Reviews: JG Scorpion R2 VZ61 VZ-61 100% Tokyo Marui Clone Airsoft Electric SMG

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Model: AEG-JG-0451A

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by Jacob S. on 2008-12-21 11:06:57
"This gun is incredible, for such a cheap price. Well has pulled a A&K and really stepped it up on this one. The strip mag is sheet steel metal and feels really nice. The lower reciever is die cast metal, and upper reciever is a STURDY plastic, actually I think it a composite plastic much better than ABS. This uses the same battery as the Well MP7, one AWESOME thing about these batteries is they can be charged anytime, on any charge, no discharging required :) Initial charger about 6 hours then after that when the battery dies about 2 hours will do it. the drum mag is pretty good just drop a spot of lube in there. Strip mags are wonderful they feed every last BB. I highly reccomend this gun as a primary in CQB. I can hit targets at abot 100 feet 8-9 out of 10 times on full auto, now that is impressive for this little gun. 5 stars if there was a way to rate higher i would!!
by ryan n. on 2008-12-12 15:14:18
"this gun is everything you could ask for in a AEP
by Jarek H. on 2008-11-24 06:54:31
"Carl NO it does not use the same battery as g18cs or other aep pistols. it uses the same battery as the mp7 which is different. Anyway I sell this gun at my shop as well(Red Dragon Airsoft) and it is AMAZING. I have full vids on youtube of it
by karl e. on 2008-11-12 21:14:11
"it uses the same battery as the cyma and tokyo marui g18c aep
by Sean H. on 2008-11-12 15:52:29
"ok im getting this or an echo 1 P/E 90 as a back up for y sniper i was wonder how long battery lasts and if you could by a cupple spare batterys so if some 1 could resond that would be much appreciated
by Victor H. on 2008-11-11 21:38:41

Two things

1. I emailed evike's tech and they recommended that .2 be used with this
2. In the same email i told them that this gun is WAY to expensive and a week-2 later the price drops from $100-89.99
by Pranav K. on 2008-11-11 17:23:51
"what size holster will this take. could u put a link
by Wallace W. on 2008-11-10 02:23:12
"Yup, make sure its high grade that is seamless. Not the ones from Wal-mart. The 0.12g here at Evike are high grade and those work perfect for AEP and low power guns.
by Pranav K. on 2008-11-08 08:49:31
"can this gun use high grade .12 gram bbs. Since the fps is a bit low
by Pranav K. on 2008-11-08 06:43:12
"This is a great sidearm especially for a sniper. This gun can hit targets up to 110 feet with the hop up ajusted. I was just wondering what size holster would fit this gun.
by Kevin Cox C. on 2008-11-05 08:44:57
"I agree that it isnt as powerful as the mp5k but it is more compact and light weight it probably would be good for cqb or as a sidearm for a sniper
by Danci M. on 2008-11-04 18:51:26
"I feel dumb but does this take .2g BBs? And I just want o reccomend the Matrix MP5-PDW K because it is much stronger, accurate, and more versitile. I see no reason to get this other than as a prop.
*The MP5 is also the same size + same price*

its good but is definatley over priced.

Displaying 49 to 60 (of 74 reviews)

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