper reciever.
Hop up is easy to adjust.
The mag included hold 500 rounds.
it is black: in my opinion, I like the AK with wooden touch better. It is traditional.
The metal cover feels like cheap metal. When you look at it, you know for sure this is not a real gun.
If you want to attach a scope, you need to buy another required hardware
by zachary c. on 07/23/2012
"Ok this gun is one of the greatest ones i have had the opportunity to own. Its very accurate and is great in CQB. The entire gun is pretty much metal. Very durable and very reliable. Only thing you should do if you get it is remove the fuse cause mine blew and its pretty pointless.. If you want a great, good looking, and reliable gun. Well this is it.
by shane j. on 03/31/2011
"i dont have this gun im hoping eventually to get it but one question though, is the mag have any wobble and would it be possible to get a rail attachment on top if i wanted to
by Charles G. on 12/27/2010
"OK, first of all this gun is all metal, the body, the stock, the grip, the barrel, etc. The power is a good 410 fps and the fire rate is very impressive, the only problem i had with the gun was getting the battery out (which i solved by making a pull out tab with tape on the battery). The gun is 875 mm or 2ft and 11in and weighs 3900 grams or 8.6 pounds, in other words stop looking at this gun and get the damn thing.

P.S. If one more person posts a question that is in the DESCRIPTION ill hunt you down
by jonathan j. on 05/02/2010
"i just had my first airsoft game and this gun is aweasom...i hit 3 guys with this LONG RANGE gun and im just a noob

just get a sling b cuz its heavy after Hours of playing.

i love this AK

very accurate with .20 and gets better with .23-.25 BBs
bery nice FPS
Looks bad *ss

u dont have it so BUY IT.

this is not a fake revie its real
by brad g. on 04/13/2010
"this gun is great!!! i just got it, charged the battery and shot about a thousand rounds and its very accurate! the hop up needed adjusted a little but its very easy. good fps, very durable. its a little heavy but not that much. i recommend this gun to anyone

full metal
good fps
good rof
good sights
hi cap mag included
heavy (feels real)


this is a great gun!! get it!!!
by Daniel B. on 03/31/2010
"This is one Amazing gun. Honestly, this thing is the real deal. I just received it today and was so impressed with the quality of the gun. I so ecstatic with it's performance. It shoots a good 400 fps with .25 bb's. It's dead accurate. I was hitting cans about 130-140 feet away.

Heavy(VERY HEAVY!!!)
Fps is amazing

Selector switch fell off within 10 minutes of having it, but it's extremely simple to fix.

The selector switch can be annoying. Since the gun is so powerful it has some recoil, and that likes to loosen the selector switch a lot, so it's hard to keep it on auto for a couple shots because it gets loose and drops to semi, which isn't all to bad, better than having the gun completely defective.

I recommend this gun to stronger people and those who love pure power.
by Jeffery C. on 03/29/2010
"Just bought this gun..... Let me say its awesome!! Then i added a 9.6v and that was the icing on the cake. I wish I knew the ROF cause I know now it has to be crazy high...
by diallo g. on 03/20/2010
"I got this gun and i love it . It has a high rate of fire and very tuff just like the real thing and if any one like ak 47 , get this gun you will love this gun . It is very solid .
by Emma C. on 03/11/2010
"This is my first airsoft gun, and I must say. I LOVE IT. It definitely feels like a real Ak47, has bada-- written all over it, and is just plain AWESOME. The battery was not charged, so I couldn't shoot it right away, but after 10 minutes of charging, it was good for about 4 minutes of firing which was enough to convince me that it was awesome. The front grip is a bit wobbly due to it being able to bend, but it is sturdy enough that you can just hold the gun on that one grip. The hop-up didnt need to be adjusted too much.
All around awesomeness.
by Matthew K. on 01/08/2010
"Just bought this gun for Christmas and I love it. I took it out of the box, stared at it for like 10 mins. and then put the battery in and filled the mag. I then fired this beastly gun and a bb ricocheted off the wall and hit me in the leg. Hurt more then my friends sniper. Can't wait to use this on the field!!!!
by support g. on 10/10/2009
"I was planning to get this gun for Christmas!!!!!!!! Everyone seems to have Great reviews!!!!!!!! So thanks Everyone for helping me pick out my Chistmas present!!!!!!!! EVIKE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)