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Model: GP-WE-047-STD

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by Spencer G. on 2014-12-23 16:48:18
"I don't know if it's just the gun I got but I've had a few problems with mine, the outer barrel came loose and fell off, the nozzle kept getting stuck even with lots of silicon, piston o ring was on backwards and caused the slide t get stuck, the slide also got stuck on the hammer, btw the magazine are super cheap, one mags follower broke, one mags feeding lip broke, and on the third, my green has can cant reach the inside to fill the mag.
Great FPS
Exceptional Accuracy
Threaded barrel
Easy maintainence
Recoil and solid sound
by Buster D. on 2013-06-21 19:40:02
"This is an excellent pistol for an excellent price. All 8 of my magazines hold gas well, and can shoot at least 30 rounds per fill. The hop works well, and it is capable of engaging targets accurately out to about 25 yards.
by Timmy M. on 2012-11-10 07:46:04
"The WE 1911 MEU is a great sidearm for any person. wether you're just starting out or an experienced player this weapon is absolutly spectacular.

Full metal (grips are not metal though)
Looks great
Good on gas

Grips feel kind of cheap
Paint chips easily
by Colin B. on 2012-09-23 13:40:00
"Best pistol I have inner blue steel barrel easy maintenance it comes with a aluminum steel mag if your lucky so will be your holy cow special all my teammates holy cow Mag's broke the Mag's it comes with are.the best but I recommend getting a KWA and a propain adapter
by Jeremiah P. on 2012-09-15 07:25:40
"I think its a great gun for my first handgun. It's really well made and the correct weight to a real 1911
gas efficient
rubber grips
marine seal
full metal
trigger has a nice feel
good fps with .25 and .20
One of my clips broke on the third week
slide gets stuck occasional
sights r a bit loose
Overall buy this gun!
by Giovanni M. on 2012-07-07 22:09:06
"Great gun!!first blowback pistol and i think its great!!friends are jealous haha!!
Pros: full metal,pro grips,combat sights,good weight and feel
Cons: there aint no cons :)
Overall i would recommend this gun to anyone thats looking for a good sidearm or first blowback,it is great and has a great price!!
by Donna H. on 2012-05-06 13:04:13
"I bought this gun about 3 weeks ago, and i have to say this is the most relistic gbb pistol ive ever seen.

Pros: full metal
rubber marine grips
perfect blowback

Cons: Mag breaks easily!!
chamber doesnt come back when about to shoot most of the time
lanyard easily breaks off
paint chips
left safety wobbles

Conclusion: In my opinion this is still an exelent gun and i highly reccomend it. but if you want something more high quality and more reliable, look at another brand.
by Kriste S. on 2011-08-09 21:39:43
"This is a very nice handgun. Good accuracy, and good range. Feels excellent in your hands, this is mostly due to the rubberized hand grip. The blowback is awesome as well. This gun sounds really cool with a Noveske KX3 attached with the barrel adapter (included), it gives the gun a nice loud "POP" with every shot.

Get a propane adapter, it'll save you alot of money in the long run. Propane is way cheaper then green gas. Just remember to keep your gun well lubed.
by john k. on 2010-10-02 08:47:50
"This gun is amazing.... I love it. Haha. Great weight, and blowback. I'm gona be using it a lot!
by Nick Y. on 2010-04-08 07:32:37
"This gun is amazing, it was way a better than i expected, shoots hard and accurate out of the box and a great side arm, but you should never use it as a primary since it is a gas hog and the mag freezes up fast. One problem with the gun is that the magazine follower is made out of crappy cheap very brittle plastic, it breaks extremely easy, one from loading mistakes and the other from just firing a few mags. One was completely shattered and destroyed. They are $5 a piece for such a piece of junk (NOT WORTH IT). I'm getting my own magazine followers CNC'd out of steel for my mags for $20 for 3.
The rest of the gun is great, and full metal. Heavy which i love and it kicks back like a .22 rifle.

All Metal
Great quality in parts
Extremely Durable
Shoots hard and Accurate

You will be FORCED to get a new follower i can assure you.
Magazine follower is a piece of crap
Gas Guzzler
No company made a metal or reinforced plastic clone for the folllower, which surprised me.

Gun only for intermediate to advanced players, and needs to be regualarly maintained and taken care of. And if you get one don't let you friends use it because they will do something wrong.
by Hunter V. on 2010-03-10 04:49:30
"I love this gun. A realy decent side arm that doesn't cost you $200s. My only con is that the green gas valvue is deeper into the gun than the green gas can has room to fit. Makes green gas leak if you neglect to get the extesion for it. (Which I have)
Blow back is seemless and the bbs will go on for days if you let them. Not that you should be snipping with a pistol.
by Kiel M. on 2010-01-31 01:07:03
"I have a friend that ordered the SOCOM Gear, and the only difference was that his was tan and had a rail on the frame. I'd get the WE. It's just as good and for only $5 more than the standard pistol with one mag you can get another $25 value mag.

I put a madbull black python 6.03mm tightbore in mine (but going to a DBC 6.01mm), and I'm getting 1" 15 shot groups with .28g's at the police standard 25ft range shooting off hand! That blows my friends WE CQB master away, and he even shimmed his barrel to try to make it not move hoping it would result in better accuracy. I'd say my average velocity is probly ~330fps with propane. I have had absolutely no problems with this gun, and can acutally still get it to fire full 15rd mags at full power for every shot even when it's only 40*F outside. This gun is super smooth operating, and flawlessly functioning. I LOVE 1911's, and this is the best airsoft replica I've came across!

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 30 reviews)

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