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S-M9 Full Size AUG Spring Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle w/ Adjustable Hopup & Scope

8 Customer Reviews

by Jones D. on 04/28/2012
"This is probably one of the best springers on the market. I had mine for over 2 years. Its sturdy, powerful, and accurate right out of the box.
High mag capacity
Looks like a real AUG
Sometimes doesn't feed correctly

If you are thinking about buying this, don't even hesitate. Its an awesome gun.
by Gabe B. on 08/13/2010
"it's strong, deadly accurate at 120ft. w/ .2g (at least with a scope), has sniper rifle performance in a rifle shape, light, has fake 5.56 rounds in mag, mag feeds fine, no jams in the 2 months i've had it so far, still going strong, has flip-up iron sights, you don't waste BBs like crazy like an AEG, and it's only $30!!!!!!

Buy it, you will NOT regret it, it's spring and can definitely perform against AEGs
by Kevin W. on 02/17/2009
"One of the "best Airsoft gun" that I been searching for for years is the Tokyo Marui AUG (Spring powered version).

I had one about 8 years ago and it was one of the most accurate spring gun EVER. So accurate its more accurate than most AEG.

Sadly, it is discontinued by Marui years ago and Disappeared because no one wants to buy $150 spring rifles anymore, dispite the quality of it.

So I decided to give this a try. Not expecting much for $30, but its NOT BAD! Unlike the Marui which is 60% scale, this one is full size and feels quite like the Marui AEG AUG. Long barrel made it quiet accurate. If you are looking for a nice spring rifle for target shooting or just a high quality looking AUG to collect, this is it!

I myself own tons of high end AEG, but, if you never tried it, a friendly backyard game with just springs is actually very different and quite fun.
by Tim F. on 07/07/2016
"Bought this gun years ago when I was a kid and we used to have spring wars. Its a solid gun and made out of decent plastic and is surprisingly heavy for a spring gun. It has seen plenty backyard skirmishes in its day but sadly sits now as I am older and have quality AEG's. Honesty I am thinking about trying to convert it to a high powered sniper rifle as a fun project.

I gave it 4 out of 5 stars for two reasons
1) the forgrip is wobbly
2) the scope is crappy
by Marc L. on 09/29/2010
The other guy said "Buy it, you won't regret it!" TRUE
It should be cheaper (like -4 bucks)

Accuracy is ok-ish to good-ish.
Great strong, solid body.
comes with:
50 bb capacity mag
scope (basically a sight) doesn't zoom but it works.

Accuracy was a little disappointing, but i'd definitely use the gun all of the time.

oh and today i found out the bb's sometimes roll out of the long barrel (if you shake it around and left and right)

comes with:
crappy .15 gram SEAMED bbs - did I spell seamed wrong?

IF YOU WANT AN AIRSOFT SNIPER LOOK ELSEWHERE. not for distance and accuracy,
but cqc accuracy + little range
by xavier v. on 04/24/2010
"For 30$ this is not a bad deal, Great feel and has good accuracy (with the rail sights), the scope is cheap plastic and not so accurate but looks good aswell. Overall this is a good buy for those looking to buy an affordable AUG springer.
by elias l. on 11/16/2008
"nice gun but the only thing about it is that, the way it cocks usually with most guns like that, that have the side handle cocking usually break fast... but it does say that it has a metal one so i might be buying this... but not really sure.
by Harrison R. on 04/16/2015
"I was very disappointed that the gun fell apart right away it was the grip at first