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Shooter's Universal Tactical Deluxe Laser System (Package: Laser Only)

7 Customer Reviews

by Johnny E. on 10/29/2008
"what color is the laser? will this fit on the G & G M16?
by Jason Z. on 10/28/2008
"Yes this will fit on anything with a rail. It's universal. I'm sure you can find ways to get it on without a rail also if you don't mind being creative.
by jonathan C. on 10/22/2008
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read that over and over again untill it gets into your head.
by Ryan Y. on 10/21/2008
"This laser come with a very nice set of trigger mount and barrel mount.

So, you can fit it on a G36K, attach to the outer barrel, easily. Those barrel mounts are retailed for $20 alone at this other place. The laser is a very high quality one. Get it! Highly recommend this laser set.
by bob c. on 09/08/2014
"good laser over all, especially for the price. important note, this does not fit on revolvers without some modification of the mount, and it does NOT come with the barrel mount pictured, which was a major disappointment seeing as i need one for my revolver. lol.

the mounts are not steady, but will hold straight unless torque is applied, or the laser is impacted.

the beam is strong, and easy to adjust. recommend pickin up some other mounts to go with it. to make it more versatile. unless youre larping a post apocalypse event, in which case, it worked out fantastically just strappin it to the barrel with a bit of medical tape.

id say this is a good buy for pistols and some sniper rifles. just, needs more mounting options. lol.
by CJ E. on 12/31/2008
"I recently got this laser (late Christmas gift). Well... let's just say, it's worth about $10 more than the sale price here.

The external casing appears to be high quality (perhaps aircraft-grade?) aluminum - very durable. The adjustment knobs are very accurate, but sometimes you have to completely tighten them to get the dot to move, but after that it adjusts fine.

The pressure switch is excellent, and works how it's supposed to. If only this laser came with a retention strap! Not I have rubber bands all over my pistol! ;)

The laser comes with a barrel mount, which would be freakin' SWEET if I didn't have a G36c.

The trigger guard mount did not fit on either the KJW USP, nor will it fit on the HFC P226. It is designed for M9 Beretta models only, apparently.

Not a problem though - you can just get creative with the barrel mount and stick it on a rail. It's an odd fit, but it WILL fit on RIS. Just gotta be creative. Though, I DO wish it came with an RIS mount as well... but the barrel and trigger guard mounts are just fine.

The red dot can be seen up to ~120 in the light if you have a good eye, and ~400 at night if you aren't partially blind. In foggy environments, the beam is visible. The dots color is red, if you hadn't guessed. I'd prefer a green dot (works better for night time because it doesn't stick out as much and doesn't kill your natural night vision), but red works fine for pistols.

The laser does not come with batteries, nor does it come with a battery... but it is pretty straight forward, and you need a cheap 3c CR123A battery for it.

Overall, I give it 4/5 stars. If the adjustment screws were a bit better, and if it came with an RIS mount, it'd get a 5/5.

Great for quick aiming with pistols and rifles alike
Comes with a barrel mount and a trigger guard mount
Bright dot

Doesn't come with a battery or a manual
Adjustment screws are... iffy, meaning that it will be hard to adjust.

Final notes:
The beam WILL get knocked off target if you tap the weapon it's on against something. So be careful, and don't drop your weapons.

You can only see the full beam while in smoke or in fog.

BUY BATTERIES WITH IT. CR123A batteries, to be exact.

So what are you waiting for? Buy one!
by Silvia Z. on 10/24/2008
"Does this fit on standart rails o rjust the barrel and trigger gaurd??????????????????????????????????????????????