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Hakkotsu Thunder B CO2 Sound Effect Airsoft / Paintball Simulation Grenade (3 Shell Set / Random Type)

15 Customer Reviews

by Benjamin W. on 09/20/2010
"Awesome Grenade!

I had problems with the shells leaking but that's a simple fix. Wrap some Teflon pluming tape (available at any hardware store for about a dollar a role) around the threats of the shell to get a nice seal and you will never have a problem with a shell not detonating.

These things are VERY loud. Make sure everyone you play with is a aware of this and OK with it. The first time I had one detonate in front of me (about 3 feet away from my face) my ears wear ringing for a couple of minutes.

Very save design. No shrapnel or anything like that.
by Tim N. on 08/31/2010
"Very loud. Looks great. Pretty heavy.
When the Cartridges were very warm the fuze was about 4-5 seconds.
Shell splits and short of holding it, you will be fine minus the hearing part.
I discovered there are 2 ways to detonate.

Method A) Drop the hammer all the way back and then drop spoon to hold it. Insert pin. Hammer drops with a lot of force, triggering punctured cartridge. Then pop.
Works for a spring loaded trap or loud throw.

Method B)Drop hammer with spoon DOWN to prime it just until you can insert pin. In this method which worked for 3 of my tests, the hammer drops quietly, and the spoon doesn't fly or make noise.
Perfect for quiet traps or throws.

Bang for buck is best you can get
No water/sour tasting sugar water all over.
Looks great and feels great.
Easy to toss
Minimal to no damage to your moms carpet/floors.

Fuze assembly is plastic-time will dictate quality.
None initially on tests. Again-time will dictate.

If you are thinking about it-just buy the grenade guts and a twelve pack.
You wont be mad about it.
by willie g. on 08/30/2010
"LOVE these things. We use them in WWII reenacting and they work flawlessly! They are very safe, very loud, and filled with baby powder they give that extra little realism needed for combat simulations.

We set them up with tripwires and they work excellent for perimeter defense and boobytraps!

I Strongly recommend these for any WWII reenacting tacticals that need a little more realism in them. They are appropriate looking for both American and Russian grenades of the time period, so they are safe for both Western/Eastern European fronts as well as Pacific.
by tammy h. on 09/29/2009
"This is insaine i got one thrown at me and i couldn"t hear anything for like five minutes. This is a great distraction and great for indoors and CQB.
by loukhan s. on 04/23/2009
"VERY loud as advetised. works great as perimeter alarm/ distraction device. When tested, the time to detonation was averaging 20sec. wish there was some way to shorten the time to 3sec.
by john h. on 04/13/2009
"when thrown into a room this grenade is absolutely deafening. its simply designed and easy to keep the pieces together. i have hurled it through the air about 30 yards and it doesnt break. as loud as it is though you dont have to worry about injury. the only thing that comes out is a quick blast of air but no fragmenting. it is also a breeze to rig up as a trap, my roomates will never sleep easy again.
by Darnell M. on 03/25/2009
"These things are perfect for CQB, you can even add bb's in them just can't fill up the shell so it leaves that stupid rattling effect when running with these in hand. The PINE APPLE shells go off faster then then FLASHBANG shells.

In short if done right these pop in about 5 sec(s)... in doors these will leave a nasy sting in your ear.

BTW: Once you run out of C02 and thinking you will run into WALLMART to pick up "CROSMAN c02" they dont work with these at all. The top of the c02 is harder then what is sold on evike so the pid can't puncture it with one clean hit.
by mike v. on 03/14/2009
"This is a grenade that will complete your "operator" look. All you need are two of these and use them as flashbangs and you're able to clear rooms easily because people will be distracted from the noise. Worth every single penny. Add on a double flashbang pouch, I prefer the drop thigh type. I set one off and it was louder than I realized. Believe me, I won't give a review about a product I don't have faith in. These grenades are loud, perfect for completing your loadout. I give it a rating of 5 out of 5, don't need green gas because co2 is cheaper.

pros: Loud, able to distract, and shells are cheap to replace.

cons: if you're not responsible, you shouldn't be buying one.
by Justin A. on 12/15/2008
"Possibly the single coolest hand grenade on the market right now. While it does not release bb's or anything of that sort it adds a whole new level to the game. When this thing does off it sounds like a shotgun blast. I would very much suggest this to anyone as long as they are responsible enouph to use it.
by Michael J. on 10/24/2008


are the links to buy spare shells
by Reagan L. on 10/01/2013
"The grenades are GREAT! Very simple design, easy to use and put together, and overall very effective. For only 22 bucks? It a steal!

Pros: Cheap, Easy to use,

Cons: Timer is not always reliable, If it goes off in your hand...could cause injury
by Cody F. on 05/22/2010
"I bought one of these a while back, and i must say its very fun to use...

Its as loud as a shotgun going off next to you. Ive noticed that with certain Co2 canisters it doesnt work, but others it does.

Its sure to "stun" your enemy as it is very loud...

My team used one yesterday for CQB training and it was quite loud in a closed area... videos do this grenade zero justice... buy one for yourself and enjoy

Warning, dont pull the pin and release the spoon, it will tear your hand up.
by Justin W. on 01/07/2010
"So, I bought these and used them in the summer, and they are great!! Extremely loud, especially inside, people WILL duck. Still very loud outside, of course the harder the surface, the louder the bang (if it blow in grass and the rupture is on the bottom, sound can be muffled). Only 1 con. This is C02. I used them in a outdoor event in the winter (24 degrees with light snow on ground) and the way this is designed, the C02 fills the grenade and bursts for effect. C02 is VERY SLOW in cold, and instead of a 5 second delay from activation, it could take from 30 seconds till never, since the pressure took so long, it may not blow up the shell.

Great for regular weather!!!
SUCKS in cold.

Still recommend.
by Jeffrey C. on 09/28/2009
"These are loud. Yes, the shell ruptures... that's what causes the noise. I can throw these 40 to 50 yards and the timing is perfect. They go off almost immediately after hitting the ground. Should probably "cook it" for a couple of seconds before tossing through a portal.

Cons: The pineapple shell is way too large to fit into a frag grenade pouch.
by Nigel C. on 03/15/2009
"Do the Shells break after one use? Because if not this would be a definate buy for me and my friends to use during our neiborhood games.