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WE / CQB Master Metal 1911 MEU Gen. 2 Heavy Weight Airsoft GBB Pistol (Color: Black)

101 Customer Reviews

by Reese B. on 07/15/2011
"This gun is very LIGIT.iIt has helped me out in many airsoftwars.There is nothing wrong with this gun at all.The only hard thing is sighting in the iron sight.
by Stephen H. on 07/11/2011
"This is a great side arm, with an excellent build, reliability, and above all, price.

All metal
2 mags (with the holy cow deal)
Looks nice
Feels good to shoot
Decent FPS and accuracy (especially for a blow back)
Mine came with a threaded tip

No laser rail mount
Black paint comes off extremely easy on some parts.

All in all, a gun I am glad to now own, and I strongly recommend it.
by Alec M. on 06/29/2011
"This gun is AMAZING! I just got it today and it shot like a pro right out of the box. I especially love the marine corps emblem on the grip. I give it a 9.999999999 out of ten.
by Kyle S. on 06/25/2011
"WE full metal Desert Warrior 1911 MEU is absolutly amazing. Its hard to find bad things about this gun.

PROS: low price for great gun
hard kick
great FPS

CONS: safety is a little loose....
thats all, great gun
by Michael M. on 06/14/2011
"Looks and handles like a real gun. Has all the REAL saftey features of a real 1911. If you press the gun against someones head it will not fire. That is one of the safety features of this gun.
Great kick
Easy to set up ( I use propane and its easy to fill the mag)
No leaks
Nice weight
an Eye candy on the field

none that i can think of!
Good for the price!
by Michael M. on 06/09/2011
"Great out of the box gun.

Easy to set up
Nice weight to it
Accurate at 50 feet easy
"Fair" Price
All metal, and handles like a real gun (the slide stays back when you are out of ammo.)

A little wobbliness in the slide
and well thats about it!
by tyler w. on 05/23/2011
"this gun is worth the $105. it is full metal the pistol grip is made by pro grip and it is rubber which is very nice. The gun is very easy to take apart which is nice if you are going to upgrade internal. The flash hider does come. It also comes with metal threaded orange tip for silencers and us marine corp medals to replace the we ones in the grip.

full metal
threaded tip
great for price

need green gas adapter
15 round mag (not to bad)
by Ben B. on 05/07/2011
"This pistol is one of the best blowback pistols i have ever seen.The (holy cow) specal works really well withe this gun. It would also be a good dicision to use propane instead of grren gas also.
by Eun- Jeung K. on 01/27/2011
"I gotta say, I like the pistol's creamy, smooth color. It's like a rose, beautiful, but it hurts!
I ordered it and can't wait!!!
by Andrew S. on 01/18/2011
"WOOOOO! I totally reccomend this GBB pistol! My gun came in a HARD Carrying case with an extra magazine! It also had a separate threaded tip. the only problem is that there wasn't a green gas nozzle extention included, which you need to fill up the magazine, so you have to buy one, which kind of sucks. All in all, 5/5.
by Linda K. on 12/02/2010
"this was my first gas airsoft pistol, and i must say it is AWESOME! the gun itself was mull metal, and it came in this cool metal case.

full metal body,trigger,hammer,and sights, cool case, very realistic.
by john k. on 10/02/2010
"This gun is amazing.... I love it. Haha. Great weight, and blowback. I'm gona be using it a lot!
by Susanne K. on 09/11/2010
"I got this gun about a month ago and it is awesome! I haven't had any problems with the gun, but I did have a little problem with the magazine (clip). Where you put the green gas in is very deep and the green gas I bought didn't have a long enough tip so you need to buy an extension. A propane adapter would work as well. Other then that minor problem this gun is great and I suggest you buy it!
by Kao C. on 06/16/2010
"This package is really awesome for its price. The gun is top notch quality and the mag works great! My 1911 MEU actually came along with the UNMC Eagle Globe and Anchor logo on the grip, both sides.

Low priced for high quality
Great recoil
Great accuracy
Looks awesome

Chronoed out of the box at 380 fps with propane (maybe just mine)
Mag hold only 15 shots (single stack)
Gas mag hold just enough gas for the 15 shots
The gas filler is too deep and you'll have to get a gas adapter long enough to reach it

All in all, it's a really good gun and you can't go wrong with it for only $105.
by Rene L. on 05/20/2010
"First off, I want to say this about Evike's customer service. Listen carefully..." IT'S A+, TOP NOTCH, AND KICK A$$" That said, I have to thank Lauren (I hope I spelled that correctly, bud) for being attentive from start to finish with my order.. he was/is very professional, and kept me up to date with the order from day 1. BIG THANKS, to Evike and Lauren for making my experience a good one.

on to the review..

This weapon is solid, feels very good in my hands, and is very accurate right out of the box. I love the weight and the look of this piece. No wobble from the mag, no jamming, nothing.. this pistol is excellent in ALMOST every way. The magazine however, leaves a bit to be desired.. I wonder what they (WE-Tech) were thinking when they decided to use a lesser plasitc for the magazine BB-feed... the tension on the spring was a bit "over-powered" as I found out the hard way..the catch slipped and cracked the BB-feed! After reading a bit on this, other customers have found ways around that. I called Evike back with this problem and was sent a new one with no questions asked.

THAT is service! Which is why I'll be making all my purchases with Evike from now on.

Pros:Excellent CQB weapon, excellent performance, great look and feel ! A must have for anyone who loves the 1911 model ! Excellent customer support! This b**ch is SWEET!

Cons: Mags = epic fail. Not Evike's fault!
The gas-well is a bit deep for those players with older cans of green gas.. you'll need an adapter or extension so you can actually gas-up thie mag.. again, not Evike's fault!