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AK47 Advanced Full Metal Real Wood Airsoft AEG w/ Lipo Ready Gearbox by CYMA / Matrix (Package: Gun Only)

73 Customer Reviews

by dillon b. on 10/15/2008
"hey guys im thinking of buying this gun but i dont know if its better than the .036. can any1 who buys this gun tell me?
by joseph l. on 10/15/2008
"so is this real wood or not? on item title it labels FULL METAL REAL WOOD, but in descriptions it says imitation good front grip and which is it?
by Hue H. on 07/24/2017
"Got mine a few months ago and have had this aeg for a few months now.
-full steel body, no flex or wobble at all
- if you know anything about v3 gearboxes you know they are very tough and simplistic.
-beautiful rifle and functions extremely well.

Great gun!!
by Alex B. on 12/06/2016
"I have had a great experience with this awesome gun. One thing I really liked is the power it gives off
by joey s. on 12/19/2009
"My friend has this gun and i love it except for the fact that the clip is loose and wobbly and its sort of heavy....
Any ways i was just wondering how to attach a sling to this cause I dont see any where to attach it?
by Ramon C. on 09/28/2009
"ok, well i just got this gun about three days ago and its the best gun i have ever had. everything about this gun is perfect but the only thing that i had a problem with was the switch the you turn from safty to full/semi auto. after my first war with the gun i notest that it was geting very loose. then after the second batle it got so loose that i couldnt even change to full auto or safty it just stayed at semi auto. so i put it on the coach and the next time i picked it up the switch just fell off with all the peices. and it had only been about two days that i had the gun... i wasn't able to find all the tiny peices so i had to buy them. but besides that switch the gun is strong acurate heavie and the battery last a long time.

fps (380-460 with .20g bb's)
accurate (9-10)
full metal
some wooden peices
fast rate of fire (700-800 rds per min)
hi-cap mag (600 rds) (winding tipe)
good sling mounts
pretty good internals (HAS FULL METAL VER. 3 GEAR BOX)

heavie (ABOUT 9-10 LBS)
the switch gets loose very fast (SWITCH LASTED ABOUT 2 DAYS)

well as you can see its an extremly good gun and yes i would recomend this to a friend and an experianced airsoft player. buy it buy it buy it!!!!!
by Wendy D. on 04/26/2009
"I got this gun a week or so ago and it is amazing. It looks and feels so much like the real thing.



Nice equal weight

Good rof and fps


Battery is a pain to get in

You have to squeeze the wires in the stock and its a very tight squeeze!
by Joe C. on 11/27/2008
"So if anyone owns this gun you should post and say if its real wood or not, it says it is in the title but if you read the description it states its imitation wood, Im always playing a terrorist in our skirmeshes so Im looking for a cheap ak that looks good and shoots good.
by bob j. on 11/26/2008
"ok i need to know fast but can some 1 leave the link on what mags work in the gun and the cheaoest 1 that is full metal!!!!! plz i dont know what mags work in the gun!
by CJ E. on 10/15/2008
"Come to think of it... Features: "Full Metal Body and Gearbox." Yes, this is true. "100% Marui fully upgradeable gearbox." Uhuh... "Slanted flashhider." Whatt? No... only on the AKM... "Imitation Wood Front Grip and Stock." A main feature on the AKM... "High Torque Motor." It would NEED a HT motor for 460 FPS spring... "AK Side Rail." No... the AK-47 didn't have one of those, but the AKM sure did. "Adjustable Sight and sling hook." Yeah, every AK has that. "Full Metal outer barrel assembly." Yes. MY CONCLUSION: THEY C&P'D THE AKM DESCRIPTION!! WHAT FGTS! LOLOOLOLOLOLOLOL
by Shane K. on 04/28/2017
"Great wood, great performance, but the fire selector is already super loose without even hitting the field yet.

Come on guys, I dont want to be firing a volley and have to go back to semi.
by vlad g. on 12/02/2008
"oh ya to my count the gun wieghs aproximitly 6.4 pound
by vlad g. on 12/02/2008
"Okay lets do this thing this gun is a load of fun but it does not live up to its expectations. I bought this gun about a week ago and i am having some problems. the mag falls out allot about after every 100 shots. Also the gun is loud which could be good or bad depends on the game.


mag falls out
not great rof