Reviews: JG Scorpion R2 VZ61 VZ-61 100% Tokyo Marui Clone Airsoft Electric SMG

$95.00 $75.00

65 Customer Reviews
Model: AEG-JG-0451A
Location: A4-157 WSO5-T10

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by leong k. on 2009-10-09 07:11:37
"Yeah I've Seen The Idiot In Mask Review On This Amazing Gun And I Wish I Didnt Because Ever Since I Saw It I Have Always Wanted This Gun But I Cant Get It.......T.T........ ONE Reason,Because I Live In Malaysia And As You Know 1 Dollar Is Equal To 3 Ringgit And 50 Cents So Technically Multiply 3.5 And This Gun Is Somewhat 262.50 Malaysian Dollars So Well... All I Can Do Is Drool At This Gun....T.T I WANT THIS GUN!!!!!!
by Brittany C. on 2009-10-07 19:59:50
"This gun is one of the best AEPs you can buy. It averages at 260 fps and has a good rate of fire considering its using a 7.2v mini type. Its size makes it extremely comfortable and easy to manuver with. I have a Thompson that fires much farther and harder, but half the time i use the skorpion just cuz its so much lighter and not so bulky, and with the drum mag its totally worth it since its worth 50 bucks by itself
by Anthony D. on 2009-10-05 09:10:36
"i got this gun, but it came in broken so i had to send it back... they sent me a different gun that is not the WELL R2.... i think its the tokyo marui.... but i still LOVE this gun
by Paul K. on 2009-09-30 10:34:53
"I origionally got this gun as my main for Cqb, and after getting my AK, my sidearm. And I could not be more happy with it. After 4 airsoft trips though, it stopped working. After opening it up, I only had to reconnect the wires from the gearbox to the trigger, so that is something to keep in mind when it comes to upkeep.
by Robert O. on 2009-09-29 20:11:24
"just got it today, the drum mag is on back oorder but i wont hold that against them
it feel strong and sounds awesome, cant test very well in yard but seems like its going to do what i want.
i do have 1 question, mine came with a silencer adaptor, what direction is it threaded, i cant tell
again amazing gun, especially for the price
thamk you
by Fabio R. on 2009-09-20 10:12:26
"I think this gun is really cool. From what i've seen, it has a goog rate of fire an pretty good fps. My only problem with this gun is that it is extremly hard to get. is always out of them and i ordered mine 2 months ago and it still hasn't come yet due to "forien coustoms in china".
by brad b. on 2009-09-19 17:31:47
"Im so getting this gun such a good deal. I seen it on youtube of that idiot mask airsoft review. and i know you know who that is so thank him that i am buying this gun.
by Joe V. on 2009-09-15 19:00:44
"such an awesome and easily affordable smg. incredible rpm for such a small gun and decent accuracy. i use it as a sidearm and as my primary in cqb and this gun does not disappoint. very well put together and the barrel mag is just... AMAZING.
by deven d. on 2009-09-15 12:58:56
"this was my first aep and it will probanly be my last. it is the greatest aep ever.
by Alan B. on 2009-04-20 07:34:17
"This is a very convenient AEP. I've used it before and had to make a few adjustments to it before it worked really well. First of all, my battery would start to slip out from the inside and disconnect it from the gun, so I simply lodged a dime in between the battery and the wall of the inside of the gun so it would not slip out, and I can just slide the dime out when I'm done. Also, I bought 0.23g pellets because it would curve a lot more with .20, no matter how I adjusted the hop up. I've used this many times, in the woods, and it worked really well, even at long range! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great CQC or outdoor sidearm. The package also includes a tool to remove the barrel to add a silencer if you have one.

Great rate of fire. (Not quite as high as ex. JG G36C but not too much slower).
Great accuracy. (With 0.23g pellets).
Convenient size.
The folding stock may help with stability for longer range shots.
Great range.
Perfect for indoor play, decent for outdoor play.
Mostly (if not all) metal.

Short barrel, but still good accuracy.
The rail and magazines give little room for added equipment.
The standard mag doesn't hold too many shots.
Pretty heavy for an AEP.

Overall, 5/5. Great buy. I love it. It's stronger than your average AEP (such as a Glock) so your opponents have a higher chance of feeling it, unlike pistols.
by Eric D. on 2009-03-16 12:04:54
"I have this gun and i like it its a great back up to throw in bag if ur primary runs out and u can still carry a pistol on u too overall good rate of fire and range and fps for the power of the gun drum mag is very neccsary just buy a forgrip through so its easy to carry stock is useless i took mine off
by Patrick C. on 2009-02-13 19:47:24
"the best SMG/AEP Out there!!! This little gun is small, but is quite pleasing, stock folds, mags work. Overall, the best

Displaying 25 to 36 (of 65 reviews)

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