Reviews: JG Scorpion R2 VZ61 VZ-61 100% Tokyo Marui Clone Airsoft Electric SMG

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Model: AEG-JG-0451A

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by Andrew G. on 2016-07-08 21:52:15
"This gun is amazing! I just got it and the trigger response is amazing, dont get me wrong its not a $300 gun so its not a super high fps but it is great for cqb, I use it for my primary and my hk pistol as my secondary, I bought a drum magazine and its a tight fit and feeds ok, the mag that came with it feeds better but only holds 90rds ish, i put a fore grip on the frunt and its supper cool, the orange tip is supposed to come off and it came with a converter from the weird thread to a normal thread so you can add a suppresser, the orange tip is fragile and will shatter if you dont try to undo the glue. I was a little mad because it said it comes with a battery and mine didn't so i will ask someone about that, its a good thing I bought and extra for the time being, what I thought was weird was it came with a charger but no battery, anyway rhis gun is cool for the price.
by valentine t. on 2016-05-02 05:42:16
"okay so I have had this for about six months. this gun is a great sidearm to have or just great to run on it's own.

Pros: great weight
great performance
great accuracy
great trigger response
magazine capacity is alright considering it is a pistol
I can buy a drum mag for this thing!
great range

Cons: mag bb tube lip broke. I can still run it btw
not a lot of places where you can see to do the nimh/lipo mod

Well that's it for this review. id give it a 9/10 but Ill give it five stars. I'm thinking about doing the lipo mod, putting a mosfet, and shimming. ill write a review again to update you guys IF I do it :)
by Ursula B. on 2016-03-31 18:51:18
"my JG Skorpion AEP was awesome FOR ABOUT A WEEK (it just stopped shooting) giving about as much velocity with 0.2g bbs as my KWC/Cybergun CO2 blowback Desert Eagle.
by Richard W. on 2015-11-04 21:13:30
"Great Gun overall, no major issues, even after 1,000+ rounds and moderate abuse (a small handful of drops, scrapes and other small accidents) couldn't keep this monster down. Shoots solidly at 240-250 FPS without the Hop-Up (probably less with the hop-up on, since these things are notorious for having a screwy hop-up) and is crazy-accurate at anything under 100 Feet. I strongly recommend buying a second stick mag (They're pretty cheap, falling around ~$10 here on evike) as you'll eventually run out in a short CQB game on auto.
Overall, this is a great buy for the price, possibly one of the best secondaries out there (that can also double as a primary!!) and is absolutely perfect for CQB. I've attached an Angel Custom suppressor and stubby grip, and now it shoots closer to ~280. There's a few parts out there as far as customization goes, but for the most part external upgrades'l be all you need.
by James M. on 2015-10-08 09:45:54
"10/08/15 I just purchased one of these, received it yesterday. After reviewing the manual AND the video Evike has I practiced using the folding stock. It went down just fine, but when I tried to set it back it snapped! One side broke off completely. Very flimsy part. The rest of the gun is pretty solid seeming though, and it is extremely accurate. It has a very solid punch, especially for a SMG, and is great fun to fire. Since I was planning to remove the folding stock anyway I have not contacted Evike, and will not, unless any other major problem arises. Also worth mentioning I immediately put about 300 rounds through it (after charging the battery) to test it out, and have discovered the default 80 rnd clip doesn't fed well if you put 80 rnds in it (needs to be shaken or smacked every 2 or 3 rnds until it empties a bit). It works great with 60 or so rounds though! Though slightly irritated at the stock breaking I am over all pretty satisfied with the weapon, especially at the sale price. I certainly recommend it, unless you plan on using that folding stock - in which case you may want to consider other options.
by Akexander K. on 2015-09-28 10:51:42
"The gun worked like I should right out of the box! Just be careful with the folding stock, the sections connecting it to the swivel point may be a little weak and break like mine did.
by Paul G. on 2015-06-28 05:31:04
"Was looking forward to getting this but sadly it came DOA. Charged the battery, gun wouldn't work. Charged it a little longer. Gun still wouldn't work. Neither in semi or full auto. Having ordered some extra batteries with it I checked to see if maybe it was a bad battery that came with the gun. Charged one of the other batteries, gun still doesn't work. Replaced the spark plug. Still doesn't work. Checked to make sure the wires were properly connected. Still doesn't work. Not even the slightest sound or movement from it, just silence.
by Joseph R. on 2015-05-02 13:05:28
"JG Scorpion R2 VZ61 best value on market for a CQB SMG.

warning read this about the charger! so many people ask this question.

