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G&P Custom Defender M4 SBR Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black (Package: Gun Only)

15 Customer Reviews

by Stephen M. on 12/14/2016
"AWESOME!!! MK18 style full metal aeg Great for Army Rangers and Milsimers

Great Milsim Gun
Full Metal
by Ryan L. on 08/06/2015
"I love the gun. Fast rate of fire, good semi auto fire rate. It doesn't get stuck. Very balanced weight and nice feel on the cheek riser. The red dot it comes with works good, in daylight it's a bit dim. The DD rails feel super nice to hold and the included rail covers are moderately good. I ended up purchasing tan rail covers instead of the included black ones. They are incredibly hard to but on but insanely hard to take off. Which means they aren't gonna fall off any time soon. The foregrip it comes with is horrible. The mounting system means you need to pull up 4 pins then slide it onto the rail. It made the tips of my fingers raw trying to take it off. The mag it came with is good. I had to lube it up like normal but there was a slight problem, the mag was broken. The bottom screw that connected the plastic to the metal had broken the plastic screw support so the insides of the mag keep falling apart. This is just evikes fault so I'm not gonna rate it down for this. Overall there isn't any wobble besides the bolt catch which wobbles side to side. The dust cover doesn't close which is different, but in real life you wouldn't be shooting with it closed anyways. The rear flip up iron sights are hard to put up and when I put them down I feel like I'm gonna break them. There are just some minor imperfections that don't really affect the guns performance at all. Just some things that bug me to the point it's not perfect. And the packaging was just the gun wrapped 4 times in bubblewrap with 2 pieces of foam on the top and bottom. I just want to let the people buying this gun that there are some problems like the ones listed above.
by connie w. on 12/19/2011
"i am amazed at this guns performance. i just purchased A SECOND ONE in case my first breaks. the scope is incredible and the grip feels great. i added an madbull python 6.03mm tight bore and shims and this thing wrecks on the field.
high fps (340-360)
high rof (25-27 rps with 10.8v)
amazing externals
amazing internals
sweet scope

nothing major!
this is an amazing deal for $400!!!
by Travis S. on 09/16/2009
"just picked this up at Evike and been running it with a G&P battery from evike as well for a month or so and I'm very pleased with it. It's a great gun ROF is great and consistent. Solid feel. Cosmetic appearance is fantastic the gun looks as good as it plays which is awesome.

Only problems I've encountered are that the locking pins that hold the lower and upper receiver together pop out very easily so buy the ones that you can actually "lock"
Accuracy could be better so I just bout a Madbull 300mm 6.03 tightbore that should make this baby a nail driver.
FPS is closer to 350 with .2 according to the chrono at the field I frequent which is lower than advertised but still fine since I go to a CQB field.
Also the Iron sights do not line up to get a "normal" sight picture and you must lollipop the target because you can't lower the rear aperature enough to allow a normal sight picture which is kind of annoying but it came with a pretty good aimpoint so I don't really use the iron sights.

I love the gun and am very pleased with it it's my third AR and my sixth AEG and is the best gun Ive had to date. Though it needs a bit of work so do all guns and for the price for it's stock performance and amazing aesthetics are definitely worth 400 bucks.
by bryan s. on 09/09/2009
"this gun has it all, i added a madbull 300mm tightbore & madbull blue bucking. the gun fires at 320fps with bioval .27s....around 19 bps with a g&p 8.4v battery. i dialed in the red dot and it is amazingly accurate, looks great,sounds great, feels great after one day of heavy use it still looks great, no scratches ...even with the 8.4 the rate of rife is great i unloaded my 1000round mag before i thought it would have ..... g&p should lift the limited edition because I got #2286 i dont realy care because i got this gun....evike is the best and would highly recommend getting this gun with evike...thanks from a happy airsofter
by Todd M. on 03/21/2009
"I bought this gun from in January '09 and wanted to wait until I had fully skirmished it before reviewing. Hands down the "Defender" is a steal. If I had need for two of them, I would quickly buy another, just because of what a great value the gun is. I have many, many airsoft guns, but this being my first G&P I was very impressed. The engineering, manufacture, fit and finish of all components are stellar. I have G&G guns as well, and while they are great, G&P is just a couple notches better. Just last weekend I used my Defender in a 3 day Op in the midwest. It was flawless. Before the Op I installed an M120 and inspected the internals. All the guts of this gun are fantastic as well. Great 8mm mech box, steel gears, G&P white piston, vented piston head, silicone wiring, G&P M120 motor. All excellent gear. Also in this gun I use the G&P 10.8 V SOPMOD (Crane) stock battery. With this battery, freshly charged, the gun pumped out between 28 - 30 BB's per second! A true BB hose. After the install of the M120, I expected it to slow up some. But to my great surprise the G&P M120 motor is just a beast, and the ROF is still insane. I have not measured it yet, after the install, but it's got to be in the 25 RPS range. The only negative whatsoever I have found with this weapon thus far is that the quad rail screws were quite loose when delivered. After a complete disassembly and retightening, all is rock solid. You cannot go wrong with this gun, especially at $400 with all the upgraded parts this gun is wearing stock. Awesome. BTW - Evike's service is the best in the industry. Thanks - WarCog
by Kevin R. on 02/24/2009
"Overall is a great gun. Quality is amazing, also the price for everything is great.
Chrono'd the gun with 0.25g Matrix..fps was in the 330-345 range consistently, and has a solid ROF..
The gun itself weights around 7lbs. The RAS is not a free float. It also comes with the wiring to recharge the battery (Din connectors)

