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JG Scorpion R2 VZ61 VZ-61 100% Tokyo Marui Clone Airsoft Electric SMG

81 Customer Reviews

by nicolas m. on 10/21/2008
"I would assume its a metal gear box, as the TM gun its based off of is. It being made by WELL is a little worrisome, but not too terribly much so. I would expect FPS to be somewhere between a mp5 and AEP, maybe about the same as a mp7.
by Kristine C. on 05/30/2018
"It is a very good airsoft gun for the price, though I do have a few issues.
For starters, the magazine it comes with doesn't feed very well, sometimes you will have to take it out and put it back in for it to work. No big issues though, I recommend getting a few extra mags, I purchased the drum mag by JG and it works perfectly.
Next, there are some sharp parts on the gun that are very irritating. For example, the trigger guard and right above the trigger. Another small issue, I just put a bit of electrical tape over it, and everything was fine.
Also, this gun has a very low RPM. Personally, I just shoot it for fun, but if you're a serious player doing CQB with this, it could bother you.
The manual also only has about 20% of the words in English, with some poor translations. It's no major issue either, there's diagrams and even a blow up view of all the parts at the end of it. The battery doesn't take long to charge, only an hour and 15 mins to an hour and 30 mins for me to fire off about 450 rounds.
Lastly for my issues, the battery included has a slow response time. Another small issue, but it could bother some people.

Other than those few things, I really do love this gun. It's very enjoyable to just shoot around at targets in your backyard, and could be a viable secondary if taken to a field. I recommend this to anyone getting into airsoft, it's a great, easy to use beginner gun.
by Mathias R. on 05/28/2018
"Great gun but the reason I am giving this a 4 stars is that you only get 15-20 rounds before you have to wind that stupid 80 rd mid cap. it is shit get a 370rd hi cap and it should work
by Jadeyn F. on 09/15/2017
"This gun is great for cqb, and the only downside is range. I have a mock suppressor that acts like a wind shield on mine that increases the accuracy about 10-20% which helps when im out at outdoor arenas.
by Akexander K. on 09/28/2015
"The gun worked like I should right out of the box! Just be careful with the folding stock, the sections connecting it to the swivel point may be a little weak and break like mine did.
by Joseph R. on 05/02/2015
"JG Scorpion R2 VZ61 best value on market for a CQB SMG.

warning read this about the charger! so many people ask this question.

(plug the charger in by itself = green light, means nothing charged or complete)
plug the battery in but put the unit upside down(so the battery is standing in the air) if you lay it flat it will tend to not charge. (LIKE YOU WOULD A GBB PISTOL MAGAZINE)

RED = charging, green = done. It will change green after 10-20 minutes if its laying flat because the battery disconnects oddly enough. I charge my battery 2-4 hours and it will turn from red to green which means it has finished charging (basic smart charger of some sort)

I have learned this the hard way when I took my battery out and it didnt work but 1 magazine.
Always, always put the battery in but flip it upside down so it presses into the battery charger. Laying it on the floor causes it to disconnect.

shoots 265-275 out of the box
ROF seems good
awesome little gun for CQB fields or indoors
shoots up to 125 feet but recommend 75 to 100 feet
worth every penny
stock is used as a sling mount
lasted over 600 bb's (8 magazines+) on one battery
put a forward grip on this for easier handling they are like $15 here on evike (it's a must)
Instruction manual is in english
charger is 250MA, battery shouldnt be charged more than 4 hours.
battery is the green label JG OEM here on evike, not the yellow spare, thats for g18 TM pistols, they are different sizes.

selector switch feels like its going break when you turn it(someone give me an idea how to make it smooth?
stock sucks, only good for mounting sling and balancing the gun one handed.
but-plate falls off sometimes, recommend bright paracord with dental floss in the loops so if you drop it easily found.
Battery won't charge properly if laying flat, must be turned upside down like a GBB pistol magazine.

