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WE / CQB Master Metal 1911 MEU Gen. 2 Heavy Weight Airsoft GBB Pistol (Color: Black)

101 Customer Reviews

by jonathan h. on 08/29/2017
"REVIEW OF WE / CQB Master Metal 1911 MEU Heavy Weight Airsoft GBB Pistol

- Heavy gun
- Heavy recoil
- True 1:1 scale
- Great Gas usage, usually 3-3.5 mags worth of gas per fill.
- Quality, Precise, Reliable, Timeless design, no doubt a great deal and a must for 1911 fans.
- Conversion kits available, compatibility is very wide with parts.
- Great finish, Easy maintenance.
- upgradable
- Did I mention recoil???

- Too many good things too hard to find a bad thing.
- this might be my fault, my thumb cant reach the slide lock lol. (not really a con)
by Cody H. on 07/01/2017
"Excellent sidearm for the money! Has nice weight, recoil and quality. Lots of people dis WE Tech, but if you treat it nice, it'll hold up. I've had it for over a year and still use the original mag it came with, while my friend has been through 2 Elite Force 1911 mags in less than 5 months! The only bad thing I can say is that since its green gas, it doesn't perform as well during NC winters...
by Dave E. on 12/07/2016
"Had this gun for a year now, no major problems with the externals. The one tiny problem I had was that the slide would not catch after a while, but a little bit of lubrication does the job!
by William M. on 06/08/2015
"This is my first airsoft handgun. Right out of the box I was impressed with the weight and overall feel of the pistol. Took a while to remove the orange tip so I could put in the included threaded barrel extension. Got to use it over the weekend. Strong blowback and very accurate! I used it with propane and was overall pleased and would highly recommend it.
by Tyce P. on 04/23/2015
When you pick this gun up it just feels so good its pretty heavy
great price
looks amazing
feels amazing
haven't had time to use it on the field yet tho.

Rattleing noise when you move might just be mine

Other then that I have had no problem easy hop up adjustments easy to take apart
great gun for the price
by Nick A. on 01/06/2015
"1.) Out of the box a very clean sturdy and gorgeous gun

2.) Did not come with the nice packing they usually do

3.) Stock magazine was excellent

4.) had a couple dings on it from where they didn't put the special black cloth in it so it wouldn't do that.

5.) great power, accuracy and kick.

6.) compares to Some 120 dollar guns
by andy h. on 10/24/2014
"I have not shot this yet but am planning on doing so. I usually work with airsoft 1911's and do custom work on them too. I'm not really a big fan of WE pistols but when I saw that was working with WE USA, I decided to take a look at it. I ordered this pistol and took it apart and was surprised at a couple things. The first thing I noticed was that they added an extended slide release, which is really nice. Ambi safeties on airsoft 1911s always break and the one on these feel like they will break easy, but hey it does its job. The gun comes with a chrome 14mm thread adapter and has an orange tip stuck in the barrel. Now taking the gun apart, everything that should be lubed, was lubed (or on my gun at least). WE tech still has its infamous hopup and spring guide (which I really wish they'd replace with the TM style hopup housing) but the hopup is slightly different. The hop up rubber inside is different than a standard WE, using an arch design. The hopup arm is narrower to focus on one area to enhance the hopup. The barrel is a black teflon coated WE-tech 6.03 Tightbore brass barrel. The blue nozzle is a nice and sturdy one, so it won't chip or get brittle any time soon. It can take co2 if you rig up a HPA tank to your mag and feed co2 through it. The structure inside the nozzle reminds me of the reinforced red nozzle KJW has. Over all, I'm impressed WE tech but you still have a long way to go.

Hop up rubber and hop up is modified to enhance performance
Stock barrel is a teflon coated 6.03 tightbore (similar to the guarder 6.02)
Extended slide release (Wilson type for those of you who know which type)
Ed Brown type of ambi safety
Comes with an orange tip and an adapter
Came lubed where it should be lubed (may be just me if yours was not)
Reinforced Blue Nozzle
Real Steal grip screw FIT this frame (RS screws do not fit TM or KJW, unless you can take out the bushings for the screws and put RS bushings) so you can make a cheap gun look fancy (I love doing those)
Not bad for the price and the OD green looks better in person IMO

The Ed Brown ambi safety feels like it will break easily
The infamous WE-tech hopup and spring guide rod design is still in this gun
The emblems on my Pachmyr style rubberized grips were missing and were not in the package (Might be just me though, but it doesn't matter when I'm putting real Pachmyr grips on them anyways)
The hammer is crisp but is still brittle from usage (I've dry fired it a couple times, most airsoft 1911's have this issue) but that's just cosmetic wear, the important part of the hammer is pretty sturdy.
by Jason J. on 10/08/2013
"The gun is beautiful love the look of I used it love it
by Christopher T. on 09/20/2013
"Mine just arrived in the post today, with a spare mag from the "Holy Cow" deal, and a black threaded barrel for it. I had a standard MEU in Desert for the past year, but for $88 I felt this was a great buy. and when I opened it it had a 6.03mm Tight bore from WE, which I was not expecting at all.

Great reliability
They look fantastic

The paint on most of them is very soft from what I have heard and experienced
by Garrett L. on 09/12/2013
"This gun is a beauty. It's pretty hefty, but not too cumbersome. And it's deadly accurate. Some people will list the single-stacking mags as a con, but it's not an issue if you aren't trigger happy (although it might cause conflict if you plan on using this gun as a primary). The only issue that I've had so far is that there is a slight wobbling sound when you run with it. Other than that, this gun is flawless, as far as I can tell. It's matched and outperformed the majority of GBB handguns I've used before, and for only $100, it's essentially a steal.

Accurate, to the dot.
Great paint job
Decent FPS
Decent gas usage

SLIGHT internal wobble (could be my gun alone)

I highly recommend you purchase this gun if you're searching for a reliable, accurate sidearm that does not sacrifice functionality for aesthetics.
by Buster D. on 06/21/2013
"This is an excellent pistol for an excellent price. All 8 of my magazines hold gas well, and can shoot at least 30 rounds per fill. The hop works well, and it is capable of engaging targets accurately out to about 25 yards.
by Joyce K. on 05/31/2013
"I just recieved this gun two days ago and have already shot about a thousand rounds. The gun is accurate and uses propane with no problems. I have already tooken apart and lubed the gun and the blowback is much smoother now.

Does not use very much gas
14 mm ccw threads

Slide locks back before clip is empty
Need some kind of adapter to use gas

Over all i believe that this gun is very much worth the money. It is durable amd legal in most indoor arenas. This gun is deffinately a good gun. I would suggest getting this gun if your looking for a nice GBB 1911
by Zach S. on 01/22/2013
"To start, this is a great gun and I highly reccomend it. It has a great feel and a great overall performance. I recommend it for a scout/sniper or any airsoft player that wants a good sidearm.

-Great feel
-Good FPS
-Heavy(I like realistic guns)
-Good look
-Custom Marine logo in grips
-Nice kick

-The mag that came with it broke after about 7 uses.
-Hard to get a matching clip.
by Timmy M. on 11/10/2012
"The WE 1911 MEU is a great sidearm for any person. wether you're just starting out or an experienced player this weapon is absolutly spectacular.

Full metal (grips are not metal though)
Looks great
Good on gas

Grips feel kind of cheap
Paint chips easily
by Colin B. on 09/23/2012
"Best pistol I have inner blue steel barrel easy maintenance it comes with a aluminum steel mag if your lucky so will be your holy cow special all my teammates holy cow Mag's broke the Mag's it comes with are.the best but I recommend getting a KWA and a propain adapter