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DBoy / AGM Full Metal MK16 Advanced Squad Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle (Tan)

71 Customer Reviews

by Bradyn W. on 01/14/2013
"This gun is BEAST! I've had this gun for two years now and it's still goin.
Good rof
Good power
Kinda heavy for some

Cons the semi auto on mine broke so I have to pulse it
Mag misfeeds a lot
Kinda heavy.
Over all awesome gun
by Mikko F. on 12/26/2012
"bought on 2011 good deal for price, i did install right away, mosfet and started to use 11.1V Lipos, also replaced the stock motor, cause the pinion did allways drop of & got stuck on gearbox, after 12 months of active use with marui eg1000 + 11.1V Lipo + mosfet, the gearbox cracked.. So the dboys gearbox is GOOD qualty for price!! highly recommend!
by Evan M. on 10/18/2012
"This gun is ball on ball accurate. I swapped out the spring for an M120 systema spring and I was hitting targets over 200 ft away with groupings of about 12" until the bucking in the hop up went bad but if that is the worst thing that happens I'll take it. My friends have guns ranging from $210.00 g&g's to $500.00 echo 1s and everyone loves this gun more. I recommend this to everyone in fact I am buy a second one for my wife to play with.

high quality construction

Need to put locktite on all the screws
Gun shoots 310 to 340 fps out of the box
by Justin M. on 08/03/2012
"I have had this gun for over a year and I am still very impressed with it. The internals aren't the best, and it is a cheap gun overall, however it has worked wonderfully for me. Since I got it I upgraded to a longer, tight-bore barrel and upgraded the hop up bucking. That's all I've done to the internals, and it is shooting at 430+ fps and the accuracy is still spot on.

-good fps and accuracy, easily converted into a DMR
-solid construction
-good weight
-no problems with internals (even though they are mostly plastic, just don't rough it up too much)

-magazines wobble a bit
-butt stock wobbles a bit so has to be tightened after use
-motor screw will get loose sometimes and gears will grind, so simply tightening the screw on the bottom of the handle will fix it, and this can be done easily even in mid game.
by Corbyn D. on 01/11/2012
"This was my first airsoft rifle and with how satisfied I am with its performance, I thought I'd write a review.

- Great FPS
- Great range for Field and CQB/CQC
- The Metal Feel is Wonderful
- Very Very Accuarte Especially for a First Gun

- The Stock Clip Will Break Off Overtime. IT WILL.
- And if you dont fix/replace the clip the whole stock will break off soon. All you have to is simply replace it for around $45.00.

Honestly A Very Well Rounded Rifle! A great place to start as well!
by jonathan b. on 12/26/2011
"I love this gun. Even though this is my first real gun and i have nothing to compare it to, it's a real good gun and i recomend it for beginners or a experienced airsofter. the r.o.f is good and it leaves a pretty good sized welt.
by James P. on 07/01/2011
"I have 3 aeg's and this gun is the best by far.And the price was amazing. my friends are always asking to use it.

good fps
good rof
well made (made of mostly metal)

by Tres W. on 06/29/2011
"i got this gun a couple of months ago and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! This gun is amazing. i got a suppresor for it and a red dot over all i spent about 250$ on it over all. i highly highly highly recomend u get this gun it is amazing. the ROF is ok but the FPS and accuracy is amazing. GET THIS GUN!!!!
by Matt R. on 05/21/2011
"I purchased this gun a few months ago and have put it through quite a bit of action, and I must say, it is the best AEG I have every used. It's durable, lightweight, powerful, accurate and it looks awesome, what more could you want in a gun? The lower reciever is plastic, but the upper reciever and all of the rails are metal. There are three rails, one medium sized one below, 2 small rails on the sides, and a very long rail on the top, this rail is very useful because it runs from the beginning of the stock all the way down to the forward sight.

I have 2 problems with the gun, the first, and the only serious problem is that, though the stock is quite sturdy, at the joint between the gun and the stock, because the stock folds in, it has a slight wobble, not anything that will throw off your aim or something you'll notice in a game, just something to note. The other problem is that, yes the barrel is threaded, but to remove the flash hider, you need to get a tiny, and I mean TINY, hex screwdriver, then you need to use a hair drier to loosen the glue on the threads...

All in all, the gun is fantastic, and I would recommend it to just about anyone, no matter your style of gameplay (except for snipers, unless you are planning on upgrading some parts) or even to collectors.
by Tormod G. on 05/20/2011
"I bought this gun earlier this year, my first AEG. When i first picked it up it felt very familiar, and was very quick to ADS. (aim down sight) It is not too heavy or light, and the stock is just amazing with all it features, and to fold it. (nice i CQB) What really impressed me with this gun was the range, even thoug it has a really short inner barrel, and had ok accurassy, compared to the other AS-players. I recommend to buy a larger battery,(9,7 V) so your firerate is quicker. And remember this gun use the small battery type, so you need more than one battery for a long game, if you like to shoot a lot.
I use both 0,25 og 0,28 g (shoots around 300 fps with 0,28) bullets on this, and it still has a long range.

Foldable stock
A lot of rails
4 position stock
Good range and accuracy

Buy another battery (then use the one that you got with the gun as spare battery
by paul c. on 03/14/2011
"GET THIS GUN!!!!!!!!
The FPS is high and its extremely accurate for about 150-170+feet.
Its also very durable and u can rely on it whenever its needed.
And theres a small area in the but plate of the gun were u can store BB's or even a snack.To acess this you must remove a pin the stock after removeing the rubber butplate.



GET THIS GUNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Seth B. on 03/09/2011
"This is a great gun!! I highly recommend this!! I have a question to anyone.. I got the orange tip off of the gun so that i could put the barrel extension on. There is only one problem... I cant get it on... Any one have tips?
by Karla C. on 02/15/2011
"I got this gun yesterday and it is GREAT!Its really solid,mag doesn't wobble at ALL.I got more of a darker tan color but that doesn't bother me. The right mag release took a little while to break in but its fine now.

solid body
mag doesn't wobble
high rof and fps
great sights
foregrip included is nice and solid
m4 grip fits my hand perfectly
stock and cheek piece is solid in each position

Cons:The flashider is hard to remove I've tried everything but that does'nt really matter to me

Can anyone tell me how to get it off I've even tried plyers and it wouldn't budge

by Richard G. on 01/22/2011
"I just recieved this gun last night so I haven't been able to feild test it yet. When I opened the box I realized 2 things. 1 the gun is a lot bigger then it looks online. and 2 its heavy. Every thing except the lower reciever and stock are metal. At least for me, the battery was already charged. I also got the Red Dot sight featured in the picture. So the gun with the red dot in total was 281 with the cupon code "evikecom".

Mostly metal
Completely ambi
Barrel extention included
Plastic fore grip included
Huge battery compartment in the stock. Can fit 9.6v mini.
High RPM

Magazine is a little wobboly when first put it. Hit the bottom when incerted and it will snap into place firmly
by Kody L. on 12/20/2010
"i recommend this to EVERYONE ive had mine for a year and im still loving it, with standard clean up and maintanance it shoots good and fine the only problems i had were my hop up and safetys broke but i fixed them easily. like i said i recommmend this fo r EVERYONE as a good hard shooting cheap in price AEG