(plug the charger in by itself = green light, means nothing charged or complete)
plug the battery in but put the unit upside down(so the battery is standing in the air) if you lay it flat it will tend to not charge. (LIKE YOU WOULD A GBB PISTOL MAGAZINE)

RED = charging, green = done. It will change green after 10-20 minutes if its laying flat because the battery disconnects oddly enough. I charge my battery 2-4 hours and it will turn from red to green which means it has finished charging (basic smart charger of some sort)

I have learned this the hard way when I took my battery out and it didnt work but 1 magazine.
Always, always put the battery in but flip it upside down so it presses into the battery charger. Laying it on the floor causes it to disconnect.

shoots 265-275 out of the box
ROF seems good
awesome little gun for CQB fields or indoors
shoots up to 125 feet but recommend 75 to 100 feet
worth every penny
stock is used as a sling mount
lasted over 600 bb's (8 magazines+) on one battery
put a forward grip on this for easier handling they are like $15 here on evike (it's a must)
Instruction manual is in english
charger is 250MA, battery shouldnt be charged more than 4 hours.
battery is the green label JG OEM here on evike, not the yellow spare, thats for g18 TM pistols, they are different sizes.

selector switch feels like its going break when you turn it(someone give me an idea how to make it smooth?
stock sucks, only good for mounting sling and balancing the gun one handed.
but-plate falls off sometimes, recommend bright paracord with dental floss in the loops so if you drop it easily found.
Battery won't charge properly if laying flat, must be turned upside down like a GBB pistol magazine.

Recommend tips if you buy this, buy a spare battery(here on evike its the JG OEM battery only one fits it, other is for TM g18 the yellow kind) you want the green JG OEM), buy spare magazines. I want a drum but can't find one in stock, other than the TM which is $50! Do not buy the well-fire drum it states does not fit.

overall 8.5/10 or 3.8/5
would like to see a smart charger for this battery, or a better charger on the market. (EVIKE STOCK SOME CHARGERS PLEASE) I have only shot 900 or so bb's in this gun.

paid about $150 for 3 extra batteries, 4 magazines and this gun. A+
by Lisa A. on 2015-04-30 16:24:48
"The JG Scorpion VZ-61 is an EXCELLENT close-quarters AEP. It rocks 250 or so fps with .20 bb's which may not be a lot for outdoors, but is usable for indoors and is excellent for an AEP. It is suprisingly accurate at a distance and has a good rate of fire at around 10 rounds per second. I use dual wield Scorpions with drum mags and bayonettes; it may not be practical, but it is wonderfully useful for the field I go to. The stock is OK, but is pretty short. Make sure you pick this up for it's price of 75$ (or 95$ base price); it is a wonderful side-arm for snipers or those who are daring, and is DEFINITELY worth using as a CQB weapon as it is very cheap and well made.
by John K. on 2015-03-04 14:04:30
"This gun is defiantly worth it. 92$ for it and the drum-mag.

comes with an american charger, battrie and 90 round high-cap mag
very compact
easy access hop-up
mag feeds great after lubing the hopup area

hop-up MAY come half broken (easy fix)
stocks wably after allot of uses (but that's normal)
rail that's included is plastic
red tip gets torn apart wen u take it out, disasmebly is easy and while its apart so you can scrape the remainder of the tip out you can fix the hop-up

over all its a great compact gun and fixing the hop-up increases the fps by about 20. plus there's easy ways to fit a lipo in it if the 7.2 is cutting it for you.
by Demetrius J. on 2015-02-01 01:47:23
"I have owned this gun for about 6 months now, and I've recently really started using it. I have nothing but great things to say about it thus far.

Mine shoots around 270fps with .20's. The construction of the gun is great, it's solid, with everything nice and tightly secured, and has quite a heft to it. You'd never know the upper is polymer unless you actually tapped it. It looks like metal, and with the weight of the gun you'd never guess. Some people have complained about the stock, but personal I've never had an issue. Mine is solid both in the folded and unfolded position, and i use it as a sling mount when I'm playing. The grip is also a polymer/plastic, but is also solid and comfortable. The fire selector works perfectly on mine as well, and the trigger has a nice "spongy" feel to it when you pull it.

In terms of accuracy and range, it's AEP so it's mean for close quarters. I could accurately hit the head on a dummy out to 50 feet 90% of the time. Which is great, considering the size of the gun, and if you think about a CQB environment 50 feet is quite a decent distance.

The mag feeds well, I'd say i get about 60-70 bb's before it unwinds because the mag is a hi-cap. The battery is also pretty good, it has a decent ROF out of the 7.2V 450Mah battery. You'll get maybe 300-400 shots before it dies. Which is also good, considering the size of the battery. Some people have complained about it, but remember this is an AEP(istol). It's not meant to compete with AEG's. Also with the size of the magazine, you'll go through like 6 or 7 before the battery dies, which makes it seem like it lasts longer.

Overall, this thing is FUN. I highly recommend picking this up, as it's worth every penny. I also recommend getting a few extra mags, and batteries, so that you can really play all day with this thing and be competitive.
by Mark H. on 2014-12-22 14:55:51
"Great gun for the price great secondary and perfect for cqb but selector switch is funny and the stock is loose but over all a great gun

ps. Might shoot a little hot for some cqq places

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