Recommend tips if you buy this, buy a spare battery(here on evike its the JG OEM battery only one fits it, other is for TM g18 the yellow kind) you want the green JG OEM), buy spare magazines. I want a drum but can't find one in stock, other than the TM which is $50! Do not buy the well-fire drum it states does not fit.

overall 8.5/10 or 3.8/5
would like to see a smart charger for this battery, or a better charger on the market. (EVIKE STOCK SOME CHARGERS PLEASE) I have only shot 900 or so bb's in this gun.

paid about $150 for 3 extra batteries, 4 magazines and this gun. A+
by John K. on 03/04/2015
"This gun is defiantly worth it. 92$ for it and the drum-mag.

comes with an american charger, battrie and 90 round high-cap mag
very compact
easy access hop-up
mag feeds great after lubing the hopup area

hop-up MAY come half broken (easy fix)
stocks wably after allot of uses (but that's normal)
rail that's included is plastic
red tip gets torn apart wen u take it out, disasmebly is easy and while its apart so you can scrape the remainder of the tip out you can fix the hop-up

over all its a great compact gun and fixing the hop-up increases the fps by about 20. plus there's easy ways to fit a lipo in it if the 7.2 is cutting it for you.
by Ryland V. on 02/02/2013
"Out of the box this gun is a whole lot better than you would expect from an AEP. Its heavy first of all. Its snappy with the battery they give you. My least favorite thing about this gun is the battery. Its crap. A lipo conversion is totally necessary and not hard to do. There are vids of this on youtube. I did a lipo conversion, took off the buttstock, made the handgrip look like wood, put a reaps SMG bucking, 190mm 6.01mm pistol barrel in it with a silencer and attached a rail to the top of the body to attach sights and what not and i now use this weapon as a primary indoor and a back up to my sniper loadout. It is amazing! its 75 for the gun 11 for perfectly feeding midcaps 50 for the barrel, silencer, and bucking and u can get it all here. DO IT!
by christine g. on 03/14/2011
"Hey, I bought this gun a week ago and I absolutely loved it. It had a great ROF, light enough to move around easily but heavy enough to be realistic. The sights are OK, and the stock is kind of weird. But all that isnt really important, as its a CQB weapon, and you dont need to really use the sights or stock. But my big problem with this gun that keeps it from being a 5/5 is that it jams CONSTANTLY. And after it jams it just shoots out all the jammed BBs that go 3 feet. I dont know what to do.Suggestions???

Overall though (besides the jamming) it is a really good gun, and you should buy it.
by dale d. on 01/18/2010
"The JG V.61 Skorpion is definitely worth the 70$. Good trigger response and ROF with the provided 7.2v battery. Word of advice though, you need to give the hi cap a nice long wind for it to feed well.

Good trigger response
Good ROF
80 round Hi-Cap
Nice feel and look
Stock is fun to play with
Nice and compact
Good for CQB
Very inexpensive
Comes with a rail for flashlight, laser, or even a vert grip if you decide you want one

Expensive mags
Wobbly stock
NiCd battery(Discharging needed)
Hard to find replacement parts if broken
Only usable in CQB or as a side arm due to low FPS, range and accuracy
Hard to holster if used as a side-arm

That's all I can think of right now but overall I like it. Good job by JG.
by Joseph B. on 11/25/2009
"Haven't gotten to use it out on the field yet but......
it does come with US battery charger.
mine didnt come with a cleaning rod. not a big deal.


Good gun if you are going to use it appropriately. the inner barrel length is similar to a pistol's (about 4") making the accuracy similar. With the group i play with it is considered a pistol. the nice thing is the mag holds more then just about any other pistol out there and the drum mag gives ya even more of an advantange.

Since it is so small i plan to use it as a backup gun if my main field gun doesn't work, cuz of size it wont get in the way and not be a pain to carry once i find a holster for it. been looking around the internet and think ill get a real steel holster they are leather and fairly inexpensive.


when i received it it had a feeding issue where it would just fire, dry fire, then shoot that first bb, repeat. that apparently was fixed by lubing the barrel.

shipping was hard on the gun. the front clips on the upper receiver that hold the stock snapped off. i hope that once fixed they wont be that brittle.

when you remove the bright orange tip and screw the "barrel extension" adapter on they not the same style. meaning that the orange tip you can screw on tight but the extension you can over tighten it causing it to skip threads and potentially eat the threads in the gun making it impossible to tighten snug. this can be fixed by putting a small rubber washer on the extension's end, or taking the one off the orange tip's.
by Scott A. on 10/09/2009
"I did buy this gun and it got jamed but it is a good gun! It is mostly for CQB and not outdoor airsoft wars.
by karl e. on 11/12/2008
"it uses the same battery as the cyma and tokyo marui g18c aep
by Kevin Cox C. on 11/05/2008
"I agree that it isnt as powerful as the mp5k but it is more compact and light weight it probably would be good for cqb or as a sidearm for a sniper
by Peyton B. on 10/21/2008
"i think the r.i.s. is pointless you cant really put anything on it, but other than that it seems pretty good