The only things i can really recommend for getting with this gun are the locking receiver pins, a silent head to quiet it, and a tightbore (300mm or 363mm w/ mock silencer). And of course the G&P battery.

Also grab a CW flash hider or mock silencer (longer inner barrel 110mm for the best mock silencer) for it . The one that comes on it is bright orange by regulation, and its plastic some adhesive holding it on. Used a wrench to remove.

G&G, G&P, and Mag Mid-caps all fit it well, also the G&P ambidextrous mag catch works great..
by Matthew T. on 02/12/2009
"Im going to pick one of these up, my friend has one and its simply amazing. We opened the Gearbox together. Flawless.
by Todd M. on 01/31/2009
"Received my new G&P Defender just 2 days ago, and I can't stop picking it up in awe and ogling at it. Weight, finish, materials, fit, machining, added custom accessories, all amazing. I ordered the G&P 10.8 2200 mAh crane stock battery, which is a steal for $45. With the 10.8 the ROF is approximately 30 rounds per second! Very surprising ROF. I own other ICS, and G&G guns and I have to say, G&P is by far better than all other AEGs I own. Much better gun than I had expected. I do believe they produce truly top of the line products. I suppose I should also state that I build and shoot the real steel versions of the M4/AR15 as a hobbyist gunsmith, and precision centerfire rifle shooter. The real guns don't hold much more realism than the G&P Defender, they are considerably more expensive, and you typically cannot shoot them in your back yard! BTW - The Defender is a fantastic deal for $400 - many high end, custom upgrade parts, already installed. I highly recommend it. Cant wait to purchase my next G&P from Evike, maybe a Stubby Killer next.
by Kevin R. on 01/25/2009
"Beautiful gun. Recieved this the other day, and i was pleased with what i got
chrono'd the gun with .25g matrix bbs and it was at 330fps average.
when shooting its a lil on the loud side so down the line ill be putting in a silent head kit.
you'll want to make sure to pick up a CW flash hider for it. the one it comes with is a cheap plastic one.
G&P, G&G, Mag mid-caps..theses mags fit the gun perfectly
good gun overall
by Brian G. on 01/03/2009
"Great Gun! I'm using a G&P 9.6v 2200mAh Crane Stock battery in it. I tested it a couple days ago, and it was shooting consistently around 350 fps. The rate of fire is great, i havn't tested it, but it's estimated to shoot about 22-28 bps(just an estimate given to me by evike).

Good FPS and BPS
Only 500: Pro if your into having a gun no one else has
Comes with decent foregrip, with slot for a pressure switch

The magazine included did not work when I purchased this gun: but you need another mag anyway with great rate of fire
The red dot sight is a little hard to see when it is very bright outside.

You'd be an idiot not to buy this gun.
by ryan p. on 12/10/2008
"Just got mine I must say I am in aw of it. well built, sturdy and one of 500. I have number 00563 but doesnt that mean there are more than 500??? Either way it is very nice fires great nice sound. Im useing a G&P 8.4v right now but play on getting a systema complete drop in gearbox with the m120 once the G&P gearbox dies. I just hate that G&P uses cw threads on the flash hiders it kinda limits your choices on them.

Webmaster: There are 14mm+ to 14mm- adapters that we sell. And Evike now starts to carry + version of the mock silencers now.
by Justin C. on 11/13/2008
"CRAP!! I just ordered this gun thinking that it was an evike custom shop gun not a full house G&P gun, looks beautiful but don't all G&P's, I havent heard the best things about the internals. Jugging by the items purchased by others who bought this gun I'm certainly not the only one who has ordered it, does any one know if this is strictly a G&P or a custom gun by evike thanks!!!
by Lucas B. on 01/08/2012
"This is a great gun. I love the rof 25 bbs a second on a 9.6. Extremely accurate. Only issue that I have is that it has a terrible hop up. Great gun though.
by Dave G. on 02/01/2009
"I've heard from multiple sources of people having this gun serial numbered in the 500s and 600s. So much for the limited edition of $500.

Other than that, I've heard nothing but positives on this gun.