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SoftAir Licensed Mossberg M500 Full Size Airsoft Shotgun w/ Full Stock & Metal Heat Sink

15 Customer Reviews

by Andrew M. on 11/21/2011
"This is a good gun. It shoots about 300 fps with .2's and about 370 with .12s. It has about half metal half plastic consruction. I currently use this as a primairy with a co2 handgun as a sidearm. Beast gun.
by Matteo M. on 07/11/2011
"Great Gun!! Very Accurate and at 380fps its very fast. First Airsoft shotgun i have bought and its great. Metal under barrel adds realistic weight and feel.

Great Fps for beginners (like myself)
Great Weight
Great Feel
Very Accurate (Hit water bottle at 50ft 10 times in a row)
Awesome gun

Poor penetration

Still a great gun just don't expect it to be able to shoot through water bottles or stuff like that. It goes through Cardboard targets just fine and i have yet to try a soda can but overall great gun.
by fred S. on 06/27/2010
"Owned 1 year +, bought for different retailer. This is produced by CyberGun and I am shocked by that fact!

Feels Great, realistic
-Metal parts are awesome and very difficult to scratch
-Very good FPS, 350-400
-Good Accuracy
-High quality parts
-Even though the main frame is plastic the build quality is AMAZING (Had to remove over 15 vital -screws before even accessing the internals).
-I paid 35$ on sale but at 40$ this thing is still a steal
-Would make a great first gun for anyone

-No sights, really to bad since this thing is a sniper rifle
-Low capacity mag, no high-caps available
-Not worth trying to fix, but worth buying a new one to replace it

-Never had to tighten the stock until a year went by
-After about a year hopup goes bad if not lubed, nonstandard parts
-Nonstandard parts
-Plastic screw holes strip out after a few times if they don't break the first time you open it, will start to show internal wear after heavy use over a year.
-If this had metal screw holes it would be invincible.
by kelli R. on 01/21/2010
"I got this gun and I LOVE it.. great shot, I recommend using .20gr BB's. I got this gun from, and unfortunately it took them a week to even ship it out, I also bought a 1911 from this site and it has been two weeks and still not here.. but I love this shotgun for the price! it is a good weight and great FPS

pros: great speed, great look, great weight, good accuracy, speedloader.

cons: Small clip.. i would definitely recommend buying a second or third clip for this because they do run out quickly
by Paul E. on 09/24/2009
"it has a velocity of 380 with .12 gram, it doesn't come iwth extras
by josh h. on 09/18/2009
"this gun is awesome i got it yesterday and it is awesome it is totaly worth 40 dollers it is very accurate
pros- good accuracy
high fps
made out of hard tough plastic
and it is very durable
cons- low ammo capasity

overall this gun is awesome
by Steven K. on 09/15/2009
"This gun is beast!!!! I have been in many airsoft battles and I can tell you this thing can make people flee fast. This is one of the best shotguns you can get out there. It has an fps of 380 and The bb's can reach about 90-100ft. I would use .20 grams or higher because .12 will curve the instant it's shot out. This gun is so great that I took down one of my friends 20ft away with this gun and he had a g36c. I would also get another mag because you can only fit about 17 bb's in a clip and I have gotten pinned down and wish I had a grenade or a backup clip. There are also two models for this gun, one with a stock and one with a sawed off look. I got a cleaning rod, pack of bb's, the gun, and it should have a speedloader because I got ripped off. If you are looking to buy a shotgun, this would be the best buy. It's accurate, fast, and hits hard. Aim lower though, The bb's tend to curve up.
by Jerri C. on 02/14/2009
"I love this Shotty, it's very accurate....But, one thing it isn't a Shotgun so to speak, it's more of a pump action rifle. But, it's still awesome for it's price! One more thing, it's very, very powerful. I went through 2 inches of Styrofoam without a hinge! Even the paintball bb's went through it before splattering.
by Harrison R. on 01/12/2009
"Wonderful gun, powerful, durable, cheap and somewhat heavy. It goes by three other names ive seen too, like the Mossberg 500, Trenchgun, and M58.
by Eric M. on 11/19/2008
"What is the fps and does it come with any extras??????????????????????????????????????????
by Jonathan S. on 11/15/2008
"UM....Sean....i do not know what happened to your Mossberg M500 shotgun, but i think it is not your fault. Maybe it the shipping fault. When you ship it to far away places, the gun might shake a lot and break when you get it. If you didn't buy this gun and never shipped it, then i do not know what happen to your M500.

I have heard a lot from this gun and people said that this is a really good sidearm if your in an Air Soft war. Also, people said that they use this shotgun, Mossberg M500, in a game and got many kills with this gun. If you are willing to spend about $42.95 for this gun, then buy it because it is a really good gun.

Note - If you are really cheap and do not want to buy a gas handgun (more money then shotguns), you can just buy a shotgun for a very good sidearm. Beside, gas handguns and shotguns are about the same, but gas handguns are smaller and easy to handle beside shotguns, you need to use a strap and carry it to an Air Soft war.
by Jason Z. on 10/27/2008
"I really don't suggest using those bb markers. Think about how much of a pain it would be if one popped in the gun. Then again.... it's 40 bucks so if you feel like gambling 40 bucks plus shipping then go for it =)
by Todd R. on 11/08/2008
"Had this gun it shot awesome. fps 400+ great accuracy , but I had a boo, boo. It broke in a battle when I trip and fell during the night time. Snapped entire barrel in half and cracked the stock. Abs plastic has it's breaking point. Overall loved it, accecpt the site I got it off of (pyramid air) didn't have pistol grip version anymore. Needs extra clip and would be perfect for any use. Even agaisnt AEG's this thing causes havok.
by Mike K. on 10/24/2008
"ok i was just wondering can you shoot 6mm paintballs with this or is it a bad idea?
by Sean D. on 11/09/2008